Fang's POV

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Fang's POV

"GO, GO, GO!"

I don't think I've ever flown this fast in my life. It looked like there were about fifty Erasers on our tail, bloodthirsty and ready to take us out. And guess who was in the lead.

"Scared yet, Fangy?" Ari yelled from behind, teeth bared in a wolfish grin.

I chose to ignore him. "Come on, Angel, we'll be alright, just keep flying, hun!"

The younger kids were getting worn out from the chase. This was beginning to look hopeless. We couldn't fight them, so if we couldn't out-fly them, then what?

I saw Angel nearly collapse in mid-air. She was just worn out. I grabbed her and poured on the speed. At this rate, I might even be too worn down to go on. This had to end!

I flew over next to Max. "Take her!" I said, handing Angel to her. Then I turned around, facing the Erasers.

"Fang, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Max yelled. She hovered in mid-air, holding Angel. The other kids flew past, but were beginning to turn around to see what was going on.

I motioned for them to keep moving. "Go! I'm gonna try to cause a distraction or something. Find a place to hide and lay low. I'll meet up with you again, I promise!"

Max just looked at me. She looked like she might argue, but I didn't have time for that.

"Get Angel out of here!" I yelled. "GO!"

She motioned for the others to move. She took one look back at me. I could see in her eyes she wanted to stay. To help me. To fight to the death if she had to. But she couldn't abandon the Flock.

I turned back toward the oncoming Eraser army. Did I have a master plan for distracting them? No. Did I have any clue how I might distract them? No. Did I stand a freaking chance right now? Wait for it...No.

But I had to do something. I waited for them to get close enough, then aimed a swift kick at the closest Eraser's head. This Eraser happened to be my favorite 'person', Ari.

"Awww, Fangy, you waited just for me. I'm touched. But didn't you get the memo? This isn't a solo affair. You were supposed to bring some friends!"

Without warning, I felt an Eraser fist go straight into the back of my head. Then everything went black.

Ari's POV

"What do we do now, boss?" One of my Erasers asked. "Are we going after the others?"

I thought about it for a minute. Going after Max would be fun. Soooo much fun! I grinned at the thought. But we'd risk the chance of them rescuing the one we'd already captured. Plus, we didn't need them.

I shook my head. "We're late as it is. Besides, the new director only requested one. And I think Fangy here would be the perfect one for the job."

We started flying back toward headquarters. I looked down at the unconscious Fang I carried in my arms and smiled. Yes, he'd be perfect.

Meanwhile...In a town named after a certain eating utensil...

Third Person POV

Renesmee stormed out of her house, angry. She just couldn't understand why Jacob didn't have time to come see her today.

'Why'd he have to get a job, anyways?' She thought. 'Uncle Billy can be so mean!'

She took a walk through the woods, pouting. For a normal girl around Renesmee's age, about 1, almost 2, walking through the woods by herself wouldn't be considered safe, if even possible. But Renesmee wasn't normal. She was a half-vampire, with the looks of a tall 8-year-old, and the intelligence of someone even older, though her thoughts sometimes matched those of an 8-year-old as well. Like right now, as she walked through the woods, almost near a tantrum because her 'big-brother' and best friend, Jacob had to go to work. His father, Billy, had given him a choice; if he was going to come back to live at home, he either A: Go back to school, or B: Get a job and contribute to paying for all the food he and the other members of the two wolf packs of La Push ate, especially his sister's fiancée, Paul. Jacob wasn't too pleased about moving back into a Paul-infested home, but Billy needed him around the house, plus, he wanted to stay close to both Renesmee and his pack.

It wasn't really unfair for Billy to ask Jacob to get a job, and Renesmee knew this, but she was lonely. Aunt Alice had dragged her mother, Bella, and Uncle Jasper out shopping (Jasper was just there to carry their bags.), Uncle Emmett was out hunting with Aunt Rosalie and her Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle was at work, too, and her Daddy, Edward, was busy in the house, so Renesmee was stuck without one playmate. She stomped along, kicking a rock.

She sniffled. 'Stupid work.' She thought.

She kicked her rock really hard and sent it flying away. For someone so small, she was already pretty strong and fast, so that rock really went flying. It actually ended up in a bird's nest at the top of a high tree, but Renesmee didn't notice. What she did notice was how far into the woods she had wandered. She was way past the limit of how far she was allowed to go without a grown-up. She suddenly felt a little scared. She sniffed the air, and, at first, she didn't smell anything dangerous. But then the wind changed. Suddenly, her nose filled up with the smell of humans. And they were close. Really close.

Knowing she didn't want to get caught by a bunch of hikers or whatever they were, she turned to run. When she turned, one of her feet got caught in something. Before she even knew what happened, she was hanging upside-down by her ankle, which was caught in a thick rope. She heard people running over and quickly tried to get her ankle free, but the rope was stronger than it looked. Suddenly, she was being tied up in more of the thick rope. Before she could scream for help, her mouth was gagged. She struggled, but she couldn't move. The men took her down from the tree and began carrying her away.

Another Third-Person POV

The scientist pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed-dial. The Director picked up on the first ring.

"We have the subject you asked for, Director. The half-breed."

"Thank you, Doctor." Said the beautiful female voice on the other end. "Bring her here quickly, so we can begin the tests."

"Yes, ma'am." He answered.

She hung up without another word, just as the hunting party came I sight of their helicopter. They threw their struggling bundle in and climbed in after it. The engines revved up and they began to take off.

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