Ok guys here's the last chapter. Sorry it ended so suddenly, but honestly i ran out of ideas. i guess the very beginning scene was the best part ;-) Anyway hope you guys enjoy it anyway and thanks for reading the story. I'm working on As You Like It right now and i will be starting another story soon. Hope you guys enjoy all those too. Happy Readings!

Blair's quiet giggle quickly turned into a succession of moans as Chuck's tongue began to trace tantalizing circles across her abdomen. The sensation was excruciatingly blissful, though it drove her mad that he'd picked up such a slow pace. He placed gentle butterfly kisses across her belly as he made his way lower still. Blair's breath caught as his head hovered over cotton thong and she waited expectantly for his mouth and tongue to drive her over the brink. Chuck looked up at Blair with a smug expression and moved further down, caressing her thighs and kissing the inside of her legs.

"Chuck Bass! I'm going to kill you..." Blair groaned in frustration as she balled the bed sheet into her fists and pounded the bed.

"Patience is a virtue, Waldorf," Chuck whispered against her thigh as he reached the thin strap of her underwear and began to pull them down.

"No. Sex-this-very-moment is a virtue," Blair shot back as she scooted up to allow him to pull off her panties.

Chuck chuckled naughtily as his hands skimmed across her ribcage and took the weight of her breasts in them. "I've turned you into a sex fiend," Chuck laughed as he teased her nipples until she writhed in pleasure beneath him.

"Chuck..." Blair pleaded.

"Yes Waldorf?" he asked innocently.

"Stop playing these bloody games with me and do it already!"

"Do what, B?"

Blair eyed him icily and pulled his head down towards her. Brushing her lips against his she grabbed his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down hard enough to cause him to wince. "Don't fuck with me, Bass."

Chuck stared down at her furiously. His lip throbbed and he felt the slight taste of blood in his mouth. "I thought you wanted me to fuck with you..."

Blair smiled and pushed him down on the bed, momentarily overpowering him she straddled him on the bed and brought his erection to the entrance of her wetness.

"No. I fuck with you. You're just there to keep me happy," Blair groaned as she sank down onto his length. She gave a slight shudder as she felt him impale her fully.

Chuck sighed into her hair as she leaned over him. "God, it's good to be home."

"I know. Don't you just love New York?" Blair murmured back as she caught his rhythm and moved in sync with his thrusting body.




"Bro, you and Jenny, you guys haven't...Well you guys haven't..." Dan stuttered into the darkness of Eric's bedroom. Thank God for black curtains, or whatever absurdly dark color curtains Eric had picked out for his room.

Nate shook his head furiously before realizing that it was too dark for Dan to see his movements. "Man, no no no. Goodness no. I mean, we're both taking things slow. We want to see what can happen with us, you know. And I don't want to make her rush into anything she's not ready for. I mean I am very much aware that she's only 15," Nate whispered to Dan as Eric's deep breathing made him aware that he was asleep.

"Good. I just...well...She's my sister is all. And she's my baby sister at that. I just can't picture her...God, I don't want to picture that," Dan cringed at the thought of his baby sister doing that and with none other than Nate Archibald.

Nate laughed lightly. "Don't worry."

"Well I don't want to sound like a father or something, but what are your intentions with Jenny?" Dan inquired seriously.

Eric shifted in bed and leaned over the two men in the sleeping bags on the floor. "It's seven o'clock in the morning on a Saturday..." he started before saying, "Dan, Nate's not a pig. At least not anymore. And Nate, Jenny's an amazing girl. You know if you mess with her you won't just suffer the wrath of Dan and Rufus, but my own. Now will you two just shut up and go to sleep. This is my room after all," Eric grumbled as he threw his head back against the pillows and exhaled deeply.




Serena walked past her brothers' hallway and heard the distinct sounds coming from Chuck's bedroom. Rolling her eyes she pressed her mouth against the door and spoke.

"You guys might want to quiet up in there. Lily and Bart might walk past here and hear the symphony of pleasure coming from in here. Sleep B."

Blair squealed on a suffocated breath, "'Yes..."

Serena had the impression her yes had nothing to do with agreeing to sleep.




"So did you guys have a good trip?" Lily asked later that afternoon as Dan and Serena sat on the love seat and Chuck and Blair were sprawled out on the larger couch.

"Yes. It was fun," Serena said excitedly as Dan began tickling her.

"I see you two are back together," Lily remarked as she took a sip of her green tea.

"Yes we are. And we're happier than ever," Dan said as he took Serena's face between his hands and placed a quick kiss on her lips.

"That's wonderful you two. But take it slow this time around. I don't want to see Serena moping around the house like she did when you guys broke up."

"Mom..." Serena whined.

"Oh please, S. You were a big old mess and Dan wasn't in any better shape either," Blair commented as wiggled her feet under Chuck's leg trying to warm them.

"There's a brighter light in your eyes too, Blair." Lily smiled as she eyed the brunette in a very motherly way.

"Really?" Blair said blushing slightly.

"That's all my doing. I take full responsibility," Chuck said as he grabbed Blair's waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Well, well, Charles. Hopefully this new change is more permanent than before."

"This time it is," Chuck answered his step mother as he began kissing Blair's neck. "I'm a new man."

"Ok you two. PG please," Lily said as she avoided looking at the affectionate couple. God she missed the feeling.