The Worst Kind Of Betrayal

"I ain't no traitor!" Jayne protests.

Mal raises an eyebrow.

Kaylee smirks.

River giggles. "Are too. She's a traitor."

"That ain't so! I'm not!"

"You ratted River and I out to the Feds," Simon puts in helpfully.

"You're fair willin' to turn against me if enough cashy money comes your way for it," Mal says. "Told me so yourself."

"Can't forget that you betrayed your last employers to join us," Zoe contributes.

"Didn't you also let your partner back in Canton fall to his doom to save a box of money?" Wash offers, smiling sardonically.

Jayne narrows his eyes. He scratches his head, just above his right ear.

"Well, yeah, but..."

"But what, Jayne?"

"I didn't betray you guys. Again, I mean. Honest."


Jayne shakes his head. "No! I swear on my mother, I didn't!"

The rest of the crew exchange exasperated looks.

Mal puts to words what the majority of them are thinking.

"Why then did you give the ball to Kaylee so she could score? She's not on our team, you jack ass!"