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Neither the End, Nor the Beginning


The sight that greeted her.

A mass of white feathers.

As Kira blinked sleepily at her surroundings as feeling began to return to her limbs. She was warm and safe. Must be due to whatever it was she was lying on.

Her brain suddenly decided to fully turn back on, she realised they were wings. Folded like an impenetrable wall in front of her. Remembering her hands she reached up like a curious child to touch them.

'No doubt about it', she thought as she traced the feather tips and marvelled at their softness.

Realising her back was too something warm, Kira put her hands against it to sit up but any energy she had at that moment failed and she just slumped back against it.

In response she felt another pair of limbs wrap around her securely. Any screams she may have held were lost at the warmth and sense of complete safety she felt at that moment. Going against what her brain was telling her, she laid her head back.

That was when she noticed; her pillow was moving up and down. Whatever it was, it was alive and breathing in and out. Stretching out her hand to feel what she was lying on, she said to her surprise instead of fur it was actually feathers. Very small fluffy feathers.

This was she needed. Whoever or whatever this was. It didn't expect anything from her or judge her. It was just there. She didn't want to think, didn't want to hurt anymore.

Suddenly she a warm breath on her neck and a muzzle began to nuzzle the back of her head. She almost let out a giggle at the tickling sensation.


Kira jumped awake with a start. The phone was ringing its circuits outs. The little traitor had remained unplugged most of the day. She'd gotten so sick of People she'd never heard of offering her their condolences that she'd cut herself off from it all. It was now eight o'clock at night and she thought she'd be safe.


No such luck.

How long had she been asleep? Looking out the window she saw that the sun was just beginning to sink below the clouds in the sky. It couldn't have been for more than a couple of hours. As the ringing of the phone once again penetrated her cranium she reluctantly picked up the receiver.


"You all right, little lady" A tiny smile appeared on her face as she heard the warm voice of the elderly , Mr Colden, her next door neighbour.

"Hangin' in there thanks"

"You let me know if any of those turkeys come round and I'll set off a couple of shots to scare the little flockers off", he joked in a light hearted way that normally had her in a fit of giggles but today...

Still Kira found herself letting out a chuckle at his nickname for her relatives. Throughout her life he'd been the closest thing she'd had to a father figure. Always there when it came to odd jobs. Grams had known him since she moved to the neighbourhood 30 years ago. He'd walked Kira too and from school as a kid while Grams was working. His habits hadn't changed since before she could remember, calling her "little lady" though these days it was more of a joke about her height.

"Appreciate that" she answered quickly.

"You don't sound like yourself", he must have sensed the monotone in her voice, "but I guess that's expected. I know things are tough now, but try to hold on. The winds may change directions along with your luck. Be sure to give us a hoot if you need anything."

"I'll remember that", she said attempting to add more vigour into her voice. "Sorry, but I'm really tired right now." How lame was that? She'd only just woken up.

There was silence on the other end before he spoke again, "I suppose you've had quite the day so I'll let you get on".

"Night Mr Colden"

A short laugh sounded from the other end.

"Kira it's been 20 years, I babysat you scores of times over the years when are you just gonna call me Malcolm."

"Ok, Night" Kira responded glumly before putting down the receiver and sighed.

'Oh, well done Matthews, pushing away the only friend you have left.'

That was it, here she was; alone. She just stared at the urn sitting on the table in front of her and at the empty space its presence had left in her heart. They hadn't been ready. She'd died before they could even get her on the operating table.

A frown set in as she recalled the events of the funeral. It has been quite peaceful, her extended family had ignored her and so she had ignored them. Everything went south when it was time for the reading of the will.

Her cousins had been bitterly disappointed that they'd been denied the money and immediately launched into an argument about how that 'little whelp' had turned Irene Matthews against all of them and shouldn't get a cent.

This of course had changed nothing.

