Sewer Duty

"Whatever that is, it does not smell pleasant!" she says, covering her mouth and nose with one hand. She glances back at Hawkes who nods. He's managed to tie a length of fabric over his face to evade the smell.

"Yeah, it is pretty whiffy," he agrees. His voice is muffled. "Probably dead animals. It's got to be more than just sewerage."

They trudge forwards anyway.

She heaves her pack up on her shoulders, readjusting it. The straps fall more comfortably and stop digging into her skin. It's still heavy as hell, though. She frowns slightly.

"You know me. I don't complain often," she says. "I just wish I hadn't answered the phone this morning. Sewer duty is not my idea of a good wake up call."

Hawkes offers a small smile. "If it makes you feel any better, it'll all be over soon. We can go home, shower, catch up on the last few hours of sleep we're missing out on."

"A shower," she murmurs, smiling back at him. "That sounds really good. I'm going to need a few of those by the time we're done down here!"

"You and me both." He sighs.

They turn a corner and the crime scene comes into view. Two men holding flashlights stand over a shadowed figure laid out on the ground. A dead body.

She throws a quick glance in Hawkes' direction. "Let's do this one quick, huh?"