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She was alone.

That much she knew as she stared in disbelief at what lay before her.

Standing in the middle of an eerily deserted street a girl stood trying to get her bearings and wondering whether. This couldn't be it. This could be the same city she lived in all her life. Finally forcing her feet to move, she slowly walked down the main street.

A light breeze blew through the derelict city carrying the stench of waste and decay that made her want to vomit on the spot.

'What is this? What's happened?' She thought as wandered on like a zombie.

"There's no one here at all". The girl knew she was stating the obvious but it just seemed so impossible. No... .she had to keep going...had to find...someone.

Sydney was in a sorry state. There wasn't a building in sight that hadn't been eroded away as if it hadn't been touched in over a century. Many had simply crumbled and caved in on themselves. Every window was smashed, what glass was left stained a dull grey. Several cars lay upturned further down the street. Rubbish littered the ground in places.

This was a sad picture indeed. The city she had spent all of her life in was gone and this empty shell of a ruin was all that was left.

'C'mon, don't tell me the big guy upstairs decided to end the world and not tell me about it?', the humour did little to ease her mood.

A thought hit her and the girl began to panic. Where was her grandmother? Was she safe? Had she managed to escape whatever tragedy had befallen her birthplace? Recognising the familiar route that lead to the house she and her grandmother shared, she started at a run, anxious to get there, but fearful at what she might find.

That's when she felt it.

At the moment, whatever it was, was distant but approaching with amazing speed. Within seconds all the hairs on the back of her neck risen. It was just like that part in a horror movie where you know something terribles about to happen to a character. Already she could feel it's presence snake around her; freezing her to the spot.

It was close, she could see it's shadow coming around the corner at the far end of the street.

She didn't know what to expect but nothing in her young, even her strange talking, gypsy grandmother could have prepared her for this as a black clawed foot stomped into view. Even more unbelievable was what was attached to that foot.

A black dragon, a flippin' dragon, with straw blond hair tied in a ponytail. It had to be at least 12 feet tall. If all rational thought hadn't left her the instant she laid eyes on it; she might have thought it strange that the dragon was wearing black leather with gloves to match. Two feathered black wings folded behind it.

Was he the reason the city was like a ghost town? It made sense. Who wouldn't run from him?!! His claws looked strong enough to break steel.

A burst of anger surged at this thought causing her to yell before thinking , "WHO ARE YOU, DID YOU DO THIS?".

However the anger faded and she let a squeal of fear as it's dark pupils focused on her. The dragon blinked as if it was surprised and seemed to smirk at this response as it's huge black wings extended and he rose into the sky. Barely a second passed before his huge feet landed less than two metres away. Her balance lost by his landing. It was at his point that she realised that this was it. He was probably going to turn her into when that claw made contact.

Paralysed with fear, she shut her eyes tightly. Maybe it would all just vanish if she wished hard enough.

But the cold touch of his claw never came.

The dragon let out an angry snarl before the wind suddenly started swirling around her, halting it's approach. It began to increase in power forcing the black dragon to take several steps back.

'I'm going to get carried off if it keeps up'. Still she'd take swallowed by a tornado over a dragon any day.

Then as suddenly as it started the wind stilled and a second shadow began to cast itself, growing larger as whatever it was descended. Keeping her eyes trained on the ground; the girl barely held back a scream as two very large clawed feet came into view.

She barely had time to comprehend this before a warm grip surrounded her and she felt herself being picked up and pulled against a warm chest. The black dragon lashed out to grab her back, but her saviour swiftly dodged it.

Wind started rushing past her again but the hold on her didn't disappear. That could only mean one thing. Her saviour could fly.

'Damn'. The wind had swept up a layer of dust from the ground blinding her from seeing anything. She only knew from his shadow that he had towered over her on the ground.

She'd had enough, this was pathetic and whoever he was. Whether she'd been saved only to become someone else's lunch or not, she needed to see his face before she died.

She mentally gasped, 'He?!'

How did she know he even was a he?

Why was she even thinking about this now?

"Keep it together Kira, just keep it together" She muttered to herself. Steadying her hands

Okay, she could do this. She WAS going to do this. Open her eyes, look him straight in the eyes and let him know she wasn't frightened of him.

'Here goes'




Now I'm sorry to keep using the word she and her so many times but it's a matter of perspective. I've only just discovered Legendz but am already a fan. I'm also disappointed by the lack of Legendz fanfiction on this site. So I just thought I'd have a go for fun. I already know there are problems with this but I was eager to get it up.

I'll be honest I can't decide whether to make this an AU or Sequel.

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