Hello my dearest darling readers. It's been some years since we have met here! I hope you're all well!

Please bear in mind- this was one of my first fan fictions- I will try to keep to the same style of writing- I don't even ship Harry/Draco anymore! But maybe writing this will convert me back. By the way this has been written on an iPhone so sorry for any typos!

Note- smoking is very bad for you and not cool or sexy at all-not sure why I wrote it in the story back when I was younger... But if you smoke you will die. Nuff said.


stepped forward and embraced Draco shyly which was ridiculous, considering what they had been doing not that many hours before. It felt like years though, like this was the reunion they should have had. All softly spoken words and gentle embraces.

As if sensing his thoughts Draco nuzzled his nose into the soft spikes of Harry's hair and held him tighter.

"I missed you Harry"

"I missed you too" Harry could feel the steady heartbeat of the taller man thudding in his ear.

Pulling away slightly Draco tilted Harry's head up with one finger beneath his chin and smiled softly at him.

"I am so sorry." He breathed quietly, almost whispering "I knew the moment our bedroom door shut behind me that I would regret it, leaving you, every single day"

"Should've come back then shouldn't you" Harry grumbled into his chest and Draco laughed softly, before giving an almighty shiver, shaking Harry along with him. "Holy fuck." He laughed "look at us! Such a pair of bloody idiots, freezing when we have magic for the sake of a bonkers muggle next door, arguing away like we're back at school"

"Feels kind of like we are." Harry snuggled in closer rubbing slow circles on Draco's back "my darling Malfoy"

"My dearest Potter"

They laughed together quietly nose to nose before Harry shivered as well and flicked on the kettle, pouring away the cold coffee and starting to make two fresh. Draco felt bereft the moment he left his arms.

"I'm so proud of you" he smiled as Harry pottered about the kitchen (no pun intended) and caught a look of confusion from green eyes before he continued rustling around for biscuits.

"What do you mean?" Harry laughed "I'm hiding away in the muggle community writing nonsense stories for muggles and..."

"Look at you!" Draco grabbed his arm and tugged him towards a mirror, standing behind him and meeting his eyes in the reflection. "You're all grown up! And my, haven't you grown up well!"

"Shurrup" Harry grumbled swatting at his long arms as they folded around him but not taking his eyes away from the grey holding his in the parallel universe of their reflection. "You've made a success of yourself" Draco continued smiling "not based on your name, not based on anything from the past! You're friends (apart from being fucking insane) adore you utterly and like you for who you are, as do I. I'm so proud of you Harry Potter."

Harry flushed.

"The Boy Who Lived" he said dramatically, trying to lighten the tone, going for Snape's voice but ending up as a cheesey commentator.

"The Boy Who Lived and got a life" Draco chuckled. "The Boy Who Lived to lose at pool to a girl"

"You started off so well!" Harry grinned "knew the soppyness had to end! Now get off me you lummox, kettles boiling."

"The boy who lived to make a Slytherin a coffee!"

Draco released him and flopped onto the sofa, pulling some of the discarded blankets over him am snuggling down, waiting for the bedding to be warmed by his own body heat. Eventually said living boy joined him and handed him a steaming mug. They sipped happily in silence letting the beverage warm them just as much as each others presence.

Eventually it ended up with them sprawling all over each other, both lost in a novel but staying close, as if scared any physical distance would result in their separation. After a whole Harry put his book down and sat up.



"You said you left the room and then found out Dumbledore's plan?"


"So... So... You left me before you knew any of the voldemort crap, you left me " Harry's eyes were big, and dark, and sad. Draco blinked.


"But..." Harry was tired of raging and shouting, he gazed at Draco sadly "why?"

Draco drew in a shaky breath and drew Harry towards him. Tucking his head beneath his chin he closed his eyes and breathed in the smell of his hair, the smell that was uniquely Harry.

"I was scared." He admitted quietly "That night.."

"Was it that rubbish?" Harry attempted levity but it fell a bit flat.

"Idiot. No it was... Amazing." Draco cradled Harry to him more tightly "I didn't like being forced to feel... Well, anything for someone I'd had sex with!"

Harry huffed. "So romantic"

"You know what I mean! It... It was... So touching! The way you trusted me and seemed to lo- care about me"

"I did! I mean I do! Care about you!"

"As soon as it was over I went into a panic" his huge grey eyes looked sad, he shifted so this his soft blonde locks fell to partially hide them. "There I was, lying in your arms, coming down from one of the best moments of my life, then I realised..."

"What?" Harry was spellbound.

"That we" Draco seemed to suddenly very interested in the carpet "could never be together"

Harry scoffed "you massive arse. What are you on about?"

"Uh" Draco blinked at him "I don't know if you noticed Harry" his voice took on the silky, sarcastic quality that Harry hated, and adored all at once "but there was a bat-shit crazy guy trying to kill you, a guy who my father was quite pally with? You know. Volder something?"

Harry chuckled. "I vaguely recall. So what?"

