Chapter One

WARNING: Slash Draco M/Harry P, if this type of thing is not your cup of tea I suggest you leave now.

18+ Rated M for a reason people! Read and REVIEW!!

Takes place in the 7th year. No war just a normal year at Hogwarts. Dumbledore also happens to be alive as does Snape. Yay!

Rain ran down the window of the Hogwarts Express in tiny streams. Harry Potter, The Chosen One, The Boy Who Lived stared thoughtfully out of the window tuning out the banter of his two friends who seemed to be discussing over who The Head Boy and Head Girl would be this year.

Hermione was almost bouncing in her seat with excitement. Normally Dumbledore would send a letter to the two chosen during the Holidays but the compartment reserved for the Head Girl and Boy was empty and everyone denied having a letter.

"After the initial disappointment of me not receiving a letter I had resigned myself to the fact I wasn't destined for this particular position of responsibility" Hermione grinned "But now anything seems possible! I wonder why Dumbledore didn't send the letters this year. It must be a really important reason for the school to break tradition." She gave a very un-Hermione like squeal of excitement "My parents will be so proud if I turn out to be Head Girl!"

"Don't get your hopes up Hermione" Ron said through a mouthful of Cauldron Cake.

"You shouldn't speak with your mouthful Ron" Hermione snapped back "It's disgusting!"

The compartment door slid open and Ron swallowed his mouthful. "Harry" he snapped his friend from his reverie and pointed towards the door where quite a few red cheeked girls were giggling "It looks like some members from your fan club have come for a visit"

Raising an eyebrow Harry looked towards the door and sighed. Almost the whole of the Hogwarts girl population ,and a few of the guys, had been in fits when they had seen just how much Harry had matured over the summer. He had shot up in height and since joining a Muggle Rugby club for most of the summer had managed to obtain a lean, more muscled physique. If this wasn't enough he had also mastered the rather tricky vision correction charm and so now had no need for the childish round glasses which had concealed the true vibrancy of his emerald green eyes.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed one of the girls positively swooning and clutching a camera. "You were right Harriet, he is so FIT!" Ron promptly burst into laughter while Hermione prepared herself for a full on lecture. The girls in the door were only fifth years, which now seemed extremely young and immature to the three who in their last year felt incredibly old and knowledgeable.

Seeing Hermione draw a long breath Harry swiftly cut in. "Is there something you need?" he asked not unkindly slightly bemused, this only caused the girls to giggle more and the one who held the camera to become beetroot red. "We were wondering..." the boldest girl managed to stammer out "If perhaps we could have your autograph and..." her cheeks flamed "...perhaps take a picture?"

Ron's chuckles doubled and Hermione's frown deepened. Not sure quite what to do Harry looked at his friends questioningly. "Go on Harry let them have a momentum" Ron grinned wiping his eyes.

"Can't you leave him alone?" a furious Hermione turned on the girls.

"It's just an autograph and a photo" one of the girls retorted less embarrassed when it wasn't Harry she was talking to "You can't keep him all to yourself Granger, hey!" Hermione had thrown a chocolate frog at her.

"Um no sorry" Harry smiled apologetically at the disappointed girls "I didn't do anything worth asking for my autograph so I don't make a habit of giving it out. Sorry, it's not my style"

Gradually the girls drifted reluctantly away but not before one of them said "Hey why don't we go 'pay a visit' to Draco Malfoy instead, apparently he's looking better than ever and is twice as sexy as he was last year!"

Hermione gave a disgusted snort and closed the compartment door with a band. Ron instantly turned to Harry "That's not my style" he mocked.

"What was I supposed to say!" exclaimed Harry running his fingers through his tousled hair "What the hell was that about!"Ron snorted disbelievingly as Hermione simultaneously shot him an incredulous look. "What?" asked Harry "Have I suddenly defeated Voldemort single handed without knowing?"

"Come on mate you know what that was about!"Ron turned back to his pile of food from the trolley. Hermione leaned forward and prodded him lightly in the abs which had now become well toned.

"Hey!" exclaimed Harry.

"That is what has happened" Hermione explained "I hate to say this Harry but over the holidays you have become something of a hunk."

Harry blushed "So what if I played a bit of rugby over the holidays..."

"And the lack of glasses is certainly an improvement"

"...I kept breaking them..."

"Plus you're tall and well...manlier in general"

"I can't help that I grow!" Harry became even redder.

"I never said it was your fault Harry but looking like that you shouldn't be surprised if you get a little more attention than last year" She promptly picked up 'Advanced Runes and Their History in the Magical World' leaving Harry to gawp soundlessly at her. Eventually turning back to the rainy window he returned to his thoughts.

