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Set during Purgatory but not your typical Purgatory story ... it will turn into a love story if enough people want me to continue with it.

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Bobby Meets His Match In Purgatory … Amy's Story … A Love Story

Bobby is making his rounds inside the club, trying not to look at the beautiful dancers … one in particular … Candy Apple. Making sure they behave with the, ahem, customers and the customers behave with them, carefully placing their dollar bills in their G-strings and nothing more. If one of them gets out of line they will be sure to get a not so friendly tap on the head from Bobby and or bodily thrown out the rear entrance and a beat down from Mike Stout … his particular specialty. Candy was doing her best at always keeping a close eye on Bobby, this did not go by unnoticed to him.

This particular night, Candy finished her set of tantalizing dances and caught Bobby's wandering eyes on her. She winked at him and cocked her head towards the door leading downstairs to the basement where they kept supplies. He looked around and followed her down to the basement. He looked around but didn't see her. He saw a light on in a supply closet and went to investigate … she pulled him in with more force than he would expect from a dancer. She was gorgeous … five foot eight, light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Just his type.

"Goren, right?"

"Ah, yeah."

"Agent Amy Foster FBI. You're undercover right?"

He bites his lip and looks at the door for a quick get away. Even his own Partner doesn't know that … who the hell is she?

"Look, I know you're trying to get your shield back and I know you're a good guy. So, yes or no … undercover … right?"

He's still not willing to blow his cover, he doesn't know this woman, he just knows that she's the most beautiful woman that he has laid eyes on in a long time and that wasn't enough … name rank and serial number was all she was getting out of him.

"Goren, I'm a bouncer and you can have my phone number if you want it."

"What is this the Geneva Convention?"

"Look sweetheart, I don't know what kind of delusions of grandeur you're having but you're a dancer in a gentlemen's club, FBI my ass. The only FBI Agents that have bodies like that are on TV!"

"I understand you're apprehensive about blowing your cover but I need your help."


"I'm with missing persons, the trail for a sixteen year old missing debutante lead to Mike Stout which lead here. She wanted to be a professional dancer. He gave her a line and she bit. Now she's missing but the trail went cold and Stout had a rock solid alibi. The guys a slime bucket … my gut tells me he did something to her."

Goren chuckles.

"Ah … I see, the magic gut speaks."

"Yeah, something like that. Look Goren, if you don't want to help fine, just say so but I can tell that you're not like the scum that work here. Always trying to cop a feel, doing drugs in the back room with Testarossa and Stout, I know you have a higher purpose here … we can work together."

"Maybe … I'll think on it. I have to tell you … those other girls look pretty young … I'm thinking runaways."

"Could be. I've discreetly snapped pictures of them and sent them to the Fed. We may get a hit on one or two if we're lucky."

They can hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Amy hops up on the shelf and grabs Goren. She quickly undoes his belt and unzips his fly and wraps her long dancers legs around his waist. She hikes up her mini skirt untucks and unbuttons his shirt, grabs his hand and places it on her breast. She plants her lips on his just as Stout opens the door to the utility closet.

"Uh … Goren … uh the Boss wants to uh see you in his office … when you finish your … uh … break."

Goren waves his hand over his head in acknowledgement. He can hear Stout as he closes the door behind him … "ride um cowboy."

Goren quickly steps away from Amy and tidies up his clothes, not even glancing up at her.

"Wow, NYPD can kiss!"

Now he glances up at her with a wicked grin.

"What choice did I have FBI? You shoved your tongue down my throat. It was either play with your ball or go home."

"You sound bitter, NYPD."

"I like to drive."

As he tucks in the remainder of his shirt tail.

"Hey, he bought it, that's all that matters."

"And what if he wants to buy it from you. What are you going to do then … huh … FBI?"

"Aww, you're worried about me … and after one kiss. Does this mean we're Partners?"

"I have to go … the Boss man wants me. We'll talk later."



"You really are a good kisser."

Bobby walks out of the utility closet blushing and grinning. This woman infuriated and intrigued him but he had his job to do. Those tourist were still dead in Redhook and he still had to get the proof that the NYPD needed to put Testarossa and Stout away.


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