Unforgetable Birthday

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Warning: boy/boy, girl/girl (Seto/Jou, Mokuba/OC, Honda/Otogi, Yami/Yugi, Mai/Shizuka) Do Not Read If This Offends You!

Author's Note: NO FLAMES! By the way, does anyone like the pairing Mai/Shizuka? Cause I do and I SERIOUSLY hate Anzu... sorry Anzu lovers...

What could you get something for a rich ass husband on his birthday? You got that right. Katsuya Jounouchi has been married to Seto Kaiba for about a year now and he was barely twenty-five while Seto was twenty-six. Jou groaned in annoyance as he was in the living room trying to watch television but he was also thinking about the brunette's birthday which was four days away.

Mokuba sniggered as he came into view of Jou who was having a panic attack about his brother's birthday. He was now ninteen and was going to the University of Domino and since it wasn't far away, he was still living at the mansion and got to work as vice-president for Kaiba Corp. "You have no idea what to get for my brother's birthday, do you still?" Mokuba asked as Jou perked up at the familiar voice and saw Mokuba at the entrance way of the living room.

He huffed, "No! He has everything! What are YOU getting him Mokuba?" He asked.

Mokuba smiled, "That's for me to know and for you to find out," he said with an evil grin.

Jou glared at him, "It better not be like another butt plug that you gave to him before Mokuba!" He screeched.

Mokuba laughed, "What? Didn't you liked it?" He asked innocently as he knew that his brother had used it on Jou during the night of his birthday since his brother have been playing with it the next day and making Jou whimper like a dog in heat.

"That wasn't funny at all! I couldn't walk for days after that!" Jou snapped.

"But Seto liked it," Mokuba pointed out with a pout.

"That was because he was the one playing with it! He wasn't using it!" Jou complained.

Mokuba chuckled, "Alright. But I promise you, no sex toys this birthday. However, it may boost your sexual activites up," he said with a grin.

Jou groaned, "I can't believe you can be a pervert in such times Mokuba," he said.

"Hey! Seto's a bigger pervert if you ask me! Hell, his sex drive could last longer than I could!" Mokuba explained.

Jou perked up as he looked at Mokuba. "What about a sex show for him?" He asked.

Mokuba blinked, "What?" He asked.

"Yea, a sex show! A private show for him and me where two guys are going at it and right after, we could go to the strip bar to celebrate," Jou said blushing.

Mokuba sniggered, "Why not a strip show for him instead of the sex show? We could all go to the strip bar and you could perform for him," he suggested.

Jou blushed madly as his face couldn't get any redder. Mokuba was right for one thing. One of Seto's fantasies with him was to have Jou perform for him stripping against a pole. However, Jou was no good at it and he had paid a private stripper one Christmas for Seto's gift and Seto wasn't disappointed at all even though he still wants Jou to do it one day and later that night, Jou hadn't slept at all only late in the morning thanks to Seto's manipulation to him.

"Did Seto told you about that?" Jou asked.

Mokuba nodded, "He tells me everything that goes on around here at the mansion," he said with a grin as he saw Jou covering up his face with his hands. "Aw, c'mon big brother! You don't have to get all shy now that we're family," he said patting him on the back.

Jou chuckled weakly, "So I'll make a reservation at the strip bar this Saturday and I'll tell the manager of the place that I'm a performing number for him. Plus I'll reserve a room there just in case," he said as there were several rooms in the strip bar just in case for people who are wild up.

Mokuba nodded, "Make the reservation for five whatever time we decide to leave. So, what about during the daytime?" He asked.

"Eh, perhaps I should invite Shizuka as well to this outing," Jou said thinking.

Mokuba blinked, "Do you really want Shizuka in a gay/strip bar, Jou?" He asked.

Jou shrugged, "She's with Mai, isn't she? I'm sure she and Mai would be happy to come with us," he said.

"Along with Anzu?" Mokuba asked.

Jou frowned, "Anzu has stopped being our friend ever since she found out Yugi and Yami were together. Which wasn't really surprising," he said as it happened right after high school where they were about to start college soon.