After donning their wizard robes over their uniforms the trio clambered off the train as it arrived in Hogsmead. "First years!" Hagrid called over the noise of the pack of students "First years to me!" Battling through the crowds Harry, Ron and Hermione greeted their former care of magical creatures professor.

"Alright Hagrid?" Ron grinned.

"Better now that ruddy rain has cleared for a second. Don't fancy crossing the lake in a storm. You been well Hermione? Harry? Last year at Hogwarts eh? Pop down to my cabin when ye get the chance"

The three students assured him they would before clambering into one of the many coaches pulled by the sinister Thestrals.

The sorting passed with nothing particularly interesting happening. At the end of the meal however there was immediate hush as Dumbledore stood to give his speech. As he outlined the ground rules of not going into the forbidden forest to the first years Hermione leaned over to whisper to Harry and Ron.

"Perhaps he'll announce the Heads of school now!"

She was disappointed though; Dumbledore informed them that he would announce who had got the roles at breakfast the next day. The students gradually started to filter out but as Harry was standing to follow Ron and Hermione he was accosted by his Transfiguration teacher and head of house Professor McGonagall.

"Potter the Headmaster wishes to speak to you" she said shortly.


"Yes now, make your way to his study immediately. The password is Liquorice bomb"

Curious as to what it was the Headmaster needed so early in the term Harry told Ron and Hermione he would meet them in the common room later. Walking swiftly through the many corridors, passageways and halls of the massive school Harry eventually arrived before the stone gargoyles which would grant access to the Headmasters office at exactly the same time as Draco Malfoy.

"What are you doing here Potter?" Malfoy sneered looking Harry up and down. Harry folded his arms and glared back at the blonde. He had to admit Malfoy had changed for the better over the holidays, in looks at least.

"Dumbledore wants to speak to me Malfoy, not that it's any of your business. Why are you here?"

"The Headmaster wants to speak to me Potter" Malfoy spat back. Turning to the gargoyle he spoke the password shooting a glare at Harry as he ascended the spiral staircase. Shaking his head with a sigh Harry followed.

Hearing the knock on his office door Dumbledore smiled "Come in Mr Malfoy, Mr Potter." The two boys entered and stood before his desk shooting each other filthy looks every so often, Dumbledore watched them in amusement, his fingers touching at the tips to make a steeple he nodded to two chairs "Sit if you please. Once they were seated Dumbledore stood and started pacing.

"I don't suppose you know why I've called you here" he stated the obvious pausing to stroke a quiet Fawkes.

"No sir" they spoke together.

Dumbledore turned to look at the two, the Slytherin and Gryffindor. Without wasting much time he got straight to the point. "I'd like to congratulate you both on becoming Head Boy." He stated simply.

Harry gaped at the Headmaster, speechless. Head Boys? Two Head Boys?

"Just what the hell is going on here?" asked Malfoy after a while "You can't seriously mean both me and Potter are Head Boy!"

"Oh I'm serious Mr Malfoy. When reviewing the candidates I could see no one better than you and Harry to take up the role." His periwinkle blue eyes twinkled from behind his half moon spectacles. "Do you have a problem with the situation?"

"Yes I have a bloody problem!" Draco growled. Harry was still speechless staring at the Headmaster as if he had suddenly sprouted wings. "What about a Head Girl?" Draco continued.

"None seemed quite suitable. Do you accept the position Mr Malfoy or not?"

Draco fell into an angry silence thinking furiously. "What about you Harry?" Dumbledore smiled at the dark haired boy.

Harry found his voice and grinned lazily happy at how this was winding up Malfoy. "Sure, I don't have a problem with it but I understand if Malfoy wants to back down"

Malfoy shot a furious look at his green eyed rival before turning once more to the Headmaster. He would rather die than watch Potter triumph over him "Fine" he snapped.

"Excellent!" beamed Dumbledore "Both of your things have already been placed in your room" He waved his wand and two gleaming Head Boy badges shone from each of the boys robes. "Don't lose those" Dumbledore gazed over his spectacles at the boys then nodded approvingly "You may go"

"Hold on" put in Harry as Malfoy stood to leave. "Did you say room?" Malfoy spun around.

"Oh how careless of me" chuckled Dumbledore. Both boys visibly relaxed "It completely slipped my mind. Peeves has unfortunately flooded what would have been the Head Girl's room and so I'm afraid you two will have to share for a while."

"What!?" growled Malfoy his grey eyes burning.

