Eleventh Hour

Great. The last thing I need is to be trailing some muscle-bound FBI bodyguard when trying to solve a case. They just had to blow up my car. Jacob Hood was not pleased with the new situation—he'd never needed a bodyguard before.

No one's ever blown up your car before, either, that sometimes annoyingly rational little voice pointed out in the back of his mind. Still, Dr. Hood was not going to sit idly by and let them land him with bodyguards who didn't know Vulpes vulpes from Digitalis purpurea.

So he resolved to get rid of his assigned bodyguards until one showed up that had at least enough intelligence to tolerate.

He went through six of them before they finally landed him with a Special Agent named Rachel Young, a bodyguard who seemed like she might be more stubborn than all the others put together. She also seemed to respect him, at least a little, and had some modicum of intelligence.

This one… just might work out.


A drabble. Characters not mine. Never tried anything like this before—decided to give it a shot. Did it fall flat, or is it OK? I was just wondering about the comment Rachel snapped in the Pilot—about not driving her off 'like the others'. I drabbled.