Howl Magic, Howl to the Sky's

Sum: Naruto Uzumaki, Lina Inverse, and Ranma Saotome, the sixth Hokage and the greatest sorcerer and master martial artist to ever live have been charged with raising young Harry Potter. I own nothing, wish I did though.


Power of three

To the next world, the next great adventure

--Ninja universe/Outside of Konoha/ 95 years after Kyuubi attack--

Ninety-five years, that is how long in serves Uzumaki Naruto has worked for the hidden leaf village, many of those years, almost seventy in total as the Hokage. In fact he felt it, after repelling another attack from the remaining forces of the sound ninja he felt that his time was done. He chose the next Hokage, the grandson of Rock Lee, and with that he walked to his mansion and later that day he slipped into the peaceful state of death, no more would he have to fight a war. The people of the village gave him a large ceremony in honor of his long live as a ninja, a warrior that fought to the very last.

--Slayers universe/268 years after defeat of Darkstar/ Zephilia--

It was long in coming, Lina knew that, in fact she was looking forward to death taking her, she was the last of her group the only other of them left was Xelloss but he was a monster so he didn't count. Lina longed for death but did nothing to rush to it, now as she lay there on her death bed she remembered all her friends that she missed dearly and all the adventure they had together. Now, she was going to join them in there final adventure, the thing that not even she could or would try to defeat. As she remembered she slowly slipped away from her plane and into the next, she would soon be found by her great great granddaughter, Amelia Inverse, the next morning and with the young girl the would morned the passing of the great woman for days.

--Pools of sorrow universe/ Nermia/ 500 years after the events of Ranma ½--

Death, it was something Ranma excepted a long time ago, it was something he waited for to. To him death was the last great opponent, the last fight that he knew he would lose. In this day in age he knew he would be the last of the Master martial artist, all his friend and opponents from so long ago had already fought death, not even Happosai had lasted as long as he, but he knew, that he would pass on this night. He had set everything aside and was well ready, and as he laid down he new that he would never open his eyes again and he showed in his face that was ready. And so in the night he slipped away, and was found but he grand something daughter in law Kasumi Saotome who would be later reliving Ranma's power.

--Sea of Chaos/ the time of all there deaths--

"Soon, they shall be here." said a gold figure that sat above the raging water of the sea of chaos. As the figure was watching a circle of a plain street as an old man with a long beard placing a baby on the step of a house with the number four on it and a stern looking Scottish woman and a large man with beetle like eye watched on.

As this happened three orbs of light stopped in front of the figure and dropped off three people. The first was a man a blonde man with bright blue eyes and had whisker like marks on his cheeks. He was wearing black combat boots with dark green cargo pants and a black shirt and a black trench coat, on his back he had a katana with a large scroll below that.

The second person was a girl shorter about five foot with long red hair and brown or red eyes. She was wearing grey boots with reddish pants and shirt with armored shoulder guards with red jewels in them and a cape on and she had a short sword on her hip.

The last person was a young man with black hair in a low pig-tail with steel blue eye. He was wearing kung-fu slippers and black silk pants and a red Chinese shirt and forearm guards.

"What the hell!" yelled the girl. "Calm yourself Miss Inverse." said the golden figure, getting the three's attention. "Who are you?" asked the blonde as the girl looked around and the other boy looked at the figure. "I am most known as the Lord of Nightmares. I have called you three here to ask a favor of you. " said the L-sama. "The Lord of Nightmare's." said Lina Inverse, in fear looking at the large figure. "What is this favor?" asked the black haired individual. All the figure did was point to the circle and the three turned and watched the adventures of young Harry Potter.

"As you can see, the scales of good and evil fluctuate to much in this world and they almost tipped in favor of evil if mister Potter didn't pull a rabbit out of his hat at the last moment. What I want you three to do is train young Harry Potter so he will balance the scales." replied L-sama, looking at the three. "I can't see how I can help, I don't use magic." replied the black haired one. "Same here." Replied the blonde.

"I want you to train him in your arts. Mr. Saotome, you can teach him your martial arts, Mr. Uzumaki, your ninjustu will serve Harry well, and Mrs. Inverse your magic will balance everything. You are the only one I can trust in this. But first, I want you Mr. Uzumaki to seal this into the boy, it will help him with Mrs. Inverse's magic, he just don't have the raw power yet." said L-sama throwing a glowing ball at Naruto. "I see. So it's train the boy, get a new life in the process and grow old again." said Ranma, looking at the picture of Harry Potter.

"I'll do it." said Naruto, his own bad memory's reawakening from watching the boys life. "Same here." declared Lina, thinking of what her friends would say. "Fine I guess I'll do it." replied Ranma, wanting to have the thrill of teaching once again.

--Authors notes--

Greeting all, please tell me what you think of this, it's only the prologue and I won't post the second chapter for a while till I get a good feel of what I need to fix. Any questions will be answered in later chapters. Thank you an for to days saying…..

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