Zexion POV;

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. You never really notice how fast time can fly when you want it to stand still. For me, my time with Demyx is Limited. Two months left. But he thinks that we're going to be together forever. But nothing is ever like that. Nothing. Sure, maybe we'll be together for my time in college. And maybe for a few years after that. But If I become an apprentice in science, and he becomes big with his Sitar playing and ends up in some really cool band, then I really doubt we'll be able to take it. I Just know, somewhere deep inside of me, our relationship will die. Whether it will flicker back to life, I don't know. Maybe we should exchange promise rings? I honestly don't know. But I don't think my heart will be able to take it. Before Demyx, I was boring, somewhat cynical, lonely and unhappy. After I met Demyx, Everyone noticed the difference within me.

My mother quizzed me for days until I finally had the courage to Ask Demyx to come over. My mother woke me up early the next morning asking me why the hell I was sleeping in the downstairs bedroom, and who was the boy on the couch. When I informed her it was Demyx, she nearly squealed from happiness. And then proceeded to ask me if we were dating. I'd blushed terribly at such an outrageous prospect. Seemed that me and Demyx dating would eventually happen. Even if we did hide our feelings for three years. But the worst part of all of this? Demyx had no idea that I would be moving five hours away to a college, with a time difference of three hours, in less than two months. I was too cowardly to tell him. I couldn't bear to face the tears that would appear in his eyes, the sobs that would inevitably shake through his body. I Couldn't...Wouldn't. I Would get my mother to do it, as I really am nothing but a coward, who can't face his own boyfriend to tell him that he will be gone for a year.

My mum told him. I Can hear the sobs before I even close the front door after coming home from work. As I walk into the living room/kitchen area I see my mum sat at the table, head in her hands. She doesn't even look up until I sit down next to her.

"He took it, so hard Zexion..."

"What happened?" I ask. She shook her head, but started to talk again.

"At first he thought I was joking. He started laughing saying that you wouldn't leave without telling him months before hand. Then he saw how serious I was, and he burst our crying. It was horrible Zexion. His body started to shake. And then he just stood up, ignored me and ran straight to your room. I'm sorry" She looked up at me, regret in her eyes.

"Why are you sorry mum? It's my fault. I Should have told him myself. Please mum, don't beat yourself up over it" I Said, placing my bag on the table and making my way to my room. As I opened the door, I heard someone shift inside. Once again, Demyx lay, curled up, sobs racking through his body. I placed my hand on his shoulder, but he just flinched away from me.

"Go away" He whispered. I Sighed, deciding not to argue. Upon leaving the room, I heard one more heavy sob travel through Demyx's body, before I had no choice but to close the door. It would be okay, he'd be fine once we needed sleep.

(20 Minutes later)

Running the towel through my damp hair, I just threw it into a bobble, as I really can't be bothered anymore. Demyx hasn't left the room yet, so I'm going in now to go to sleep. He'll be fine.

Scratch that. What the hell! I walked in the room, sat on the bed, pulled back the covers and guess what he did! He flinched away from me, jumped up, grabbed a blanket and walked to the door, telling me to not follow him! I Yelled back at him, slammed the door, and I guess I'm going to spend the night seething.

Demyx POV;

I Don't care what he says, he should have told me months ago he was leaving. Instead he let me fall further and further in love. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, had he told me. But no, he has to get his mother to do that. And he has the nerve to call me an asinine! I Don't actually know what that means, but I don't care. I love him, more than I ever knew was possible. He's like my drug, we spend every day together, he sits with me through counseling meetings, hold me tightly when I'm having flashbacks, and yet, all that time, I think I fully understand why he's quiet during them times. I Understand why he was slow to answer me all those months ago when I asked if we would be together forever. I should forgive him, he probably only wanted to stop me from being upset. Yet I think he should have let me prepare myself, instead of having to realize I'm never going to see the love of my life after six weeks. Six fricken weeks. SIX!...Should I hate him? I Don't know. There are so many emotions running through me.

Anger, Hate, Annoyance, Unhappiness, meagerness and love. But I'm so upset right now. It's unbearable. Honestly. I've never flinched away from him before. And when he entered the room the first thing I wanted to do was just grab him, kiss him and beg him to tell me that it wasn't true. But, alas, not everything is as it seems. Not everything.

Wait...When The hell did I start saying ALAS?!

Me and Zexion made up the next week. Yes, we spent a week avoiding each other. Both our eyes were puffy and red when I just grabbed him and kissed him. I think that sorted us out, because ten minutes later we were sat with chocolate milk and discussing our methods of communication. In all honesty, I think this can go well.

Ten days left;

Today, me and Zexion went shopping to get him some new clothes, as I would not permit him to wear dress shirts and normal trousers. Instead, we ended up buying multiple checkered, button up shirts that framed him perfectly, and hundreds of pairs of skinny jeans. And man, he looks hot in them.

Nine days left;

Today, everyone in Zexion's family gathered around the big oak tree in his back garden. Namine was there too, with Marluxia, Zexion's cousin. I talked about what our dad did, and thank the gods all he did to her was tie her up. We all took one big photo of us all together, and then paired ones. The one of me and Zexion was funny, there was tow, and on one it was us two kissing, and the other one, I'm trying to get him to smile for the camera by waving a lolly in his face, but as he pushes it away, I fall, so the picture is of us two, me on the floor laughing, and Zexion with a purple lollipop stuck to his forehead!. God, I'll remember that day for sure!

Eight days left;

Okay, I'm sat in Zexion's living room shaking. We're about to exchange promise rings. Sure, no big deal, unless you look further into the gesture. We're probably going to end up having sex tonight...Oh Dear...

Zexion's mother burst into tears, saying that her little baby has grown up, and that the boy she always classed as a son will one day become a son. This was a perfect moment.

And then she asked us which one would be on top.

That totally killed the moment.

Six days left;

My ass is still sore, and this just sucks. Zexion has gone to buy some books for college, and I'm aimlessly playing my sitar, in tune with Someday, by Nina. I Don't know why I'm doing this, as I've never heard of Nina before, and this song is very tearful. So how the hell do I know what it is?! Is it a sign?!

Two days left;

Zexion has to leave tonight. He's supposed to get there a day early, to meet his lab teacher, who has apparently taken interest in his grades. Stupid lab teacher, taking away Zexion a day early. I'm staying here with his mum, and I will be until I can find a good band to join and make it big. Then I can fly to Zexion by jet!

Tears are falling down my cheeks, one by one. His taxi is outside, waiting to take him to the airport. I can hear him sobbing into my chest, but I'm to numb to feel it. Our nails are digging into each others backs, desperate to not let go. I don't want him to leave, he can't! It's not right, not right at all. His mother is watching us, stuck between interrupting us, and leaving us be. But when the taxi outside beeps, Zexion has no choice but to let go. He reaches up and wipes away my tears.

"I'll be back for Christmas Demyx, honestly, I will. Maybe even sooner"

"Promise you'll call?"
"I Promise"
"I Love you" He whispers to me. He gives me one last kiss on my lips and walks out the door, climbing into the taxi. Watching it drive off down the road, fresh tears replace the ones he wiped away, and his mum embraces me, holding me tightly. I Know she's sobbing to, and yet we both remain silent in the bitter emptiness inside us.

I'm going to see him soon. Hopefully, I'll make it big, and then he can get tutored by the best people I could hire. Until then, Life goes on. But can I possibly take it without going mad at the horrible ache inside my body, that only made its appearance when Zexion left?


This Is Thee End.....Sequel Is Up, And Its Called 'Can We Ever Go Back?'

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