Okay I'm not finished with the other story just decided to start a second one in advance lol. Hope you all enjoy


Rose, Alice and I finally made our move to California. My father was transferred as a CEO of a big corporation so we all moved. All three of us were adopted, and we were all the same age. Charlie –my father- was hardly ever home, he always traveled on business trips and went out with a bunch of women. When we moved from Washington to California we were never happier. Rose, Alice and I always wanted to live somewhere hot and we finally got our dream. We bought this gorgeous three-story white castle with a new car each. My car was white Mercedes SL with blood red interior, Alice has a yellow 911 porche and Rose had a metallic baby blue Range Rover with white interior. All of us were very satisfied with our presents due to the move. Charlie thought we would be upset but we were truly never happier. Rose was the captain of the cheerleading squad at our old school and she was going to make sure that she would be the captain of this one.

Alice always organized the fashion shows and school events. She was so good at all this planning stuff. Then there was me, Bella Swan a 'gorgeous' 'confident' girl on the outside, but really shy, awkward and insecure on the inside. I had to admit that if it weren't for Alice and Rose I would never have been nearly as close to who I was today. I was always kind to everyone if it weren't for Rose and Alice I would have been walked all over at least twenty times. They always stood up for me and made sure we were all treated properly. I was considered a 'bitch' only by association though. I have never truly don't anything 'bitch' worthy. I was still a shy, plain Jane. Long wavy brown hair down to my lower back, big brown eyes and full lips. I had average boobs and a cute round butt. I wasn't really athletic but Rose always made Alice and I work out and help her with cheerleading.

We made it to our new house. Everything was stunning white and modern. The kitchen was all steel and glass. The rooms were spacious and open. Large windows rounded the house. I ran upstairs to the bedrooms and saw three two-sided doors. They were also white with misty glass at the very top. I opened the middle room and gasped. It was gorgeous! A black frame bed on the floor, very low and modern. With hot pink silk sheets. She walls were also hot pink with little mirror mosaic pieces scattered along the walls. The floor was black parquet floor. The bed was so large it could fit at least ten people on it. Above the bed was a large painting in black and white of Rose, Alice and I laughing when we were in Paris at a little cafe. Oh the memories. I was in love with this room! It was mine.

"I called this room!" I yelled out to my sisters. They ran in and gasped.

"No fair! I love it more!" Alice whined. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh please Alice you haven't even seen the other rooms yet and plus I called it so too bad!" I said as I playfully stuck my tongue out like a five year old. She pouted and walked out.

"Wow Bells sick room. Cant wait to see mine!" Rose exclaimed and ran out.

"I call this one!" I heard Alice yell. I ran out to where she was and gasped in shock again. It was also gorgeous. Baby pink walls with a large white princess bed. The floor was light parquet with a thick white carpet. The curtains were layered in different shades of baby pink and white. It was beautiful. Truly Alice's style. She was grinning and I hugged her.

"It's perfect for you Alice!" I said while I hugged her.

"Yes it is now come see my room you losers!" Rose said as she walked out. Alice and I rolled our eyes and smirked and followed Rose out. We walked into the last room and it was also perfect but just right for Rose. All red. The walls were red with some cursive script in maroon on top. The bed was a gold metallic frame with black sheer curtains over it. The comforter was gold with red stitching and red pillows. The floor was the same black parquet just like my room. Her curtains were blood red with black under them. It was glorious and vixen like just like Rosalie.

"Rose...WOW!" Alice yelled.

"Rosie it is so you!" I added. She nodded in agreement and we all jumped up and down cheering.

"So girls where is our closet..." Alice asked. We walked up to the next floor and saw another bedroom probably Charlie's and another sliding door. I slid it open and froze in shock as did Alice and Rose. There was a HUGE closet with change rooms and full length mirrors. The whole room was all white with glass shelves and misty glass cupboards. When we looked to the left we saw three makeup stations with all the hair products and makeup we would need for a life-time. I once again called the middle one and they did the same. It looked like a movie set make up mirror with large light bulbs around the big mirror.

"Okay is it me or do you also think this is too much even for Charlie?" I asked suspiciously.

"I agree I think he is going to tell us something we are not going to like and he is trying to buy us off..." Rose added. We all nodded and began thinking of all the possibilities. Then my phone rang and I picked up my side kick. It was Charlie.

"Hey daddy! Hold on let me put you on speaker." I said to Charlie so all of us could talk together.

"Hey my angels, so how do you like your rooms and the house?" he asked.

"ITS PERFECT!" Alice yelled into the phone. Charlie laughed.

"I'm glad you like it now I would like to ask you something..." he said slowly. Uh-oh we knew this was coming. It was too good to be true.

"Sure, ask." Rose said in a slightly bitchy tone. Of course Charlie would never catch it.

"Well...I met this woman, actually you may know her...she is a model..." he said warily. Of course this was about a woman when is it not!

"Just ask dad!" I ordered.