"Professor Dumbledore perhaps it would be easier if I just stayed in Gryffindor..."

"Out of the question, we can't break tradition Harry. Your room is by the tapestry of the Goblins war near the statue of Helga the Hideous, I think you should make your way to bed, tomorrow will be a busy day for you two."

Hearing the finality in Dumbledore's words the two boys silently made their way to the room they would be sharing together each ignoring the other, the door was unimpressive but as Harry pushed it open he was struck firstly by how big it was, secondly by the fact that it appeared to have an Ensuite bathroom and thirdly...

"There's only one bed!" growled Malfoy furiously crossing his arms and glaring at the offending king sized four poster. "Old Dumbledore's finally gone round the bend!"

"Anything seems possible tonight" groaned Harry moving into the room and also staring at the bed. Unfortunately there wasn't a sofa in the room just two desks with straight back chairs so there was no question about sleeping elsewhere. Glancing at the clock Harry realised it was late; the feast had gone on longer than normal. Glaring at Malfoy he opened the wardrobe on the right side of the bed and was surprised to find his robes hanging up and his other clothes neatly folded on the shelves.

"I guess being Head Boy..."

"One of the Head Boys Potter" Malfoy snapped

"...One of the Head Boys means you get your clothes unpacked then?"

His roommate didn't reply just stomped over to his wardrobe grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. Taking the opportunity Harry quickly changed into his night things, soft grey tracksuit bottoms and a plain white T-shirt. Glancing at himself in the mirror he remembered what Hermione had said earlier.

"...looking like that you shouldn't be surprised if you get a little more attention than last year"

Harry frowned. So what if he was in better shape and got rid of his glasses? Couldn't a guy make a few minor improvements without the whole school gawping at him? Shaking his head and turning from the mirror with a snort he answered his question himself. Apparently not.

"Disgusted by your own reflection Potter?" Harry hadn't noticed Draco return from the bathroom now wearing a pair of black bottoms and a dark green T-shirt.

"Shut up Malfoy" Harry's mood had taken a definite turn for the absolute worst since the meeting in Dumbledore's study; he was in no mood for a battle of words or wands.

Seeing Malfoy take out his wand Harry actually thought Malfoy was going to curse him but the blonde simply laid it on his bedside table and glared at Harry. "Touch me and I'll blast you into oblivion"

"Same" Harry also retrieved his wand and put it within reaching distance as he climbed into the large bed.

"Whatever just stay on your side" growled Malfoy climbing into bed and settling down with his back to Harry extinguishing the lights with a wave of his wand.

The two boys lay awake neither quite comfortable with the situation, both lying as far away as possible from each other. Only when Draco eventually heard Harry breathing deeply did he manage to drift off to sleep.

Harry awoke slowly the next day, squinting his eyes against the light beaming onto him. Gradually adjusting to the brightness he slowly lifted his eyelids and felt his heart stop for a second.

He was nose to nose with Draco Malfoy.

His arm was draped across the other boys waist casually, Malfoy's hand was on his shoulder, his fingers curled lightly around his neck, their legs entangled. Shit! Harry thought in a panic desperately trying to think of a way to extract himself without waking the other boy. He moved his arm slightly from Draco's waist and bit his lip as he sighed at the movement. Shit...Malfoy is so going to blame me for this... Harry thought his gaze sweeping over the face just inches from him.

He would rather die than admit it but up close Malfoy's face was even more flawlessly beautiful, his pale lashes seemed impossibly long as they cast shadows over his sharp aristocratic cheekbones, a strand of his platinum blond hair flopped silkily over one eye. Not knowing what else to do Harry closed his eyes and tried to stay as still as possible, let the Slytherin be the one to deal with it.

Draco was instantly aware of the situation even before he opened his eyes. Harrys arm was a warm weight on his waist, when he did eventually he found himself practically lip to lip with Potter. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He thought in a panic as he realised he had his fingers curled around the back of his neck.

"Potter" he said quietly trying to sound menacing but unfortunately it came out in a husky drawl. No reply. "Potter" Draco tried again managing to sound slightly angrier, but not much.

Harry was quite enjoying tormenting Draco with his closeness and so decided to see just how far he could push it. Sighing deeply, still feigning sleep, he snuggled up closer to Malfoy so they were actually touching foreheads and noses. Hearing Draco's quiet swearing Harry fought not to grin and so opened his eyes and stared into the grey ones so close to his own.

"Malfoy?" he tried to sound shocked

"Potter" Malfoy growled back glaring

"Never heard of personal space?" Harry grinned knowing it would piss him off.

