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Ok. Well, I should most probably start off with introducing myself, as that is a formal and decent thing to do. Otherwise, you may be reading my story without a bloody clue who I am. And that, stranger, is not the smartest thing ever. My name is Zexion Numara. I live in a small town by the name of Twilight Town, and my life is totally and utterly boring. Don't get me wrong, I love twilight town. It's amazing. The beautiful eternal sunsets that can be viewed from the clock tower, accompanied with the rustling of leaves and the shaking of the train below sunset hill. Oh yes, Twilight Town is a beautiful place to be.

I used to love morning walks with my Labrador Dimple; cold morning air, with a bright young puppy dragging me half asleep through the streets, more often than not almost barrelling me into a train or wall. But then Dimple died, and now I'm purely and simply alone. As you have no doubt guessed, I am not the type to socialize. I hate noise, people are noisy. Why put myself in such an environment, when I will hate all who dwell inside it? Pfft, it's hard to explain most of the time. My lawyer of a mother constantly insists that I should get out more, make lively friends. After all, the daughter of one who spends her time defending murderer and thieves and child abusers should have a lively son, should she not?

Anywho that is not the point. The point is, I don't really know why I was in the park that day. Truth be told, I think I just woke up and went there. No one was home to stop me, and the air was cold enough to make me keep walking. My fourteenth birthday, one would have thought I had better things to do than go to a small park when temperature was at freezing point, even with the sun out.

I'd been sat for three hours on the creaky swing, by which point the temperature had risen to a good twenty-seven degrees. The Used were screaming loudly from my iPod earphones, causing any passerby to stare at me disbelievingly. I was, after all, the kid with nothing better to do than listen to crappy music on his own in a practically deserted park.

Resting my head against the cool metal of the chain, I felt a small feeling of dread trickle over me, seeming to paralyze my body, cementing it in place on the swing. My eyes shifted from the dusty floor to the approaching figures directly ahead of me. Two were sending insults towards me, another was cackling manically, and the three others were simply standing in the distance, sending me the strangest looks. Now, this lot didn't generally tend to hang out together at school, that much was obvious by the three quiet ones, the torture loving one, and the two cowards who insulted others to make them feel better. But of course, as most normal idiotic twats, they ganged up to pick on the smaller, quieter boy.

And of course, that also included the mass murder of small, defenceless animals; mostly that was Larxene, consisting of small puppies and squirrels. So, whilst they had approached me and started to call me all the names under the setting sun, I never noticed the blonde haired teen watching from afar. Well, not really afar, just in the sandbox. However, do not even think to ask me why a teenager was sat in the sandbox, for I shall never know. Nor do I really want to. I saw his shape moving in the corner of my eye as I focused on Hayner, though I didn't notice him coming towards me. His voice broke through the uncomfortable silence that appeared after Hayner had asked me a rather inappropriate question, light and innocent, with a hint that suggested that he was totally naive.

"Hey, why can't you just leave him alone?" Light and airy, like I said. I suppose I attained a look on my face that screamed 'What the fuck?', but I wasn't about to question the help I was receiving. One should never look a gift horse in the mouth, after all. Every single one of them rounded on the lanky blonde kid, Hayner with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey, why don't you just butt out?" Larxenes voice came from behind Hayner, as she stepped forward to face him, a look of pure wickedness slapped across her face. Her voice was high and whiny, a sign that she was mocking the newcomer. I felt a sudden surge of anger at this, although why I do not know. After all, I generally hate people, why should I feel sorry for those being mocked by my bullies?

"Shut up!" I immediately regretted the words that left my mouth, more so when Hayner then turned to me. However, the small smile of appreciation from Blondie shoved all doubts and regrets to the back of my mind.

"Did you just tell her to shut up? You should know by now, you pathetic little piece of scum, that no one tells any of us to shut up." He started to dangerously crack his knuckles as I stared up at him in slight fear.

"Um, hang on, I think he just did." The boy spoke up mimicking the tone that Larxene had used, with a finger on his cheek in mock thought. I had to stifle a laugh at the expression that flittered across Hayners face, before it turned to one of pure annoyance.

"Right, that's it! I've had it with your annoying little mouth; you really need to learn when to shut the fuck-"

"Going to beat me up for it? I daresay I've had many beatings before now. But please, don't expect me to just stand here and take it without holding my own." The boy answered with as much emotion as commenting on the weather. And that, I realized, meant that everything he had just said was completely honest. I was slightly shocked, but didn't show it as obviously as Hayner, who looked like a goldfish. The ensuing silence was extremely awkward, everyone except Hayner and the blonde kid shifting awkwardly. Said two people were currently staring each other down, both with their fists clenched tightly at their sides.

Eventually Hayner backed down, a look of disgust on his face.

"You got guts kid, just don't waste them by hanging around with filth like this." Huffing, he motioned towards me, before he turned on his heels and stalked off, his crew following close behind. I stared at the boy grinning sheepishly in front of me in shock, his bravery and backbone stunning me into silence.

I took in his appearence; he was extremely unhealthy looking, though he effectively hid that with very baggy jumpers and jeans. I could faintly see the outline of a yellow bruise forming on his neck, just under the jutting collar bone. His face was young and beautiful, fresh and innocent, with tufts of his strange hair style adorning the cheek bones. His hair itself was some form of mullet, with a Mohawk added in for effect. The style and colour brought out his aqua eyes, which shone brightly in their sockets, lively and excitable. He held his hand out to me, offering me his name.

"My names Demyx." I smiled at him, a very rare occurrence. I gripped his hand, the contact sending immediate shivers down my spine that had nothing to do with the cold.

"Zexion." I inconspicuously pulled my hand back, before pulling myself up off the swing to walk onwards. For the first time in a long time, I felt quite content with my new companion who walked along beside me, grinning like no tomorrow. And, for the first time in my life, I had found a true friend. Of course, I could not see myself having fun when he suggested a game of twister... How wrong I was.

Once again, my name is Zexion Numara. A year ago today, I fell in love with the boy who stood up for me, my best friend. This is our story.