Nice While It Lasted

"No, really," Mulder protested weakly. "I'm good. But thank you for the offer." He ran a hand through his silky brown hair and watched the woman by his side as she shot him a sly grin that suggested she knew more than she was letting on. She ran her tongue over her lips, all the while staring at him, his body.

Swallowing at her very obvious implications, never mind what she'd just offered, he took a step back. "I…thank you," he repeated dumbly. He tried again. "There's really no need…"

A finger over his lips silenced him. "Seems to me like it's exactly what you need," the woman stated airily. She moved closer until her shoulder brushed his and he could feel her breath on his neck. "From what I hear, you've been an extremely busy FBI agent. You must be in need of a break."

Mulder shuddered despite himself, his reply lacking some of the strength he intended. "Do you really think so?"

He waited.


A moment later, something wet trailed down his neck and back up again. He let out an involuntary gasp. "What did you – "

The rest of his question was cut off when the woman's lips locked onto his and moved slowly, tantalisingly, tenderly, until he responded in kind. His hands positioned themselves at their own accord, one on her waist and the other in the dark waves of hair at the back of her head and he fell deeper, deeper, deeper into her embrace, falling, falling…


A man's voice broke through and finally registered with Mulder as the woman he was kissing broke away. The man was forgotten immediately as she leaned in and kissed him again quickly, whispering in his ear as she pulled back. "Well it was nice while it lasted."

Mulder nodded mutely at her and stared after her as she ran towards the intruder, who did not look pleased at all. A minute after they had both disappeared from sight, he ran a finger over his lips.

"Yeah, it was nice."