"I'm considering getting one of those iPods," Giles says to no one in particular. There's been a break in the paranormal and so things are quiet enough to have time to actually think about such decisions. Talk about them, too.

Xander scoffs and WIllow and Buffy send amused glances his way. Tara smiles. He's immediately glad that Anya isn't about.

"What?" he asks indignantly. "Is it not allowed for someone of my...generation to take an interest in such devices?"

The four of them exchange looks.

"You just...don't seem the type is all," Tara informs him softly. She shrugs.

"Exactly," Buffy puts in. "You seem more of the record type. Or cassette tape type. Or CD type, even."

"Yeah, I didn't think you were a big fan of technology," Willow agrees. "Computers and the like. You do realize you need a computer to upload the songs to the iPod, don't you?"

Giles wavers. "I...uh...yes. Of course I knew that." He glances at the face around him. None display faith in his ability with computers and technology in general.

Well, fine. If that's how they wanted to play this...

"Hmmm," he ponders aloud. "Perhaps you're all right." He fixes Xander with a look. "Xander. From now on, you can be in charge of carrying my record player around. Willow, you can take the records, and - "

"Okay, okay! Get the iPod!" Willow throws her hands up in defeat. "I'll help you get started with it."

Xander nods. "Yeah, me too!"

Giles smiles.