Itachi Uchiha was probably one of the most, if not the most, popular guys in school. Currently a junior, he was usually recognizable by his light black hair, pulled back into a long ponytail, minus the bangs he let hang in his face, and the square, wire frame glasses he always wore on the end of his nose, their lenses tinted a deep shape of red.

He never did explain the reason for wearing glasses, other than he thought they made him look cool, and at times, when needed, quite menacing when he pushed them all the way up, turning his onyx eyes a demonic red.

This was one of those times, as he tried to convince some random guy, who was pissed at him because his girlfriend thought he was hot, to back off.

"Hey Itachi what have you gotten into now?" someone piped in just as the guy had grabbed onto Itachi's black jacket, Itachi showing no signs of concern. Both men turned to a tall junior who stood there, arms crossed, a guitar strapped to his back.

"Kisame, you don't need to interfere," Itachi murmured.

Now, Kisame might not have been as popular as Itachi, but he was just as well known, mostly as Itachi's bodyguard.

The other guy let go of Itachi and stepped back, because even though some people would pick a fight with Itachi, no one was willing to challenge Kisame Hoshigaki. He may only be 18, a year older than his friend, but he was one of the biggest guys at school, probably from lugging that heavy guitar case everywhere.

But the instrument wasn't the only thing that made Kisame easy to spot. He was little bit darker than the others, kind of a tannish grey skin color with three weird triangular birthmarks under his each eye, plus his spiky hair was a dark teal.

Itachi adjusted his glasses, moving them back down his nose as he watched the guy retreat down the hall, fuming and yelling several colorful words.

"I wonder if he's been talking to Hidan," Kisame joked, but as usual, it just went over Itachi's head.

"That wasn't necessary, you know," he said, straightening out his jacket and wiping off any dust that may have collected on his clothes.

"I didn't even do anything, I knew you could've handled it. Not my fault he chickened out. Anyway, Leader says there's a club meeting after school."

"There's always an after school meeting lately. What's the point? We barely do anything during school as it is."

Kisame shrugged and went back to his original mission before he had run into the club's president, which was lunch, Itachi quietly tagging along.

"So, did you tell anyone else?"

"No." Kisame replied, pushing open the cafeteria door. "I just happened to run into you on my way to lunch, or else you wouldn't have known until now, that was my original plan."

The black haired junior groaned, knowing how serious Kisame tended to be when it came to lunch. He didn't like it when something came between him and it.

"So did Leader tell you what the meeting's about?" Itachi asked once the two had progressed through the agonizingly slow lunch line.

Kisame shook his head, sitting down at a nearby table and Itachi across from him, the freshman who had previously occupied it leapt from their seats the moment they saw the upperclassmen heading in their direction.

Itachi groaned again, a little frustrated with his friend at the moment, but that was about to change."Hey guys!" someone piped up, sliding their tray down next to Itachi's and taking a seat behind it. "What's up?"

The two blinked, caught slightly off guard by the sudden interruption. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue, un?" "Hello Deidara," Kisame said, still a little surprised by his sudden appearance.

Deidara Kibaku was a sophomore and also very popular. He was blond with a very unique hairstyle, a pony tail set towards the top of his head while the rest hung loose in the back, and a bang pulled over where it covered the left side of his face. The look was considered slightly feminine, and on a few occasions he would be mistaken for a girl by some random naive person, who would soon regret opening their mouths when Deidara would explode after the assumption was made.

"So, I hear we have another meeting today, un," Deidara said, flexing his hands so that weird patterns the lines formed were clearly visible on each palm, somewhat resembling a mouth.

"Did Leader tell you too?" Itachi quietly asked, his frustration slowly shifting to him.


"Then how do you know?" Kisame inquired.

He smiled and dramatically exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air, "Through the power of gossip, un!"

The juniors face-faulted.

"Oy, Deidara, are you being a drama queen again?" someone asked calmly, sitting across from Deidara, a bored expression planted on his face. Deidara glared at the redheaded new comer, who merely took a bite out of his sandwich. The other two, however, were glad for the company of someone sane.

"I'm not a drama queen, Sasori!" the blond protested.

Sasori shrugged. He was also a sophomore, full name Sasori Akasuna, and one of the shorter students in their school. He and Deidara were the school's local artists, both contributing members of the art society.

"Hey Sasori, meeting after school," Kisame blurted out before the two sophomores could get into one of their debates, usually about art or anything else they could think of.

He adopted an amused smile. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because we had one yesterday, un."

"Yesterday was Sunday," Sasori corrected.

"Fine! Friday then!"

The red head smugly smiled at Deidara's obvious frustration, which fueled the fire.

And that's when the argument commenced, even if it was basically about nothing. Itachi, who didn't want to suffer from another headache caused by their constant bickering, subtlety cleared his throat to get their attention and gave both teens 'the look'. Deidara 'hmphed' and crossed his arms, still fuming.

"He started it, un!" he protested, but both of them were silent.

The quartet got into a normal conversation after that point, still with a few quick banters between Deidara and Sasori, but that was expected anyway. Their main focus was the club meeting after school, but because the president was so secretive there really wasn't much to say, and for several minutes the table was quiet.

Then someone else arrived at the table.

The four of them seemed a bit surprised at the new arrival. He was a member of their club, but he was the loner of the group and rarely talked to them outside of meetings, which is why it took them a minute to realize he had the same lunch period.

"Zetsu?" Kisame spoke. Zetsu Haetorisou looked over with bright yellow eyes. His complexion was naturally tan, a few odd freckles off to the right side of his face and gray-green hair. The sophomore seemed bewildered and out of breath, as if he had been running from something.

"Help," he said quietly, though with a pleading tone. "It won't leave me alone!"

"What is 'it'?" Sasori inquired.

Before he could answer, someone came up from behind him and sat down to Zetsu's left, grinning happily.



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