Disclaimer 1#- I do not own these characters. They are the property of Paramount. I am simply borrowing them.

Disclaimer 2#- This story is set roughly around season 6.

Disclaimer 3#- I made Ensign Green and "the hot red head from engineering" (that appears in Chapter 2) up completely and they are not based on anyone at all. Any resemblence is purely coincidencial.

Ensign Lara Green was a small, slender woman with long brunette hair and emerald green eyes that matched her uniform perfectly. Her hair, as per Starfleet regulations, was tied back out of the way in an ornate plait, and her eyes were shinning with pride as she listened to the Captain speak. At only 29 her Starfleet career so far had been limited. She had been assigned to Voyager straight out of the Academy and so far her only role had been operating the transporter rooms and when they weren't in use, maintaining them. This was a promotion in comparison.

"So Ensign, how does that sound?" the Captain asked, studying the young woman intently from behind her ready room desk. She had made the right decision, this woman had a good work ethic and never put a foot out of line. In the past 5 years there had never been any report of a disciplinary incident and she appeared to get along with everyone.

"Great, Captain. It's a wonderful opportunity. Thank you." She smiled, unable to keep a straight face; she was just too excited.

"You're welcome Ensign Green. Now im sure you want to rest before your duty shift begins at 20:00. Dismissed…. and Ensign…..", the young woman turned back to the Captain, "Good Luck." She said smiling. You're going to need it. The Captain watched as she left the ready room, feeling herself warm to her. She couldn't fathom why both her and Chakotay had overlooked such a nice, enthusiastic officer. Why had she been stuck in the transporter rooms for 6 years?

"Computer, time?"

"The time is 19:03." The Captain groaned. Fifty-seven minutes, to write up the transfer report and prepare Seven for her new workmate. Transferring Lara to Astrometrics was bound to have repercussions, as Seven was sure to take it the wrong way. Sighing she pulled the padd towards her, she knew she was taking the cowardly option of delaying telling the feisty Borg as long as possible but sometimes you had to have a break from the stress of being a Captain. Right, you tell yourself that if you have to but we both know you hate arguing with Seven and that's the only reason you want to delay it. She shook her head, telling herself to shut up and started on the report.

Ensign Green arrived at Astrometrics a little early, wanting to make a good impression on her new senior officer. As the doors hissed open and she entered the room, she quickly spotted Seven, standing in front of her console, her back to the Ensign. Her breath caught as her eyes roamed over Seven's body. Seven wearing a skin-tight blue biosuit, that Lara quickly decided she wanted to see more of, and her hair clipped back in its usual style turned to face the young Ensign.

"Can I help you Ensign?" she asked with a hint of impatience.

"I..um..er..am reporting for du-duty." She managed to stammer out of the knots in her tongue, wishing she didn't sound like such a loser. She mentally kicked herself, now Seven would think she was a complete idiot. Well done Lara, way to go. Seven gazed at her thoughtfully, thinking the Ensign was quite clearly mistaken. She was quite capable of running Astrometrics by herself and the Captain knew this. She wouldn't have assigned someone to her. Ensign Green started to fiddle nervously with her uniform, an action that caught Sevens eye. The Borg noticed that her pupils were dilated, her palms were sweaty and her body temperature had risen by 0.5 degrees.

These were definitely human signs of attraction but the Doctor had failed to mention the possibility of same-sex attraction. Disregarding the data as anomalous, she turned back to her work.

"I believe you are mistaken Ensign. The Captain would surely have informed me, should you have been transferred." She stated, over her shoulder.

"No. With all due respect Seven, I'm certainly not mistaken. I was transferred earlier today." Seven stared at her coldly and the Ensign retreated a few steps.

"Very well, Ensign. Please excuse me." Seven brushed past her and strode angrily out of the room. Ensign Green watched her go, a sinking feeling in her stomach. Maybe working with the blonde bombshell wasn't going to be as good as previously hoped.

The Captain took a long sip of coffee and glanced at the time on her padd. 20:12. Good, her shift finished in 50 minutes and she could join Chakotay for dinner on the holodeck. The door chimed, causing her to start suddenly.

"Come." She said, setting her coffee down. Seven walked in, a look of simmering rage covering her face. Oh God. I didn't tell Seven about Lara Green. The Captain remembered suddenly, her previous desire to avoid telling Seven didn't seem such a good thing to listen to anymore.

"Captain," the Borg began vehemently, "I was not informed of Ensign Greens new placement. Why?"

"Seven, take a seat." She replied motioning to the bench under the window.

"I prefer to stand"

"Of course you do. Right Seven, I am the Captain. I am your Captain. I do not have to explain myself to you. Ensign Green is assigned to Astrometrics now, and that is where she is staying." Her firm Captains persona was snapped firmly back in place.

"Is the work I produce, in some way inadequate?" asked Seven, angry that her privacy had been invaded. Astrometrics was her area, now she had to put up with that idiot Ensign Green, in her space. The Captain placed her hand on Sevens arm, trying to comfort the over-reacting Borg.

"No Seven, look you are an excellent crewmember, the work you produce is always exemplary. Ensign Greens placement has nothing to do with you at all. She was wasted in the transporter rooms. Im sure you will get along with her just fine. She wont get in your way." The Captain stood and ushered Seven out of the door, without a word she left the ready room, her quick walk informing the Captain that the matter was not over. Janeway sighed softly, making Seven a member of her crew was extremely challenging at times. Despite having the body of a woman, an extremely attractive woman she reminded herself, Seven often behaved like a child. She hoped that Ensign Green wouldn't take Seven's behaviour to heart. She wearily sat back down and pulled another padd towards her. At least she had to holodeck to look forward to.