"Okay girls, well I was hoping you wouldn't mind or be angry if...well...I went on a trip with her to Paris for a couple months..." he asked, no way! Nu-uh! Not going to happen!

"How many months exactly dad" Rose asked clearly pissed. We haven't seen our dad for over two months now and he wants to go away right now.

"Only, for about...three months at the most." He said simply.

"Fine, dad whatever. Have fun with your model girl-friend." I said as I hung up. I sighed and looked at a teary Alice and a very pissed Rosalie. I walked over to Alice and hugged her.

"Does he not love us?" she whimpered out. I calmed her down and began caressing her back.

"Alice don't be silly, he loves us he just wants to have his fun with some trampy adolescent girls!" Rose said coldly. I glared at Rose and she shrugged. "What it's not like I'm wrong!" she stated again.

"Okay Alice how about we go shopping or to the Beach its right in our back yard practically or we can just go out to the pool." I asked trying to cheer her up.

"Okay how about the Beach?" she asked. Rose and I smiled and jumped in excitement.

"We are going to get some kick ass tans!" Rose yelled and we all cheered. We got dressed into our bathing suits. Rose wore a gold bikini and a short jean skirt and no top. Alice wore a tiny strapless bathing suit bikini with a flowy white beach dress. I wore a navy bikini with jean shorts and a white tube top. We all put on our designer sun-glasses and headed out.

"So whose car shall we take?" Rose asked.

"Mine, it's a convertible. And fits better." I said proudly. The agreed and we hopped in. I drove to the nearest beach in Laguna and parked the car.

"Ready girls?" I asked worried all of a sudden. They smirked and got out of the car confidently. I followed them and we got whistles from guys around us and glares from the girls. Though I'm sure they were staring at Rose and Alice, I mean I was just myself. Nothing really special. We found some-what empty area and put our towels down. Lay on them and began tanning. I was putting on tanning oil on Rosalie's back when I saw a group of five guys walking up towards us. They were all shirtless with bathing suits and well sculpted chests. I began to breathe unevenly when Rose and Alice noticed me nervous.

"Bells what's wrong?" Alice asked when she saw them she closed her mouth in shock. Rose sat up and glanced to where Alice and I were looking and shrugged.

"C'mon girls don't let them think that you're interested! Look away and pretend to have fun, and please Bella finish putting tanning oil on my back." Rose was always the most sane one with the boys. With that we turned to each other and began laughing. I squirted some oil onto my palm and began massaging Rosalie's back until I heard someone call from behind me.

"Hey there ladies." Some blonde guy asked. He was not really hot but cuter. I turned to see them all and they were all hot! Especially the guy with bronze hair and piercing green eyes. They captivated me immediately. I looked away and blushed. Ugh how embarrassing! Rose sat up and smirked at them.

"What brings you here boys?" she asked in her sexy voice. Alice was now on her knees looking at everyone in awe.

"Well we just wanted to see if you would like any help with putting some oil onto your gorgeous bodies." The black haired guy said as he winked to Rose. I swear she made a gagging sound.

"Ugh, nice line or whatever you would call it but before you could touch this" she motioned to her body. "You better fucking introduce yourself you cocky pig!" Rose snapped back. The big guy with dark curly hair began laughing his ass off and I couldn't help but join him. Then I saw the bronze haired boy join and the other dirty blonde guy.

"Wow, bitch you must have some large stick up your ass!" the boy threw back! Oh no he didn't! Not to my sister! Alice and I got up and glared at him for a moment before fighting back. But Rose jumped in front of us and we knew she could take care of herself.

"Okay let me make this clear for you...I totally understand that you haven't gotten laid in probably years, but really before hitting on any girls you should really get some manners and real moves before you even approach us! I'm being nice right now and trust me..." she said walking up to him so she was face to face with him. His breath hitched and he gasped at her beauty. She smirked and continued. "If you don't want to see me be the biggest bitch you have ever met then you better step back and walk your dickless ass out of my sight!" she said evilly with a smug look. He was shocked he stepped back and opened his mouth but nothing came out. The large built guy was laughing again and Rose looked at him and smiled. I have never seen her give someone her warm smile before, especially some guy she has never met! I glanced at the bronze haired boy again and caught him staring at me. I looked down to my body making sure nothing was out of place because I couldn't understand what he was staring at...I shrugged and saw him chuckle. They turned around and began walking back, and I noticed every girl throwing themselves at the guys.

"Well that was interesting." I said smirking.

"Yes very I hate guys who think they can get into your pants without ANY work! The balls of these guys man!" she said as she lay back down. I laughed at her and continued on her back.

Alice was just sitting there clearly out of it. I snapped my finger in front of her and she snapped out of it.

"Alice, what's up?" I asked confused.

"Nothing...did you see that guy with dirty blonde curly hair?" she asked still at awe. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know there were too many to notice one guy but what about him?" I asked. She shrugged and lay back down. I couldn't help but feel like she was holding back.