"Damned alarm clock." He remarked as the thing woke him up again.

"I can synchronize demon energy into myself, turn into a demon, and accomplish feats you only see in Hollywood movies without a bead of sweat. Yet I can't figure out why this damn little box keeps turning on and making noise when I never even set it!" He grumbled loudly.

The room wasn't exactly the most bolstering thing to see in the morning; the mediocre size didn't speak of taste in housing or in richness. In fact, it said that you were cheap and that you had bad taste!

"Luckily for me, I'm not the one who bought this place." Vergil told himself, trying to get some satisfaction out of the situation.

It was the end of the Summer so the temperature was finally lowering a bit, a good thing, as there was no practical or economically-sound way to keep the whole building normal during hot or cold conditions.

"I'm just lucky that girl has a decent endurance and taste for heat, otherwise she would be running around nude. He complained out loud at the room despite there obviously wasn't anyone there.

"She would to." Vergil continued, thinking about what he would do today.

"Who would?" A mischievous voice asked him from his left side, causing him to whip his gaze in the voice's direction and back away a bit all in one response.

This, unfortunately, resulted in him falling off the bed and colliding with the hard floor below.

"Argh!" The half-demon let out, one more thing to worry about mere minutes from his awakening.

"How did you get in here?" He remarked while pushing off the ground, performing a handstand before flipping forward and landing gracefully upright.

"You're such a show-off." The happy girl told him with her usual annoyingly carefree tone.

Vergil's mouth scowled and he faced her.

"How did you get in here?" He repeated.

Her smile looked happy to most but he could see the trickery in it. It mislead most, but he knew exactly what it was; a cover.

"That…goblin." He thought while walking over to the small closet of the room and opening the cheap, balsa-wood door to it.

She lay on his bed and curled up on it, her long black hair spread across the thing as if claiming it was hers now. The perfectly white dress and pale skin contrasting the blue black of her silky mane.

"I'm not telling you." She responded cheerily, her eyes closed.

"Of course not." Vergil commented while pulling a long blue shirt from a clothes hanger and sliding it on.

"You never do. And get off my bed. You have your own."

The sun and the particles floating through the air almost made it seem as if fairies were flying around above her head, as windows were not lacking in this room, stretched across a whole wall of the second floor bedroom.

"Yes…but there's something wrong with that one."

One of his eyebrows rose in curiosity as he finished buttoning the shirt up, though allowing the amulet around his neck to show by leaving a few open.

"Is that so? What?"

The eyes opened, revealing eyes that were too blue to belong to a human; the pure hue visible even with them slightly showing beneath her mostly closed eyelids.

"You're not there."

He scoffed in response and turned towards the door.

"So explain why you go out of your way to head up to the second floor storage area in the shop area and then leap from it just to land on and crush me; with your immense weight.

"What was that?"

"I said you're heavy."

"I know that, but you don't mean it."

"And how do you know that?"

"You're not a good liar."


Her smile became more apparent and she sat up on the bed, looking at him with no irritation.


Vergil began walking towards the door when there was a strange sound and a blue flash flew past him.

"That's not very mature." He remarked at how she had gotten in his way so that they would have to stay together.

"I didn't say it was…flour."

His brow furrowed.


She giggled, leaning back against the door.

"That's what the guitar calls you." She responded.

"Nevan? Dante's sugar and I'm flour? She's got bad taste."

"Yes, she does."

Vergil was surprised by her collaboration.

"I'd call you whipped cream."

"Pah! That's ridiculous! Not to mention…" He strayed off, realizing what she'd almost gotten him to talk about.

The seemingly-teenaged girl noticed his enlightenment and giggled again.

"Thanks for eating it all by the way." Vergil remarked sarcastically.

"I like whipped cream." She responded, acting like she tasted it at the moment.

"That's something I'm aware of. You don't even need food to survive, so why did you eat it all?"

"Because it's good. It's soft going in my mouth and I like the way it slides down my throat. Like eating silk."

"You're akin to an alcoholic settling for drinking mouthwash." He responded.

"It's not my fault, Saya's the one who won't let me eat anyone anymore. I miss it." Diva spoke, feigning sadness in the last sentence.

"Yet I'd be willing to bet you prefer it to her turning you into a stone."

Her eyes looked directly at him, into his eyes.

"Would you let her do that to me?" She asked, no childishness in her voice.

Vergil's eyes stared into hers.

"Do you really need to ask?"

She broke off the eye-contact, her smile returning and her hand twisting the doorknob and opening the door.


Despite himself he gave a quick "breath" of a laugh and followed her as she left the room.

The hallway on the second floor was narrow to say the least, people having to walk horizontally if they were trying to go in opposite directions at the same time.

Dante's and Lady's bedrooms were on the first floor, while Saya and Haji's, Diva's and Vergil's rooms were on the second story.

The floor of the hallway, though hardwood, was old and there was no way to tell if it, or the ceiling, or the walls, would come crashing down any minute, or last until the end of time.

A short stretch of a staircase joined the stories, even though it was just as narrow as the thin hallway.

There were two bathrooms, one per floor, the two designated either the "girl's" bathroom or the "boy's" bathroom, it having been decided by majority vote.

Lady had called for the vote and wanted the two genders separated based on that, Dante countering it and saying it shouldn't matter, followed by Saya who said that she didn't want to intrude, Haji not giving a vote since chevaliers usually didn't need to use bathrooms, Vergil saying he wanted his own bathroom and Diva voicing that she wanted to share one with him and have another one for herself as well, while the others could just use the dark alley besides the shop.