Kira sighed. This money she'd received would keep her afloat for a while, but she really didn't want to have to delve into it yet since her Grandma had spent so many years saving every penny. The amount had shocked her but it wouldn't last. She'd have to get a job if she wanted to keep this house but it was far too big for just her. Still, she had to hold to this last memory of her Grandma, her flowery scent still lingering about.

Then she'd come home to this empty house that the will had also insisted was now hers. The silence had deafened her before wariness over came her. Sleep called her away to a place where she'd left her pain behind.

She still partly believed that she'd still wake up and everything would right as rain again. So she went upstairs, dropped onto her bed, buried her head in her pillow, and tried to drown out the world.

Another week gone by.

Another hour with the counselour.

Another hour of her life wasted.

Why the college took it upon themselves to insist she went to a counsellor was still a mystery. Sharply turning off the main street; she came to a stop in an alleyway.

"Goddammit whats wrong!", She all but screamed in anguish beating her fists against the side of the building.

Even after two weeks her tear ducts were still too proud. The counsellor had been no help telling her she was bottle ling up the tears; trying to protect herself from the pain. That was bull. She'd felt the pain; tearing through her. It was like someone had released a feral dog to feast and devourer her heart.

Could it be stress? Her college work load was beginning to pile up again though her teachers had discussed giving her an extension. The electricity and water bills would be arriving soon too and her job hunting hadn't been promising.

Kira turned back onto the main street intending to try and salvage what was left of her day.

'Stop, I can't let this get to me'

She was so lost in thought when fate decided to ram her at 40 miles an hour causing her to lose balance and tumble to the ground. Whoever this was, they were certainly in a hurry. Groaning inwardly , she instantly heard the person who'd crashed into her jump to their feet.

'And Gravity claims another victim', she though miserably.

A brown hat rolled into Kira's view. She sighed heavily. She must knocked it off when she bumped into him. Kira knew she should be furious. Whoever they were they obviously hadn't been looking where they were going. But lately other than frustration, she hadn't really been feeling anything and couldn't even be bothered to stand her ground.

Hesitantly she picked up the hat, preparing just to return it to him with an apology, and was shocked to the core at what she saw. Staring back with distant eyes that portrayed no emotion. Covered in a thick layer of midnight black fur with a mouth that was elongated into a snout containing rows of dagger like canines. Two triangular ears stood proudly on each side of his head with a mane of dark grey hair adorning it's head running down into the baggy coat.

It couldn't be.

Dragons and now Werewolves.

And that was his hat she'd just knocked to the ground. He'd been using it along with the big trench coat to conceal his appearance.

'A human has seen your face. Eradicate her.'

As if someone had flicked a switch somewhere, the wolfman's eyes suddenly became filled with anger and malice as his upper turned upwards in a snarl and he leapt into the air. Quick as a flash, the werewolf now held two samurai swords that he's concealed in his coat until now.

She didn't how she did it but she managed to get it together and stumble around a corner before breaking into a run. She cried for help already knowing it would fall on deaf ears. Samurai swords didn't exactly inspire heroics.

Maybe she should've taken that medication they offered her. She didn't want he was or what he was after. She just knew she had to get away no matter what. All around her people hurried to get out of her way, they weren't going to help her. He was chasing her.

Where had that voice come from earlier? It had almost felt like she had heard inside her own head. It had been ice cold with a sinister air to it.

After running two blocks, she turned onto a smaller path. Two boys were standing just off to the path, one couldn't have been more than fourteen while the other looked at least seventeen and at least twice the size of the first boy. They looked up as she approached; clearly puzzled at the dishevelled appearance and the fact she was out of breath.

"You boys need to leave here", she said gasping for breath. A grunt sounded from behind her and Kira snapped back to look at the wolfman that had just come around the corner and was just...standing there.

He'd halted his pursuit and sheathed one of his swords. Why? Looking at him he appearing to be almost mumbling to himself or chanting. The hairs on her neck stood on end, he was up to something. He didn't disappoint.

Raising one of his swords to the sky the werewolf drove it clean into the concrete with unmatched force. "Grand Blow!"

