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Song for the chapter- Michelle Featherstone- We are man and wife

All the things you are to me

Darling you have set me free

Always give you what you need and what you deserve

All the joy and all this love

And all that it is from above

Now together there's enough to fill this world

'Cause you are… the love of my life,

You are… the love of my life…

Now we're man and wife.

A Thousand Miles

Epilogue: Forever and always

"Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end."

Germaine De Stael

Everyone in the room was silent as one clear voice echoed softly off of the walls, speaking the question I had always longed to hear-

"Isabella Marie Swan do you take Edward Anthony Masen to be your husband? …"

Although it was what I had always wanted I couldn't help but slightly drown out the sound of the minister's voice, instead only focusing all my attention on the beautiful man opposite me. I had realised something- this wasn't about fulfilling all I had wanted… no.

Instead in this single moment… nothing or no one in this room mattered but him.

…And nothing else mattered but us… well, that and the clear fact that we'd somehow made it to this point. It seemed so impossible at many points- the day in the meadow when I told the truth, the night of my accident…

But you know what? It all seems like such a blur now.

Were things easy at first? No. But… once we'd gotten past the problems, it was amazing just how easy it was being with Edward- it was effortless… like breathing, something you don't think about and something that's done with little to no effort.

And the reason for that was quite simple- he was all that I needed- he was my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life…

… And in just a few moments, he would be my husband too.

I was aware that the minister had stopped speaking by this point, but my eyes didn't stray- they stayed focused on the beautiful green ones shining in devotion back at me, just like they had been for the whole service to this point.

And so, knowing that this was my moment, I allowed the widest possible smile on my face as I whispered the two words that I needed to finally make myself truly his-

"I do."

Edward's smile was breathtaking, blinding even, as he pulled me in for a deep kiss before being even instructed too. I laughed against his lips breathlessly as kissed me, vaguely aware that everyone else in the room had broke out into a loud applause- because they too were all happy to see this, to see Edward and I together.

When we eventually broke apart for air I briefly let my eyes stray for just a moment to everyone watching us… I could see Charlie discreetly wiping a stray tear from his cheek, with Aunt Sarah next to him not even trying to conceal that she was crying. Then there were Edward's parents, both with identical smiles on their faces. It was lucky, but they both easily forgave Edward for his decision two years ago telling him to go for what made him happy, it had taken time but they had realised that she wasn't the right one for him.

I will never forget the day that they both came to me and apologised for not realising that I was Edward's true love all along- it was a huge relief to get their acceptance.

Behind them, I could see the smiling face of all my friends, and then other distant relatives, neighbours from back in Fork's… everyone that I knew.

And then after looking at everyone I cared about, I turned back to the only person I would ever love more then my own life.

He smiled as if he knew what I was thinking, before wrapping an arm tight around me, kissing me gently once, twice… three times before leading us through the crowd.

And then when we made it outside in the sunshine he lifted me properly into his arms, holding me to his chest as he walked us forwards across the gardens, towards our wedding reception.

I laughed softly against his neck; "I love you."

"And I love you too… Mrs Masen," he whispered, kissing my cheeks with a beautiful grin on his face.

Clearly he loved my new last name almost as much as I did.

He sighed gently, looking at the sky briefly as he held me even tighter- "I can't believe you're my wife" he murmured gently.

I kissed him on the jaw as I wrapped one of my arms around his neck, "I can't believe you're my husband" I whispered his words back at him.

He smiled even wider at the word husband, "'Edward and Bella Masen'… who would have thought it huh?" he whispered in disbelief and wonder, "Remember our first day of school?" he asked me sweetly.

I laughed softly against his neck, "What you mean how I cried and cried when Charlie left until you came over, kissed me on the cheek and told me it would all be okay?" I murmured gently.

He nodded, a look of devotion and pure love in his emerald eyes, "Mm hmm… and it was, wasn't it?" he winked at me.

I laughed breathlessly, "…Only because you were with me though."

He laughed softly too, as he hoisted me higher up in his arms, "…come on Mrs Masen I believe we have some celebrating to do" he smiled kissing me once more as he continued walking us forward together.

… his words had a bigger meaning then he thought, because I silently knew that we would definitely we celebrating more then our wedding tonight.

Our baby.

I smiled to myself, ghosting my free hand that wasn't wrapped around Edward's neck over my still flat stomach.

No one knew yet…

I myself had only found out yesterday evening, after Alice had insisted on me taking a test- the sneaky pixie had a feeling that I was expecting all along it seems… she was the only one apart from me who knew so far. Though it definitely wouldn't be long until Edward found out- I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

Because even though we still had our senior year to go at college, and even though we were barely twenty-one and were only newlyweds, I knew that he would be very happy with the news.

Just like I was.

I already had the picture in my head of a little girl with Edward's beautiful bronze hair and all his features so that she would look exactly like a copy of him. Though something told me that she would have my eyes-, which would make her look a little like me.

Wow… I really couldn't wait to tell him.

It would definitely be tonight, just before we left for our honeymoon together- which was going to be two weeks in a surprise destination that he insisted had to be a surprise.

And then what would happen for us newlyweds with our baby when we get back?

Well… no one knows.

… I only know that we'll be happy no matter what.

Because I knew as a fact that we were definitely ready to face the challenges, as Edward and Bella Masen, and best friends and soulmates together.

Forever and always.

…We would face them united, no matter how soon they may come… or how unexpected they may be.


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