"I guess I could invite my boyfriend along as well. Seto trusts Hideaki to be with me," Mokuba said unlike his previous boyfriend before, Kazuki. Mokuba have thought that he and Kazuki would be like Seto and Jou, however, Seto didn't trust him one bit and thus having him and Mokuba fought to one another and not speaking for days. It wasn't until one day that Mokuba have found out that Kazuki was a hacker and a thief. He stole money from both his and Seto's accounts and Kazuki wasn't caught until two days later which was when Mokuba apologized to Seto for not trusting him sooner.

"Alright. So that will be..." Jou began as he began counting the people in his mind to see how many are coming. "Wait, should I also invite Honda and Otogi?" He asked.

"Duh! Honda was your best man in the wedding and Otogi is his boyfriend! Whaddya think?" Mokuba asked as Jou was so clueless at times.

Jou nodded, "Hehe...So, that would be twelve people in total," he finished.

"Want to split the money in half?" Mokuba suggested as Jou works as Seto's assistant part-time and thus gets money regularly like any working person.

Jou nodded, "I'll go and make the phone calls," he said standing up quickly as he knew that Seto would be home soon and he wants to finish the calls before he gets home.

(The next day)

Mokuba paid the stripper with a smile as he looked at Jou to his right.

"M-Mokuba, are you sure about this?" Jou asked nervously as it was Mokuba's idea to have Jou stripping lessons until Saturday and that left three days. Since it was Mokuba's idea, he was going to pay the stripper tutor for the whole entire three hours for Jou's lesson the next three days.

Mokuba smirked in satisfaction. Seto had no idea that the two were in the strip/gay bar right now during the daytime. The bar was closed during the three hours leaving Jou having his lessons in private while Mokuba and the manager being the audience.

"Yo Mokuba, are you listening?" Jou asked as he was seeing Mokuba in a daze look.

Mokuba shook his head as he looked at Jou who was on stage beside the stripper. "What were you saying big brother?" He asked smiling.

"I'm asking if this was okay," Jou said as Mokuba saw that he was shaking a bit and he knew that Jou was a bit nervous or excited about it.

"Just think on how Seto would appreciate this big brother. I'm sure that Seto would get something for you on your birthday next year if you do his little fantasy," Mokuba said with a grin as he saw Jou's face turned bright red as a tomato.

Jou's fantasy was to make love with Seto in his office at Kaiba Corporation during the work hours where people were so busy and the idea tingles him by being caught by the secretary or one of his people. "Great! Let's get going!" Jou said a little bit enthusiastic as Mokuba's grin couldn't get any wider.

"I had no idea THAT could be so hard," Jou complained as he and Mokuba walked into the mansion after Jou's lesson that day.

Mokuba smirked, "What did you expect? That stripping would be a one day thing?" He asked.

"Stripping? What's this I hear about stripping?" Seto's voice asked as he had came from the dining room table and had heard his husband and brother coming into the mansion together.

The two froze as they turned and saw Seto standing near the doorway entrance of the dining room table. "Yami!" Jou screeched as Seto raised an eyebrow at him, "Yami suggested we should have strip poker since Yugi was busy with his grandfather at the Kame Game Shop but I told him that me and Mokuba had to come home soon anywho since Mokuba might be needed at the headquarters," Jou explained quickly.

"Really? You know, I just gotten a phone call from Yugi asking if you two were available to come over and see them. Yugi doesn't sound busy with his grandfather at all," Seto said as he stared at the two.

"Wait a second! It wasn't Yami! That was Honda that we saw, Jou! He was the one who suggested about strip poker for tonight and not the other way around! Yugi WAS busy the other day but not today," Mokuba explained.

Jou blinked, "Oh yea..." he lied thoughtfully.

"By the way Seto, what are YOU doing home early?" Mokuba asked looking up at his brother.

Seto shrugged, "What? I can't go out an early release to see my husband and brother?" He asked.

Jou and Mokuba grinned at each other as the both of them glomped on Seto and Seto fell backward onto the ground with a thud.


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