Could Do Worse

Notes: Tag to 5x03.

She wasn't sure what possessed her to meet up with Lucas Douglas in the diner.

She knew before she went that it would do her no good. He was affiliated with House and was probably snooping on her for him.

There was something about him though that had her captivated and she couldn't help but find him intriguing. She couldn't help but want to meet up with him, talk to him and find out more about him.

Perhaps it was his intelligent and witty yet slightly naïve nature. He could, in a conversation, hold his own as long as there was no lying involved and as a private investigator, he made some astute observations. Interesting observations. Creepy, she had noted.

Perhaps it was his obvious interest in her. His words earlier on had startled her. They had been unexpected to say the least. (He liked her shoes? Really?)

Perhaps it was a combination of those things that had her so fascinated.

He had such great eyes, an adorable smile and for a reason she could not fathom, she longed to run her hands through his hair.

Intelligent, cute, he liked her.

But he was House's PI.

House's PI hitting on her was not an every day occurrence, nor would she have ever considered it as a possibility before it happened. It was an irregularity.

She was confused as hell and had no intention of falling for the guy, but if she did….

Well, she figured she could do worse.