The ground quickly began to shake as a giant fissure opened around the sword and began moving towards them sending chunks of concrete flying in its wake. Then out of nowhere a hand grabbed her shoulder and pulled her out of way to the side causing her to stumble. Kira flinched as she heard the quake make contact with the support structure of a nearby building. Fortunately it didn't collapse. Turning round she saw the older boy and saw he'd pulled them into another alleyway.

"Get out of here right now", she told them sternly, just barely keeping the stutter out her voice.

The bigger boy looked at her for a moment and nodded before throwing his kid friend over his shoulder and quickly running down a narrow street with surprising speed.

'Fast for such a heavy looking boy?', She wondered briefly. A howl sounded through the air as the twenty year old saw he had unshealthed his other sword and was calmly walking towards her, his face once again portraying no emotion.

At least those boys got away. She reluctantly pulled herself to her feet wincing at the sharp she felt in her knee. It must have from barely dodging that mini earthquake. The chase wasn't going to last much longer, but she had to keep going.

Less than a minute later and her assailant was quickly gaining on her. After turning several corners, she realised she'd hit a dead end. Damn, she didn't know this part of town very well. She'd accidentally stumbled the harbour boardwalk. She was trapped. Her attacker had caught up and was once again closing in on her. He had his swords raised for what they both knew would be the final attack. Drawing up the last of her courage she faced her attacker with what she hoped was a determined look.

"Stop this....please", fighting to keep the panic out of her voice.

The wolf paused at her words.

'Do not hesitate.' Thecold voice spoke again.

The wolf shook himself trying to clear his head. He raised both swords and angled them; preparing to strike.

Feeling her last shred of hope disappear Kira sank to her knees. This was it, she had nowhere to go.

"Someone, Help!!" Suddenly the wind began to gather around her. Reaching into her back pocket; she pulled out the crystal. It had become warm to the touch. Out of a sudden a gust of wind shot out of the crystal along with a bright light blinding her with it's force. Seconds passed before it finally abated and Kira found the crystal gone from her hand, but she didn't have time to wonder where.

Her would be assassin seemed to have recovered as well and was once again readying his swords. However this time he seemed distracted. She realised he wasn't looking at her anymore; he was scowling at something over her shoulder. Hoping to use this distraction to her advantage, Kira began to back away but stopped short as she bumped into something warm and hard.

"Tight spot you've worked yourself into", a masculine voice spoke.

She looked up into the bluest pair of eyes she had ever seen that were looking at her with a mixture of concern and indignation. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Kira's heart went into her throat at realising what he was.

A dragon. He was white all over blue around his eyes and snout. There was a three fingered gloved hand steadying her to stop her from toppling over. It was adorned with a blue gem attached by a band at the wrist. An enormous pair of feathered wings rested on his back.

The dragon regarded his new saga with a pensive look. Counldn't the boy show a bit of courage? Shu hadn't been a coward in the end but still; did they all have to start out as jabbering wrecks? Remembering that they weren't alone, Shiron quickly returned his gaze to the assailant. "Wolfie" the dragon said in shock. The wolf merely snarled in response. He gritted his teeth, he had no clue what was going on.

"Stay here, Kaze no Saga" he said firmly before opening his wings and taking to the sky. With his back turned Kira noticed that the jagged blue went all the way down his body to the base of his tail.

"I don't know what's happened to you but I can't along you to endanger my saga" Shiron said intending to take the wolf's attention off his saga and onto him. The dragon flexed his muscles and pulled his gauntlets tight. "If you want to fight then fight me".

The werewolf legendz didn't hesistate and sped towards him so fast Shiron barely had time to move infront to protect his saga.

"Wolfie" Shiron put out his hands to try to halt his attack as the werewolf swung furiously. His fur was darker but there was no mistaking him. If he could just subdue him than maybe he could get some answers.