Draco pulled a pack from Harry's coffee table and lit a cigarette, taking his time before reaching out one long arm and smacking Harry upside the head (it didn't actually hurt) and earned himself an indignant glare and a pillow to the face which narrowly missed the cigarette.

"Yeah like it's that easy to just wander away when your entire family is affiliated with the Death Eaters and You-know-who."

"You did!"

"The only way I could! By leaving everything! Everything Harry! My family, friends, you, the war!"

"Apart from a small cameo role"

"Yeah well let's hush up about that" Draco ruffle his unruly locks. "You see what I mean though"

"I suppose" Harry sighed "The rest of the school most likely would have broken down into either vomiting or orgasm as well"

Draco laughed and Harry suddenly stood, grabbing Draco by the hand and pulling him up as well- a little more harshly than needed so that Draco fell into him, before he could right himself he wrapped his arms around him, one hand on his waist the other round his shoulder.

"I think" he purred "that we have wasted enough time with talking" he leaned up and pressed his lips ever so softly against Draco's enjoying the surprise on his fave which was followed quickly by a smile- well.. An evil grin.

"Good" Harry murmured "I like to see you smile, you didn't much in the olden days"

"Wasn't much to smile about" Draco ducked to kiss along Harry's neck enjoying how the dark haired man writhed under his ministrations "now there definitely is" he slanted his mouth against Harry's and enjoyed how his tongue twined with his own, sliding his hand beneath his clothing to find skin Draco marvelled once again at how warm Harry was.

"Mmmmmm" Harry hummed as they broke apart for breath gazing dazedly into each others eyes, both fairly sure they were only still on their feet die to the strength of the other holding them up.

"Mmmmm" Harry repeated, stroking a hand down Draco's face, brushing aside a rogue blonde lock and leaning up to taste his lips again briefly "I fucking love snow"

"So do I" Draco smouldered.

"So do fucking I!"

They broke apart as if burnt. Fay stir by the door flapping the hat she had obviously just removed like a fan "so hot" she wailed "so beautiful, gonna die! Think I just came!"

"Fay!" Harry stammered then squared up "you cannot bloody barge into my house whenever the hell you feel like it!" He roared ignoring a Draco who had collapsed giggling onto the sofa.

"Awwww come on Harry! Don't give me a hard time! Save it for Draco!"The laughter from the sofa increased in volume. "Though I don't know how you'd manage it! Your house is still fucking freezing!"

"Shut up Fay" Harry growled grabbing the cushion that had earlier hot Draco in the face and hurling it at her with unnecessary force. At the thunk Harry felt a bit better but couldn't help the slight flush that rose to his cheeks that made Fay crow then go deadly silent. Would this be the time she lost her best friend forever.

"I am sorry to interrupt honestly" she said apologetically though Harry wasn't buying it. At least Draco had stopped laughing though " I brought you a present though! That must count for something"

"Bloody perv, lech, peeping Tom" Harry grumbled as he followed a beckoning Fay out the front door where a large basket of wood (assorted sizes) sat.

"Wow!" Harry exclaimed "where on earth?"

"I had some to spares I. The shed and Fay mentioned your predicament" a tall dark blonde man with blue eyes stood by the gate as if unsure of welcome. "Wouldn't want you and your... Friend... To freeze."

"Cheers" Harry said, but his eyes were cold, his voice not unfriendly but not exactly welcoming. Draco stepped from the doorway so that he too was visible and grinned lazily at the man he recognised from the pictures.

"That's extraordinarily kind of you" he drawled, looking sexily disheveled and obviously comfortable in Harry's clothes "we were almost running out of ways to stay warm." He flung an arm around Harry's shoulders casually and rubbed his shoulder "got to take care of my Harry after all"

"Make sure you do" and the man was off- stalking through the deep snow. Fay turned to mouth a "sorry!" at them before hurrying after him.

"Shit" Harry muttered turning towards Daco "sorry about that.. What are you doing!?" Draco had almost sprinted back indoors and was hopping around like a lunatic. Dragging the huge basket after him Harry slammed the door and waited for the storm of swearing to die down- it eventually did, when Draco had wrapped his feet in the duvet.

"I fucking stepped into the snow with BARE FEET" Draco snarled "was about to jump back in again when I saw the smarmy fucker! Jesus my toes are dead!"

"Impressive though! Harry grinned "you didn't flinch!" And just like that the mood was lifted.

"I know I've been a bad boy but this" he pointed at his poor grazed and slightly bruised face then at his cold and battered toes from Harry's earlier boot crushing "this is unacceptable! This cannot be the norm between us!"

Harry smiled at the indignant blonde "I'm so sorry Draco"

"Bloody should hope so!"

"My poor injured little soldier!" Harry cooed advancing steadily "do you want me to kiss it better?"

"Least you could do" Draco grumbled before catching his tone and eyeing him warily "wait..."

Harry pounced and tackled him off the sofa and onto the floor with a little Gryfindor Lion roar.

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