Ensign Green stood in her quarters gazing thoughtfully into a full length mirror absentmindedly chewing her bottom lip. In each hand she held a dress and was pressing first one then the other against her underwear clad form trying to escape the conundrum she was trapped in. Emerald green, spaghetti strap, respectably cut to just lower than mid-thigh or reliable little black dress with a slightly more risqué cut? With a cry of frustration she placed both dresses carefully on her bed and rummaged in her bedside cabinet until her fingers closed around the small cold metallic disc. Her father, a man with a penchant for spare-time archaeological digging had found the specimen of old earth currency in England on an unofficial amateur dig. He had given it to her before she left for her first mission aboard Voyager for good luck though so far she had to admit it hadn't been a great lucky token. She was hoping tonight would be different. She allocated heads or tails to a dress, took a breath and flipped. The silver coin spun in the air before her fingers enclosed it once again. She turned it onto the back of her left hand and Queen Elizabeth the Seconds face stared regally up at her. Emerald dress, that settles that.

She checked the time, surprised when the computer informed her it was 18:24; she only had 26 minutes before she was supposed to pick her pretend date up. Thoughts of Beth made her smile, wishing that for once things would work out for her. She was ignoring the rule most lesbians tried to stick to about not developing crushes on heterosexual friends but the exasperated voice in her head had long since given up warning her about the matter. Lara was filled with an unusual mix of confidence and self-belief about the double date, spurred on by the discovery of the photograph. Allowing herself another few moments of picturing a potential romantic future with Beth she stirred herself into finding the perfect shoes to complete her outfit.

Half an hour later she was outside Beth's quarters, yes she was a little late but her hair had decided to be stubborn so it wasn't really her fault. She pressed the buzzer and waited, her calm demeanour shifting suddenly into a more nervous gear. Her heartbeat seemed to echo in her ribcage as the seconds ticked slowly by. The automatic doors slid open with their usual faint hiss. The soft thump of Lara's heart skipped at the sight of Beth in a black strapless dress. It was deliciously short, exposing a generous amount of smooth, shapely thigh and dipped teasingly low at the top, just enough to hint at what lay below the material. Lara released a shaky breath that sounded suspiciously like a moan. Beth had yet to lift her head up as she was pre-occupied with rummaging for something in her small black clutch-type purse for which Lara was grateful as she had a few seconds to compose herself.

"You're late" Beth stated teasingly as she found what she had been looking for in her clutch. Beth raised her head to look at her friend as she spoke and an unmistakable wow fell from her lips, following the statement out. A fierce blush that spread over her face materialised instantly. Taken by surprise, the young woman spoke quickly in an effort to bypass an awkward silence, "You look amazing. That dress is beautiful."

There was a pause and Lara's green eyes locked onto her colleague's hazel ones. Beth felt the brief surge of a magnetic pull towards Lara before the necklace she had retrieved from her clutch slipped from her fingers. Internally cursing her clumsiness, she stooped to pick up the necklace.

"Lara would you mind?" Beth held the delicate chain out to her friend.

"No. No. Not at all." Lara stammered out. She could have been reading the signals wrong but for a second she thought Beth had begun to lean in for a kiss. Her hand reached out to take the chain from Beth and as the delicate accessory changed hands the two women's fingertips brushed. Lara fought the urge to interlink their fingers, urging her mind to cool down her thoughts. Beth turned obediently allowing Ensign Green access to fasten the necklace in place. The thumping of Lara's heart was back, louder this time and she could feel the rest of her body reacting to the proximity of the other woman. Carefully, she extended her hand to sweep silky dark brown hair off to one side, her fingers deliberately grazed the newly visible top of Beth's back and shoulders. Beth's exposed neck was testing Lara's self-control; she wanted to run the tip of her tongue from the bottom of her neck up to the pulse point where she would suck and nip until her colleague couldn't take anymore. Not thinking, she slid her fingers up from Beth's shoulder to her neck, moving over the path she desperately wanted her tongue to take. She felt the other woman quiver at the unexpected contact, spurring her on into continuing her sensual invasion as her hands slid down to rest either side of Beth's slim waist. Lara pressed her body close moulding to the shape of the other woman. Her mouth hovered over her colleagues pulse point, almost about to press down tenderly when a niggling doubt in Lara's mind made her stop. She stepped back from the other womans body and quickly fastened the necklace in place.

