Howl Magic, Howl to the Sky's

Sum: Naruto Uzumaki, Lina Inverse, and Ranma Saotome the sixth Hokage and the greatest sorcerer and master martial artist to ever live have been charged with raising young Harry Potter. I own nothing, wish I did though.

Chapter two

Diagon Alley and the train

New Allies and the mysterious girl

--Last time--

An older Harry Potter was practicing Martial arts when a large barn owl landed next to him. "Hello little one." said Harry, as it took a letter that the owl carried, opening it he started to read. "We are pleased to inform you that you have been excepted at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ect. Ect." said Harry, reading over the letter. 'So, Grav, Zanaffar, what do you think?' asked Harry to the two monsters in his head. 'Go for it!' said the two together, as Harry nodded and went to talk to Lina, Ranma and Naruto about school shopping.

--Now on Howl Magic, Howl to the sky's--

"Sure, we should get going now." said Lina, as she read over the letter that Harry just handed her, though she didn't look any different then that night that the three rescued Harry from the fat fools. Well, not as different as Harry, as he was several feet taller his messy hair was not in a low ponytail and instead of rags he wore black shin high combat boots with black jeans that had several pockets hidden on it and a pouch on his back left hip and on his belt he had a large red stone, his shirt was a dull green muscle shirt and he had a long trench coat that had armor on the shoulders that held green jewels and although you couldn't see it the hilt that was known as the sword of light was hidden at the small of his back.

"We should, I've never been in a magic alley before." said Naruto looking over Lina's shoulder. "So how do we get there?" asked Ranma, looking a little scared but if you've had as much bad luck with magic as he has then you'd understand that fear. "I happen to know where it is. Xelloss, dropped a letter off that explained everything and included a teleportation spell, I have it all set up." said Lina with a wink and lead the three boys up to her lab in the cave system, it's a good thing Ranma learned all his opponents attacks in his youth or he would have never been able to blow the cave into a suitable home with a few touches of the finger.

When they got to he lab they saw that in the back was a large circle that had multi-able designs and letters on it. "There is it boys, a transportation magic circle, much cleaner then apparition or port-keys." said Lina pushing the boys on it and then activating it she jumped in. After a few minutes of watching the world speed by below them they landed in an ally just a few feet away from the Leaky Cauldron. "See, no pain or split body part. Am I the best or what?" asked Lina just like another red head in a Shinto shrine in Japan. "Yes Lina, you're the best." the three boys replied in sarcasm. "Let's just go." said Harry as he lead the party into the Leaky Cauldron and from there on too Diagon Alley and soon the gang got money from there vaults that the Lord of Nightmares had Xelloss set up for them and Harry had from his parents.

"So, what do you say we split up and get the gear." suggested Harry, looking at the three elders. "Sure." they said, stating there targets and the four split up and soon Harry arrived at Madam Malkin's robes for All Occasions. Upon entering Harry saw a blonde boy that just screamed arrogant and self-centered. That put him on Harry's hate list. Soon, Harry was asked if he was going to Hogwarts to which he responded with a yes and ignored the blonde's attempt to start a conversation. Leaving the shop Harry left to the wand shop, but as Harry walked to the wand shop he caught site of a girl, turning he tried to get a second look at her but she disappeared into the crowd. Shrugging he entered Ollivander's: Makers of fine Wands since 382 BC.

When He entered he turned around quickly and pulled out a dagger and pointed it at the other person who was a pale-eyed man with white hair and was wearing a bright purple robe with hot lime-green sleeves.

"I've been expecting you Mr. Potter." Mr. Ollivander said, not even looking disturbed at the dagger. "Please don't sneak up on me." said Harry putting the dagger away. "understood. So, Which is your wand hand?" asked Ollivander. "I'm right handed." replied Harry, as Mr. Ollivander handed him a wand. "Well, go on give it a wave." said Mr. Ollivander and as Harry did that he snapped it out of his hand and muttered that that wasn't it. After several hours the two where joined by the other three. "Well, Mr. Potter, there is only one wand left in my shop." Mr. Ollivander said, handing Harry a wand that was in the window and handed it to Harry as if it was made of glass. Giving it a wave several large sparks shot out, each about the size of a small boulder. "14 inches, Nightmare wood with a double core of an unknown substance. The person that gave it to me said it was a part of the sea of chaos and the other was a small stone that he said was a part of a stone Claire bible manuscript. All I know is that wand is powerful, please don't ever come in here looking for another." said Mr. Ollivander as the group pays for it and leaves Diagon Alley and soon, thanks to Lina, teleports back to the cave system that they live in.

