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Chapter 11

~Akinori's POV~

"Aki!" If you don't leave now, you won't have time to show your cousins around!"

I bounded down the stairs. Grabbing an apple from the kitchen, I hurried through the house and store. "I'm going! I'm going!"

Dad swatted at me with the broom as I ran past. "Have fun at school!"

I continued running as I made my way to the Hiwatari mansion. I couldn't believe I had slept in. That's it. No more late nights of video games.

While silently beating myself over sleeping in, as well as worrying if my cousins would like me, I didn't notice the two girls turning the corner until I ran into one, sending the two of us sprawling onto the ground.

I groaned and tried to sit up, but something was on my chest. I opened my eyes to see the girl on top of me….backwards. My gaze drifted down to see the upturned skirt and….a pair of exercise shorts.

The girl looked over her shoulder at me, red eyes glaring at me coldly. "Enjoying the view?" Her voice had an accent.

My face turned red. "Sorry." I rubbed my head as the girl got off me. I slowly made my way up and picked up my belongings, like she did with hers, which were a school bag and the green vest…for Tokyo Prep. I bowed. "Sorry."

The girl turned her neck from side to side. I winced as I heard the popping. "That's okay. I've taken worse falls." She smirked, the ruffled the blonde locks on her head.

"Aleks! You'll scare him off if you say that!" At that voice, I noticed the other girl. Blue and black hair, blue eyes, same accent as the first girl, and acted totally different. At least, I thought so. She was bouncing on the toes of her feet, while the blonde simply stood with her arms crossed.

I studied the both of them, as they seemed to do to me. Then, it was like a light bulb lit up in all of us at the same time. The giddy one squealed and tackled me. The blonde shook her head. "Now you are scaring him Gwyn. Let our poor cousin go."

Yep. You hear right. Cousin. These two were my cousins. Great. One could beat me to death and the other could hug me to death.

Aleksandra drug Gwyneth off of me. I stood up and straightened my uniform before picking my bag up again. "That's okay. Well, shall we go?" There was only so much to do before school, and I didn't want to get hurt by more tackling or anything.

The three of us made our way down the streets, Aleksandra pausing briefly to pull on the vest. We eventually joined the masses at Tokyo Prep. I grabbed Aleksandra and Gwyneth by their hands and pulled them towards the bulletin board that told names and classes.

Gwyneth squealed in my ear, causing everyone around her, except Aleksandra to wince. "We're in the same class!"

Aleksandra snorted. "Take another look Gwyn. You and Akinori are."

I gave Gwyneth a slight push as she pouted. "Cheer up. At least she's in the next class! Now, come on! I've got to show you around!"

With that, I pulled them from the crowd, ignoring the stares the other students gave us.