Dante had said that since no idea won, things should stay the way they were, with Lady telling him to shut up and that they should be separate.

The two walked down the stairs to the first floor and walked through the hallway down there before they made it to the door that led to the front and office portion of the building, heading through that.

The front of the shop had been remodeled somewhat thanks to Vergil's redecorations when he had come after Dante before, and now was more like a gigantic living room than an office.

Though it was still the room that "Devil May Cry" was run out of, so it had to remain somewhat the same.

Vergil walked over to one of the many expensive old-style couches and sat down on it.

"Dante's money situation might not be so tight if he cold learn how to spend well. Hundreds of dollars for one old couch and other furniture each, but only a few dozen for food and other things." Vergil thought to himself as Diva lay herself down on the couch, which was long enough to accommodate both of them as they were.

Of course, he still had to beat her away with a stick just to keep the cat-like girl from laying her head on his lap.

It was strange, after Diva stopped feeding on people, Saya had started actually being nice to her. At first there was still the edginess, but everyone's, except for Vergil and Diva's, worries that he might turn back into how he was before should a situation arise, kept the conflicts that the twin sisters had to a bare minimum.

Still, the brown-eyed one had asked to stay here, since there was an extra bedroom. To keep on eye on Diva at first, but she seemed to have grown to enjoy it after a while.

"Why am I even thinking about this?" Vergil asked himself while looking over towards the front door.

Because of his heightened senses, he could see all the way down the road in front of the shop, since the rubble from when Temen-Ni-Gru rose up before had been cleared.

Anyone in the surrounding area had been killed so there wasn't a living soul who would talk about it that knew how the crater had appeared. Everyone else just assumed it was a meteor or something that collided with the ground and broke into too many pieces to be able to tell it was there.

"Ignorant pigs." He remarked on humans, though perhaps it was because he saw a too-great amount of people heading into the reopened "gentleman's club" down the street.

"Dante…" Vergil mumbled to himself out loud.

There had been multiple problems concerning the surrounding area's various shops; the occasional drunken jerk wandering in after-hours, a couple of loan-sharks who claimed that Dante owed them money, even the shopkeeper of a new pawn shop that said all the things Dante had sold him didn't work for anything.

Luckily, all these problems held a simple solution, for drunks, there were fists, for loan-sharks, there were guns, and for the shopkeeper, there was Vergil, who had the ability to actually speak to people, despite how much he hated them, as opposed to Dante, who's only general talk was, "hey, how's your twenty-year-old daughter doing?"

The biggest incident, however, had been when Vergil was out doing a job for the shop and Diva woke up, heading off after him.

Unfortunately, her internal compass wasn't as good as it used to be for some reason and she had ended up in "Love Planet", the previously-mentioned "gentleman's club".

A "customer" of the place had been so drunk he didn't notice her actual appearance and told her he knew where Vergil was, which just happened to be in an alley beside the shop.

Having heard about Diva's depart upon his own return, Vergil had chased off after them and saw the two enter the alley.

When he got to the entrance, Diva had been holding the man's arms tight against his sides and was leaning over his neck.

Fortunately for everyone, that's as far as she had made it and when he told her to stop she threw him, open belt and all, back into a wall and came back home with him.

Whether he was alive or not was impossible to tell by simple estimation, but it was unimportant since Saya couldn't tell if it was her if he had died simply of a broken neck.

If he hadn't died he should have been glad that Diva's idea of a "deep throat" took longer than the overly-disgusting kind.

"Still, that was close. If she'd drank his blood and killed him, Saya definitely would have found out and gone after Diva." He thought, seriously considering how much of a danger it could have been if he wasn't with her.

"And now she gets worried every time Diva goes out. What a turn-around."

Dante wouldn't be up for another few hours, but that didn't mean he himself couldn't get started on the day's assignment.

"Stay here. I'm going to go do the job we were given last night." He told her while standing up.

The eyes drifted open.

"What's that?" She spoke to him sleepily, despite the fact she was always taking naps.

"Some man who owns a warehouse in the city said that he saw what looked like a thin, grey person with a scythe walking around in some kind of robe. He didn't saw what color it was, but it doesn't matter. Any of the "hells" won't take more than a few seconds once I find them."

She rolled over, facing the back of the couch.

"Okay. Have fun." Diva mumbled in an unenthusiastic but content tone.

He shook his head while walking back towards Dante's desk and stuck his hand beneath the part where you place your feet under, pulling the key from its magnetic holder and using it to unlock one of the weapon cases.

Like all of the other furniture and decorations of the shop, it was real wood, not the industrialized knock-off kind, and felt solid as he pulled the two "doors" open and grabbed Yamato's hilt.

As he did though, Vergil hesitated.

"Is it really even worth bringing Yamato for a single "hell sin"?" He asked himself before deciding against it and closing the doors, re-locking them and returning the key to its proper place.

Continuing across the office floor until he reached the double-doors, Vergil looked behind him, pretending to look at the weapons case instead of the couch, and then left.

The first chapter of the sequel. I know it wasn't action-packed, but the descriptions are just to make sure anyone who reads this knows what I'm talking about(people who didn't read the first one for example). The title was as close as I could get to the original and still feel okay about it. Random disclaimer...blah blah blah. Okay then, back to the story.