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Chapter 1

The lines of the road, and what scenery there was, rushed past one of the many cars driving on the highway. Inside the red sports car, was a family of four…minus one.

"I still don't see why we had to move," grumbled one of the people in the back seat.

"Aleksandra, your father and I explained it to you already." The driver looked in the rearview mirror at her daughter with bluish-red eyes.

The first speaker simply rolled her red eyes and looked out the window.

The girl next to Aleksandra looked up from the manga she was currently reading. "I didn't even know we had a house in Tokyo!"

Aleksandra turned to her sister. "There's a lot we don't know Gwyn." Aleksandra, or Aleks as she liked to be called, ignored the look her mother gave her. Aleks was not close to Mrs. Hiwatari, unlike her sister Gwyneth, or Gwyn.

Gwyn's twinkling blue eyes looked between her mother in the driver's seat, to Aleks before returning to the manga. It was the newest volume of her all time favorite manga and Gwyn was anxious to read it. She wasn't going to allow any potential argument between her family keep her from reading it.

The rest of the car trip was silent. Four hours later, the sports car pulled up in front of tall black gates. The girls in the backseat stared gape-jawed.

"Is this-"

Mrs. Hiwatari smiled at Gwyn's amazement, while after the initial surprise, Aleks looked mad. "This is home!"

As the car went up the drive, Mrs. Hiwatari told her daughters that the mansion had been in the Hiwatari family for generations.

Aleks tuned her mother out. Once the car pulled to a stop in front of the mansion, Aleks hopped out of it. Slamming the door close, she stormed up the steps. She reached to open the door when it opened on itself. Aleks stared at the man bowing to her.

"Welcome home Miss Hiwatari."

"We have a butler! Cool!" came Gwyn's voice from behind Aleksandra.

Aleks and Gwyn walked past the butler, followed by their mother. The two girls looked around at all the butlers and maids.

"May I take your jacket Misses Hiwataris?"

Aleks ignored the butler. No one touched her leather jacket but her. The butler, realizing that she wouldn't give it to him, took Gwyn's jacket, and then Mrs. Hiwatari's.

"Papa!" Gwyn rushed forward, her blue and black hair close to falling out of the chopsticks holding them.

The slate haired, crimson eyed, man famously known as Kai Hiwatari smiled as his daughter glomped him. "Hello Gwyneth. Did you annoy your sister with your mangas too much on the trip?"

Gwyn smiled and shook her head. "No more than usual."

Mr. Hiwatari ruffled Aleksandra's hair as she stood next to him. "Are you okay?"

"Yes Papa." Mr. Hiwatari knew that Aleks was still against the move from Domino to Tokyo.

Mr. Hiwatai gave Aleks's shoulder a squeeze before motioning to a maid. "Lynette will show you to your rooms. I'll give you a tour after I talk to your mother."

"Yes Papa." The sisters followed said maid up the stairs.

Their rooms were on the third floor and at opposite ends of the hall from each other, the opposite spectrum from when they had to share a room in Domino.

Aleks laid down on her bed, not bothering to look around her room. How could Papa and Mama not tell us we were filthy, stinking rich? They keep so many secrets. What else are they hiding?

Before Aleks could think anymore on that tangent, her bedroom door flew open.

"Aleks! Where are my fox ears and tail?"

Aleks groaned. "How would I know Gwyn? You're the one who packed your stuff. If you weren't so disorganized…"

Gwyn sniffed. "You're so mean Aleks! I can't believe we're twins!"

The Hiwatari sisters didn't look it, but they were in fact 16-year-old twins. And these twins couldn't be any more different.

Aleksandra Hiwatari had her mother's blonde hair and her father's crimson eyes. Many people who 'knew' her, as in went to school with her, described her as a cold, loner tomboy. Aleks had her blonde locks cut in a boy's hairstyle. She preferred wearing her black jeans with the chains on them and baggy shirts to 'girlie' clothes. And no matter the weather, Aleksandra always wore her black leather jacket. Aleks favorite thing to do was play the guitar, a close second to blading.

Gwyneth Hiwatari on the other hand, had her father's slate blue hair, which she had streaked with black; and her mother's eyes, except without the reddish tint. While Aleks was classified as cold, Gwyn would be classified as hyperactive and cheerful. Gwyn wasn't exactly a 'girlie girl', but she loved skirts. She always wears a schoolgirl outfit, as well as fox ears and tail, thanks to her obsession with anime and manga. Gwyn too was a blader; but she also played other games, like Duel Monsters for example.

Gwyn started poking her sister. "Please help me find them?"

Aleks sat up, grabbing Gwyn's wrist. "Only if you stop poking me!"

Gwyn's face broke out in a grin. "Yay!" Freeing herself, Gwyn skipped out of Alek's room.

Once again Aleks groaned. Why was I stuck with a sister like her?

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