"I'm sorry." She muttered; she had gone too far and was mentally kicking herself for losing control.

Beth turned around slowly, deliberately trying to catch Lara's downcast eyes. Her face was flushed, palms decidedly on the warm and sweaty side and her breathing held the slight hint of arousal. She reached up and tucked a stray strand of the astrometrics officer's hair back behind her ear, making sure to trail her index finger down the side of Lara's face. Beth gently tugged Lara's jaw so that the two women's gazes met.

"It's your eyes," She whispered reverently. Lara licked her lips, unable to cope with her friend being this close. Lara could feel Beth's breath on her face and it made her shiver with want. "The dress brings out how wonderfully green your eyes are." Beth stepped back much to Lara's dismay, the burning desire in her eyes dimming to a slow simmer. A look of mutual awe passed between the two women; and they both knew that in that instant their relationship had changed.

"Shall we go?" The Ensign managed to ask, while she regained control of herself.

Seven, waited patiently in cargo bay 2. Despite the date being her idea, the Captain had insisted that she would pick Seven up and escort her to the holodeck and as much as Seven did not want to admit it, she liked being made to feel ladylike. The ex-borg had donned a thigh length baby blue dress made from satin complimented by silver strappy shoes with a slight heel. Her blonde hair was perfectly straight, falling down past her shoulders. Lara had done her make-up earlier in the day, trusting her to not touch it. Seven glanced into the reflective surface of the console one last time, pleased with the woman she saw looking back at her. The door to cargo bay 2 chimed, signalling her date's very traditional arrival. Seven walked over to the door smiling as it opened to reveal her rather nervous looking captain in a cream dress with a black beaded pattern swirling round the knee-length hem. She was holding a single red rose which she twirled in her fingers.

"Seven, you look wonderful." The Captain purred, having a half a mind to push Seven back into cargo bay 2 and forget all about dinner. She loved it when Sevens hair was loose around her shoulders, it made her seem so much more womanly. "I brought you this." She handed over the rose, "A beautiful flower for a beautiful woman." The Captain cringed inwardly as the words fell out of her mouth without warning. Luckily Seven didn't seem to notice.

"I don't understand the human fascination with slowly dying plants." Seven stated absentmindedly, and then upon realising her mistake, backtracked furiously. "But it is very pretty Kathryn, thank you."

"It's ok Seven." The Captain said with a slight smile, unperturbed by the slight awkwardness hanging in the air. She finally had her chance with Seven to start things over and do it right and by God she was going to make it work. Anyway, one of the reasons she had fallen so hard for Seven, besides the obvious ones, was her uniqueness owing to her Borg past. She found the young woman's social faux pas endearing not off-putting. The older woman leaned in for a brief chaste kiss and linked their hands together feeling a small rush of delight when Seven squeezed hers gently before kissing Kathryn once more. Their lips met softly and Sevens mouth moved upwards planting feather light kisses up her lovers strong jaw to her ear, where she lowered her voice to a whisper and spoke.

"I'm afraid that I do not have a gift for you Captain, but if you, how shall I put it?...play your cards right…you may get one later." Seven's tongue traced the lobe of Janeway's ear before the young blonde pulled back a slight smirk resting on her lips. The older woman didn't move, she wasn't quite sure she could move, instead eyes darkened by lust roved over Sevens body as her mind imagined what may come later that night.

"Fuck, Seven." She breathed, recovering somewhat, running a hand through her hair in frustration. Dinner was now definitely not very high on her list of things she wanted to do this evening. If it wasn't for the double date, she would have cancelled dinner and initiated a site to site transport to her quarters, where she was sure Sevens pretty baby blue dress would have complimented her floor nicely. Suppressing an internal moan she took Sevens hand and led her out of the cargo bay.

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