"Your hand is on my waist" he sneered back

"Your arms are around my shoulders" Then the reality hit both of them. They were snuggled up together, in bed.

At the same time they both scrambled backwards with exclamations of disgust at being so close to the other, simultaneously they grabbed up their wands.

"I told you Potter, touch me and I'll curse you into oblivion!"

"Likewise" Harry growled "Never thought you were gay Malfoy"

"I'm not, but I always knew you were Potter. Sure Weasel won't be jealous?"

"Expelliarmus!" Shouted Harry, Draco's wand flew from his grip and he glowered at Harry before running a hand through his ruffled hair with a sigh. An uncomfortable silence filled the room.

"Let's just...never mention this...ever!" Harry nodded and tossed Malfoy back his wand, the blond boy looked surprised.

"I don't intend to, believe me"

Harry and Draco entered breakfast a little later than was usual as they had been detained by arguments over who got to use the bathroom first. No-one looked at them as they entered the hall and split off to their separate house tables. All gazes were fixed on Dumbledore who had just stood up.

Slipping into a seat opposite Ron and Hermione Harry grabbed a slice of toast. "Mate what happened to you..."

"Quiet Ron!" Hermione snapped, attention fixed on Dumbledore, Ron, however, noticed the gleaming badge fixed to Harrys robes and mouthed soundlessly. The Headmaster however had finished his preamble about tradition etc and was getting to the point.

"This year" began Dumbledore beaming "I'm proud to announce that we instead of the normal Head Boy and Girl we now have two Head Boys!"

Gasps and whispers spread through the hall. Hermione visibly deflated with disappointment. "So Mr Malfoy, Mr Potter if you would be so kind as to rise" Harry got reluctantly to his feet and saw Draco do the same. Everyone in the hall stared at them and the gleaming badges on their chests. The whispering broke out with vengeance again.

"Two Head Boys perhaps Dumbledore's finally gone..."

"I knew it would be Potter he's such a goody..."

"Oh my god has there ever been two hotter..."

"I'm going to be having such wrong fantasies..."

"They're totally opposites..."

"Bet you a bag of galleons they kill each other..."

"I'm definitely going to be bad this year..."

"Draco is so sexy..."

"Harry is so hot..."

"Such discrimination against girls..."

More than one of the overheard whispers made Harry blush furiously. Once Dumbledore had told them to be seated and said a few more words Harry grinned sheepishly at Hermione. "Sorry"

"There's nothing to be sorry about Harry, I'm actually quite relieved to be honest." She said primly not looking at him.

"Really?" Ron looked amazed

"Yes, at least now I can focus entirely on my work. Being...Head Girl..." She lingered over the word almost as if she was savouring the way it felt "would probably distract me from what's really important"

"Right" grinned Ron "Can't you just act disappointed like a normal person?"

"No Ronald, I can't!"

Professor McGonagall was making her way down the table handing out timetables. When she got to Harry however she pulled out several pieces of parchment. "Congratulations Potter, here's your timetable and your list of duties as one of the head boys" She gave a rare smile and continued on her way. Harry stared at the papers McGonagall had just handed him. The list of duties was extensive, Harry had always thought the Head Boy just walked around looking important occasionally telling people off but apparently he had to take younger years study sessions, cover for teachers when they were unable to take a lesson, supervise detentions...

Looking up from the list and towards Malfoy Harry saw he was also reading the list of duties looking horrified. Harry shivered as he remembered earlier in the morning. He found himself thinking of Malfoy's silver eyes when they were clouded with sleep and how his slender arm, now holding a piece of toast, had been curling over his shoulder not that long ago.

Disgusted with himself he turned to Ron who was shovelling down bacon and eggs at an alarming rate. Just then the post owls swept into the great hall dropping letters in porridge and packages on heads. Hedwig was not among the flurry of feathers but Harry wasn't surprised. Hermione got the Daily Prophet and scanned the front page silently. Only when she had searched the whole paper did she look up.

"Anything interesting?" Ron helped himself to more bacon.

"Not really, The Weird Sisters have had a row and say they've split up for good now"

"I'll see you guys in..." Harry glanced at his timetable and groaned. "History of Magic, I have to get my stuff from my room"

"Oh yeah mate, how's having a room all to yourself? Must be nice to have the privacy" Ron grinned

"Well...there's less privacy then you would think..."


"I'm sharing a room with Malfoy"

"WHAT??" Ron looked horrified as if Harry had just announced Voldemort was underneath the table.

"I know. I'm planning on spending as little time as possible in the actual room, don't mind me hanging around Gryffindor do you?"

