In Her Eyes

John loved to watch Aeryn going about her life, cleaning her weapons, fighting with the rest of Moya's crew. For everything she did there was a certain way she moved that had him utterly fascinated.

In reality, it was nothing special. Aeryn wasn't much influenced by the stature some held and she did what she did only to survive the harsh conditions thrown her way. Really, it was nothing.

But to him, she was beautiful. She was the most beautiful woman to grace him with her presence and every time they were together, in the same room, he felt privileged just to stand by her side.

To think that Aeryn might be falling for him in the same way as he had for her long ago was downright gratifying and just the tiniest bit hard to believe. It was all in her eyes though – what she felt – and while she didn't say anything, John always knew exactly what she was feeling by the way she looked at him and by the way she moved.

Until she was able to put words to what her body language betrayed her, John had only to settle on the moments in time that he could just sit and watch her. In truth, that's all he ever needed.