"So, Harry you have two months before you going to Hogwarts, what you going to do?" asked Ranma, as they all unloaded the stuff they bought for Harry and themselves. "I'm going to follow this." said Harry, holding out a paper in front of Ranma's face and it said this.

4:00 AM-Wake up and warm up

4:30-7:30 Martial arts practice

7:30-8:30 Genjustu, Ninjustu

8:30-10:30 Lina's Magic

10:30-11:00 Lunch

11:00 -1:00 Seals, and Genjustu run.

1:00-5:00 Hogwarts Magic

5:00-6:00 Dinner

6:00-12:00 Magic, Ninjustu and Martial Arts

12:01 Bed till four

"Isn't that a little extreme?" asked Lina, getting a look from the boys that asked are you crazy. "Right, I forgot who I was talking to." said Lina, as the four went to bed and for the next two months Harry did exactly what that paper said and he was succeeding in what it told him to do.

But like all thing the two months came to an end and once again the four where on the teleportation circle but this time to Platform nine and three quarters.

One arriving Harry got on the train and placed his trunk and the snowy white owl that Ranma got him, named Hedwig, in the rack just above the seats. Then went out and talked to the others.

"Alright Harry remember, write every chance you get and don't trust the headmaster." said Lina giving him a hug. "Yes, Mama-Lina." he said with a smile. "Good luck Harry." said Ranma. "Give them hell Harry." said Naruto handing him a scroll that said the big scroll of everything you need to know about Uzumaki pranking, good thing Lina didn't see that. "I will, see you all about the holidays." said Harry as he jumped on the train and soon the three teleported back home and the train after a few hours was on the move.

--one hour later, three minutes after the train left the platform--

Harry was reading a book when the door opened to show a young man with dark gold hair and blue eyes, he was wearing shin high boots with red pants and a black t-shirt and a red jacket over it that had the sleeves ending at the shoulders and he had brown fingerless gloves on. Next to him was a girl about his age with long dark purple hair and that was held in place with a long black and white ribbon and had blue eyes. She was wearing platform boots with a black dress that came to just above her knees with a section of dark purple in the front and a small black ribbon around her neck. (Yay! Elemental Gelade characters are now on the set, this is going to be awesome!)

"Excuse me, put do you mind if we sit here, everywhere else is full." said the young man. "Not at all, please sit." said Harry, closing his book. "By the way My name is Coud Van Giruet but please call me Cou." The boy said as he sat down with a grin. "And I'm Reverie Metherlence but please call me Ren, I don't like long names." said the girl in a very polite voice as she sat down. "Harry Potter Uzumaki Saotome Inverse, but please call me Harry." said Harry with his own smile. "Agreed." said Cou and Ren together.

"So, where are you two from?" asked Harry, starting up some conversation so he didn't get board to death. "All over really, our parents are partners in there jobs and so we move around a lot and really we're the only constant friend the others had." said Cou, leaning forward a little. "I see, better then what I did, I lived in a cave, still do." replied Harry, with a smile. "You lived in a cave, what did you do for fun?" asked Ren, looking at the boy opposite of her. "I learned wand-less magic, Martial arts and the skill of a ninja." replied Harry getting a few laughs out of the two thinking he was joking.

As the small group started talking more they started a small friendship that few would come close to beating. But soon the door opened to a young girl that asked. "Excuse me, have any of you seen a toad, a boy lost one. Oh, where are my manners, My name is…."

--Authors notes--


First What house should Harry go to

Second who is the girl (Love intrest)

First) Amelia Wil Tesla Syruun (Slayers)

Second) Tenten (Naruto)

Third) Xain Pu (Ranma ½)

Fourth) Cisqua (Elemental Gelade)

Please before you vote look up the girls and make an informed chose as this will majorly effect the story. Though I may chose one of the ones that didn't win.