Light It Up

"How the hell did you get up there?" Jayne asked.

Kaylee gave a small shrug and a smile. "Help me get down?"

He gave a short huff. "Guess I ought to." He held out a hand.

She reached for it, closed her fingers around his. She allowed him to lead her down from the spot she had perched on. "Thanks. Weren't sure how long I'd be stuck up there."

"Whaddya go get yourself stuck there for anyhow?"

She shrugged. "Weren't like I had much choice in the matter. And not the first time, either. But I'm down now and that's what matters."

"Maybe you should attach a light up there." He nodded up to the spot she'd been stuck in.

"Would do, if only the cap'n could spare the coin."

Jayne simply nodded.

A few weeks later, ship went dark again and Kaylee was again perched precariously up the wall. She fumbled around, hoping to find a way down, and her hand latched onto something new. She ran her fingers over it, and then pushed a small section of it.

A tiny beam of light shot out, bathing the floor in enough light for her to safely climb down.

She smiled.

In the other room, River smiled, too.

Jayne liked the girl but didn't know what to do.

She could help. She could win the girl for him.