Law and Sex – "Elliot Stabler" ( Fanfiction dot Net Version)

By Nicolas

Rating: Adults Only

Genre: M/F

Series: Special Victims Unit

Author's note: newest series of short stories featuring various Law and Order detectives in sexual situations. These stories are meant for adults only. There will be no specific warnings. However, the uncensored version is on Live Journal Only. does not allow Explicit Stories. Check my profile for the webpage link.


"Sex relieves tension - love causes it." – Woody Allen



Elliot was searching for his wife. "Kathy…!"

"I'm here Elliot!"

Elliot opened their daughter's bedroom. Kathleen was in college now. Elizabeth had the all to herself. But she was on a trip to D.C. with the school. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying on this jean skirt that belongs to Maureen. I think I've lost most of that baby weight. How do I look…?" Kathy stood in front of her daughter's mirror in a short denim mini-skirt, high heels and nothing else.

Elliot was speechless.

Kathy could see her husband in the mirror. She smiled. It had been three months since they last made love. Having little Elliot had put stress in a marriage that was already struggling. But she missed him badly. "Elliot…"

The detective watched as his wife slowly lifted the denim skirt to reveal the fact that she was panty-less. "Baby, you don't look like a woman that just gave birth to her fifth child. You're so beautiful Kathy…"

Elliot got closer. His index finger touched her. He stroked her. "I've missed this so very much…"

Kathy felt her husband's finger enter her slowly. She groaned and grasped the full length mirror on the sides. She arched her back and raised her bottom like a cat in heat. "Oh god Elliot…"

Elliot was holding Kathy's hip. He could feel her excitement. His organ was swollen and felt confined inside in his jeans. When suddenly a baby's cry was heard coming from their room. He shook his head. "It never fails that we get interrupted. Kathy, the baby's crying."

"Elliot Stabler…you take care of this baby first." Kathy spread her legs wider.

The End