Real Feelings

Weren't none of it my fault I didn't know, Kaylee thinks to herself.

She runs her tongue over her lips and begins to brush a hand through her hair over and over again to get out the knots and grease from the day's work.

Weren't my fault at all.

She recalls the events from early on that had shocked her and made her heart flip over. Several times.

I couldn't have know. There were no signs. Not 'til today, at the very least.

Jayne. Jayne Cobb. She blushes slightly as she pictures him in her mind. She recalls his lips on hers as he pushed her against the wall.

Not once did I think Jayne might actually have real an' genuine feelings. Good feelings. For me.

A smile tugs at her lips.

Not once, 'til today, did I think I might actually have real feelings for Jayne, too.