Fang: I want the Flock.

Me: I got that.

Fang: Now!!!!

Me: If you'd shut up, we could get to it.

Fang: Oh....

Max's POV (Finally!)

"Found anything yet, Max?"

I sighed. "Nothing..."

We'd been searching through the Institute's files for hours, looking for something, anything that would tell us what had happened to Fang. Unfortunately, the place was a mess. It looked like it had been abandoned, and in a hurry, too. Papers were scattered or missing completely. It was starting to seem hopeless.

"Maybe this is a sign to stop trying to find him."

I ignored my Voice. If it wasn't for my annoying mental visitor, we would've been looking for Fang months ago. The minute I had gotten the Flock to safety, I had turned around to go back for Fang.

"Max, stay with the Flock."

"But they have Fang!"

"You're going to have to let Fang go."


"Max, just trust me on this one thing. Fang isn't going to want you to come after him."


"Max, you don't realize the danger! Trust me. At least, wait a while."

Well, since the Voice hadn't been wrong yet, it finally talked me into staying with the Flock and waiting. But as the months dragged by, I was beginning to get more and more nervous. Where was Fang? What was happening to him? Was he- No, I couldn't even go there. Not Fang.

The Voice had us moving from place to place, not wanting the Erasers to be able to track us. Finally, one day, I just refused to move.

"Max, you can't stay here."

"It's been too long. I'm not moving one more step unless it's toward Fang."

We argued about it, and finally, I could almost sense the Voice sighing.

"Maybe it's been long enough....Besides, you're too stubborn, Maximum."

So, it gave me the directions to this place and told me to start searching, probably hoping I wouldn't find anything. It obviously didn't realize how determined I was.

Iggy, Gazzy, and Total, who had been searching in another room, came in to check on Nudge, Angel, and I. "You guys have any luck yet?" Gazzy asked.

I just shook my head.

Iggy gave a loud groan. "I just wish we'd find something already! I want to get out of this place!"

I looked up from the files I was going through. "Ig, what's up?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, there's just something about this place, that, well, it's making me uncomfortable. Oh, and the smell!"

"What do you mean? I thought the antiseptic smell had kind of aired out."

He shook his head. "Not that smell. The other one."

"The other one?"

He sighed. "Nevermind..."

I started to go back to my folder of files, when I noticed something was missing. I did a quick head count.

"Angel? Where's Angel?"

"I'm out here, Max!" she called from down the hall. "Come see!"

I dropped the folder and ran down the hall. "Angel!" I said when I found her. "You shouldn't just leave us like that! We need to stick together!"

"Yeah, Max, I know, but look what I found!" She pointed up at the door she was standing in front of.

I followed her pointing finger to a plaque on the door. "Director's Office"

Well, that might be helpful.

The others, who had followed me, were reading the plaque, too.

"It says, 'Director's Office'." Gazzy told Iggy. "Hey, Max, do you think we'll find anything in there?"

"Only one way to find out." I answered, opening the door.

Besides some file cabinets, a computer desk, some chairs, and a locked freezer, the office was pretty bare. It had one window that looked out onto an empty helicopter landing pad.

"Hey, guys, help me search through the cabinets."

"I think I'll just stay here." Iggy said from outside. "Stand guard."

I just shrugged. He'd been acting weird ever since we first got here, and I was done trying to figure him out.

I started to walk over to the file cabinet, but stopped when I noticed a drinking glass sitting on the desk. It still had a bit of some kind of red liquid at the bottom. A very familiar-looking red liquid....

I walked over and picked up the glass. It couldn't be, could it? I took a sniff of it. Yeah, it could be.

"What is it, Max?" Nudge asked.

I made a face. "It's blood!"


"The Director put blood in a cup? Angel asked. "Why?"

"Maybe he was a vampire. You know, I vant to suck your blood!" Gazzy said jokingly, in a perfect Dracula accent.

I put the cup down. "Very funny, Count Gazula." That's when I noticed a folder sitting on the desk. I picked it up, reading the title on the front.

'Half-Breed Experiment.'

I opened up the folder and saw papers with handwritten notes marked as 'Log'. I started reading:

-Subject A caught by helicopter crew. No sign of pursuit.

-Subject B caught by Eraser Group A. No sign of pursuit.

-Subject A very 'spunky'. Is lonely, but doing well in confinement.

-Venom introduced to Subject B. Subject B unconcious.

-Subject B has reacted 'interestingly' to venom. Is still eating and sleeping. Has connected with Subject A with little conflict.

-Subject B relinquishing meals to Subject A. Should make 'obedience training' easier.

-Family of Subject A infiltrated facility during Director absence. Have taken both Subjects A and B.

-A and R spotted. Will retrieve Subjects when they leave.

-Subject's current location: Forks, Washington.

-Going to retrieve Subjects.

And that's where the notes left off. Obviously, the Director had never returned from his mission to write in it. I flipped through a couple pages of charts, then I came to the last page, which read:

Subject A: V/H Hybrid. 'Renesmee Cullen.'

Subject B: A/H/V Hybrid. 'Fang.'

"Bingo, Max." My Voice said.

I turned to my Flock. "Hey, guys, how does a nice trip to Forks, Washington sound?"

We're coming, Fang.

Fang: Oh, nice, end the story with a cliffhanger.

Me: Well, Fang, there's a reason-

Fang: After all that, and we get, like, one minute of the Flock. Sooo nice of you!

Me: Fang, cut the sarcasm. It's because-

Fang: You ruined it. The entire story is ruined. You better grab that bullet-proof vest, 'cause you're gonna need-

Me: FANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fang: What, I'm not deaf!

Me: -sighs- There's a sequel.

Fang: Huh?

Me: -loud, annoyed groan- A sequel, dumbass! You know, when one book in a series ends, it's followed by it's sequel.

Fang: I knew that! But I didn't know you were writing a sequel! Why didn't you say something?

Me: Well.....-sighs- You know what? It's not worth it.

Fang: Of course, I'm still pissed.

Me: What?! Why?

Fang: Now we have to wait forever for you to write the sequel! Keep your lovely reviewers waiting, keep me waiting...

Me: It's up already.

Fang: It's up?

Me: Yes! First few chapters of.......-dun dun dun!-..................

Fly By Twilight: The Pack!

Are up now.

Fang: The Pack?

Me: Think about it. The Coven was about the Cullen's Coven, so The Pack must be about....

Fang: A pack of soda?

Me: -smacks forehead- Please say you were joking.

Fang: Yeah, yeah, let's go read the sequel!! -runs off-

Me: And everyone thinks I'm the spastic one.....

R&R? Then go see the sequel! Yes, the Flock has landed, and will be a big part of the sequel! See, they were such a big part, they needed their own sequel! I'm gonna go after Fang now.....