Throwing in a few punches that were quickly parried, Shiron managed to force the werewolf away from the boy. Anticipating this the werewolf changed direction using the outstretched hand as a spring board and dodging Shiron's attempts to grab him. Shiron was caught unaware leaving the wolf enough time to sucker punch him in the lower jaw.

Shiron growled as he rubbed his jaw. He was getting really pissed now. His jaw ached and there was a wound on his right arm from where he tried to parry the sword. A scream broke him out of his thoughts. He suddenly saw the other legendz backtracking. Wolfie was going for his saga again. The boy was defenceless. Quickly angling his wings downward he urged them to go faster to intercept the werewolf legendz. He realised with horror that he wasn't going to make it. The wolf had too much of a lead on him.

"Dammit, no choice" Raising up and crossing his arms as the wind gathered and swirled around his outstretched wings.

"Wing TORNADO!!" he cried before the two swirls on his wings merged into a powerful cyclone that hurtled towards the werewolf.

Peering at the scene through her bangs, Kira, she saw the wolf strike his sword into the ground to secure himself in place as the powerful tornado rocketed through him. Though she was well out of the way of the attack; as the gale force winds rocked the boardwalk; Kira feared it would collapse completely as she held on. To her dismay the wind failed to force him to let go or dislodge his sword.

Then out of the corner of her she saw something fly out from under his coat carried by the wind and land a 10 feet away from her. Seeing it sparkle in the saw it appeared to a small purple crystal, it was barely bigger than the tip of her finger.

The werewolf had noticed he'd lost it as well and had now leapt back towards it.

Throwing off his trench coat before leaping after the purple shard and Shiron could see his once light grey fur was now all midnight black. Losing sight of him as he disappeared over the edge of the pier at the other end, Shiron quickly flew over the side of the building.

Wolfie was gone.

There wasn't a sign of him in the water below. Not ripple in the water's surface.

Shiron checked the nearby streets but could find no trace of him. A soft breeze came by that brought a sigh of contentment to his lips. The wind was great here but didn't feel like New York. Definitely a different city. He'd have to ask his saga to show him where they were on a map.

His Saga!?

Suddenly remembering the boy he's left in the street, he swiftly flew back to where he'd left him.

The boy was still right where he left him, obviously still shaken by what he'd witnessed. Right now all he caught a glimpse of reddish hair falling over his new sagas face.

Folding his arms and landed with a thud causing the boy to lose balance despite already being on his knees.

He leaned in and exhaled sharply, the gust blowing the hair from his face and recoiled immediately at the sight that caused whatever he'd been about to say to die on his tongue . A pair of emerald green eyes that were filled with fear and anger stared back at him. It was when his new saga pulled themselves to their feet leaving no doubt in his mind.

His new saga was female.

Minutes ticked by as neither said anything. The Windragon stood dumbfounded as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'Idiot, say something', a voice inside his head said but still words failed him.

Tenderly he reached out with a gloved hand, "Kaze no Saga".

Kira wasn't fairing any better. She seriously felt like she was losing it. She was seeing things, this couldn't be real.

"No" she cried backing away from his hand. She could handle this, not now. "Enough, I don't what kind of joke the powers that be think their playing. You take my Mom, grandmother and now... this....", Shiron winced as he heard her voice break at the end.


"Stop, leave me alone"


"This is crazy, whose bloody idea of a joke is this". This girl was completely bipolar. Scared stiff one minute then angry the next. Who had he been partnered with this time?

"Now wait", He growled feeling his own anger rise. She wasn't even letting him finish a sentence.

"I said; leave me alone", she didn't hang around for a reply and took off down the street leaving an extremely confused dragon behind calling for her to wait.

Nearby in the shadows a lone figure silently watched. The man in question stared blankly; not a single emotion crossing his face. "A Legendz... summoned without the Saga saying 'Reborn'" his eerie golden eyes narrowing "Interesting".

Then all at once the golden eyes faded to a normal sky blue. The man blinked and then looked around in bewilderment as though confused at his surroundings and hurried off down the street.


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