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"So it's the worst snow storm we've had in a quite a while apparently. There are no flights going in or out of the tristate area. My father's jet isn't even flying out," Chuck stated as he hung up his cellphone and stared at the four people before him. No one looked happy. No one wanted to be around each other.

Blair sat off in a corner staring out the airport window wistfully, attempting to ignore Chuck's gaze boring into her the entire time. Serena sat a seat away from her, silent and uncomfortable as Dan sat across from her. Being near Dan was the last place she needed to be, especially after the last few words that had been exchanged between them. And Blair's own problems with avoiding Chuck left Serena alone and without someone to talk to for the night. Nate sat between them all, completely at ease with everyone but sensing the thick tension that hung in the air.

"This is ridiculous," Serena interjected. "I can't believe we're stuck in this middle of nowhere town with no way out of here!"

"It's not the middle of nowhere, Serena. We're in Chicago," Dan said tiredly, obviously annoyed at the stupidity Serena had just said, which only added to the extremely pissed sentiments at being stuck in an airport just for volunteering to spice up his college application.

"Will you two stop fighting? Fine you broke up. Whatever, just let it go," Blair shouted as the constant bickering between her best friend and her best friend's ex was getting on her last nerve.

"Funny you should say that, Waldorf. Considering you haven't let your own grudges go," Dan lashed back.

If looks could kill, Dan would have been six feet under and decomposing the very second the words left his mouth. Shifting uncomfortably, he turned his eyes away from Blair's steady gaze and plugged in his earphones to listen to his iPod.

"Look, you guys, as much as I want to sit here for the next three to five days or whatever amount of time its going to take for this snow storm to pass by and the airports to clear, and listen to the four of you bitch and moan at each other, I'd much rather find a way out of here," Nate finally spoke up. All four turned at the sound of his voice and glanced at him surprised. Nate hardly ever spoke up, and if he did he would never be so straightforward as he'd just been.

"Why Nathaniel it's good to see you're finally breaking out of your shell. And how do you suppose, in all your newly found wisdom and sagacity, we do that?" Chuck said sarcastically as he paced behind the seats Serena and Blair occupied.

"I should have never come over here for that War on Terror Conference," Dan mumbled under his breath.

"Humphrey! Just quit it!" Blair spoke harshly.

"Everyone just stop!" Serena spoke. "Look, Nate's right. We've got to find a way back to New York. We have school on Monday. The airports aren't going to open up any time soon. If they're saying that the snow is falling harder than this in New York," Serena said as she pointed towards the window, "then we're here for quite some time. Now I suggest we rent a car and drive to the city. Who here knows how to drive?" Serena said as she raised her own hand indicating that she indeed knew how to drive.

Dan and Nate raised their hands as well.

"Perfect. So we'll get ourselves a car and drive home," Serena said happily, feeling a lot better knowing that even if they were forced to spend more time in close proximity they would at least be going home.

"Right. Because I'm going to trust Dan, Nate and you to get me home alive," Blair said sarcastically as she wrapped her scarf tighter around her neck. "With this kind of snow, we'll be lucky if a Hummer gets us home."

"Well you don't have a choice, Princess," Chuck said dryly. "But if you want to stay here while the rest of us head out, then be my guest."

Blair rolled her eyes dramatically and resumed her watch outside of the window.

"So, let's get moving before they run out of rental cars in the airport," Nate suggested as he stood up and began gathering his things.

"Bloody perfect. A road trip with Nate the Great, Humphrey Dumpty, Chuck Basstard and Serena," Blair murmured as she joined the others in collecting her things.

This was so not worth the added oomph on her Yale application.