"Not at all, why don't you just sleep in the dorm, there's an extra bed." Ron regained his composure.

"I'm not giving in to Malfoy" Harry drained his glass and stood "If he's uncomfortable with the situation he can go sleep in Slytherin"

The day passed with Harry panicking every so often as he realised he was supposed to be somewhere else doing some Head Boy duty. Every so often he would see Malfoy in classes or in corridors but both the boys ignored each other, preferring not to meet the others eyes after what had happened that morning. Once classes were over Harry wearily made his way to Gryffindor tower where Ron and Hermione were waiting, they had hardly seen him all day.

"Dam" Harry frowned as he reached the portrait of the fat lady "I don't have the password"

"Then it's no entry I'm afraid" she trilled happily munching her way through a large bowl of grapes. "Kids these days, you'd lose your head if...oh I'm terribly sorry!" Harry raised an eyebrow as she made an apologetic face. "Didn't see your badge, of course you can come in!"

Once in the common room Harry slumped into a sofa opposite Hermione. "I didn't have the password" he stated flatly causing Hermione to look up quizzically

"Sorry, did someone let you in?"

"No, the fat lady just gave me entry when she saw my badge."

"Well duh" Ron came down from the boy's dormitories "You're Head Boy now you can get in any house you like, you can even go into girl's dorms."

"Ever enter my dorm and I will cause bodily harm of biblical proportions" Hermione stated in a monotone reading through an extremely long piece of parchment.

"How's it going with Malfoy?" Ron tried to read the scroll upside down but Hermione quickly pulled it from his gaze "he still alive?"

"Only just" Harry frowned "Dumbledore must seriously have a screw loose to have two head boys...two head boys sharing a room...two head boys who hate each other sharing a room..."

"We get it Harry..." Hermione looked up "aren't you meant to be supervising the second hour ago?"

"AW SHIT!" Harry leapt to his feet, threw himself over the sofa and disappeared through the portrait hole at an unbelievable speed. Hermione and Ron shook their heads at each other and returned respectively to work and thinking about food.

Snape's going to have a spaz... Harry groaned as he hurtled down corridors; it was just his luck that he forgot to cover a lesson for the evilest professor around. Colliding with something decidedly solid Harry cursed as he fell just managing to stop himself from falling flat on his face by supporting himself quickly. Something moved beneath him and Harry instantly realised it was not a rather solid something but a someone.

"Potter you really are a prat" Draco Malfoy looked up at the other boy and frowned, honestly these days Potter was more of an ass than ever.

"Shut up Malfoy" Harry was looking distinctly ruffled as he held himself above Draco.

"Are you going to move?" Malfoy sneered, neither boy failed to notice that their position was more than a little compromising; Harry was practically straddling Draco. Refusing to blush Harry sat back on his haunches which served only to bring their lower halves into closer proximity. Draco sat up slightly and glared at the Golden boy whose face was merely inches from his.

"Aw shit!" Harry groaned scrambling to his feet while Draco rose gracefully to his own brushing imaginary dust from his shirt "I'd better get a move on"

Draco raised an eyebrow "If you're referring to the lesson cover which you completely missed don't worry about it, I covered for you"

Harrys jaw literally dropped. Malfoy had done something...nice!?

"Don't have a seizure" Malfoy frowned running fingers through his ruffled blonde hair "You owe me big time, seriously big time" Sauntering away he a glare over his shoulder before moving out of sight. The boy who lived gaped after him confused, irritated and though he hated to admit it...a little turned on. Dam.

An hour or so later Harry made his way nervously to his and Malfoy's room, for the last twenty minutes he had been thinking about the blonde, although he had tried his hardest not to, and after reliving the scene in bed that morning and the collision in the corridor he felt slightly nervous about being in close proximity once again. Glancing at his watch he saw it was pretty late already.

"Malfoy?" Harry called softly as he entered the room, his eyes instantly focused on a figure in the bed. Malfoy was breathing deeply snuggled beneath the duvet. Smiling at how uncharacteristically innocent he looked without his usual smirk Harry had a super fast shower and changed into his night clothes before climbing carefully in next to Draco. He heard a whispered spell and froze...what the hell? Malfoy grinned in the darkness.

"Sorry Potter but I'm putting a stop to our night time activities, there is no way in hell I'm waking up with you wrapped around me like a school girl" he sneered "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to get your much needed beauty sleep even if you are immobile. Got to look good for your fans right?" Harry tried to frown and reply but the only thing he could move was his eyes. Shooting Malfoy a filthy glare which promised revenge Harry closed his eyes and gradually drifted off to sleep.