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Please note that as I write this, only the pilot episode of the TV show has aired.



Crusoe owns my life, although he seems slow to realize it. At any time, he could have ordered me to leap to my death from a cliff, or throw myself into the sea, and I would have had no choice but to obey. But he asked nothing of me he did not ask of himself – hard work, resolve in the greeting of each new day, companionship, trust. I would die at his word... but would rather die at his side. He is such a man as that.

How could I have predicted this turn in my life? This new brother? The gods are indeed unfathomable in their plans for us all. And yet I find that we are not two, but three. The dog, Dundee, is also part of our bond. This animal – colored black and white – I see as a symbol of Crusoe and me, of day and night, of the bright past and unknown future. And this dog, too, would die for him.

He speaks not of the long, lonely weeks in which he gathered what he could from his ship and colleagues, and said farewell as he buried his friends in the sand. Did he speak words over them from his books? Did he weep at his fate? I know he did. And yet he went on, and does not falter in his hope of rescue. Sometimes his hope is so strong, I am lifted by it, and can see past the next sunset into a place of peace. He is such a man as that.

And when we sit together at night and watch the stars, and speak softly of small things, I am content in his company. He gave me back my life, and asks nothing of me save that I do not speak against his hope. He trusts me with his dreams.

He is such a friend as that.