Disclaimer: High Mountain Rangers belongs to its creators and visionaries, story writers, filming company, etc. It is not mine to own, just to borrow and allow me to dream within for a while.

Time Frame: (I'm wanting to go on the assumption that the accident never happened that started off the Jesse Hawkes series – Everyone is still alive and is still with the Rangers or has retired/moved on). This happens some 14 or so years after the last High Mountain Ranger episode ended. (1988-1989) Current year is: 2003.

Something of Note: 1st - Update: I have finally gotten my hands on the HMR series and the Jesse Hawkes series so I'm up to date. 2nd – I do not have a good working knowledge of rescue operations, the military (the Marines to be exact) or how law enforcement works. This is a story, nothing more and they never get everything right on TV shows or in the Movies anyway. This is meant for entertainment only. 3rd: Since seeing all these episodes, I'm going to make a number of modifications to the story. Nothing too drastic but things that will help the timeline run a little more smoothly.

Cast of Recurring Characters:

Matt Hawkes – CO of the High Mountain Rangers – Codename: Flying Tiger (Matt is 37 years old)

Robin (Kelly) Hawkes – Wife of Matt Hawkes and High Mountain Ranger – Codename: Frostbite (Robin is around 35 years old)

Jeremiah Hawkes - First child of Matt and Robin - Born in 1994 - 9 years old

James (Jimmy) Hawkes - Second child of Matt and Robin - Born in 1998 - 5 years old

Jessica (Jessie) Hawkes - Third child of Matt and Robin - Born 2003

Cody Hawkes – Ranger in Yellowstone and Bear Tooth Mountain Range - Codename: Ace (or Toad as his brother still calls him) (Cody is 30 years old)

Izzy Flowers – High Mountain Ranger – Codename: Pocatello Kid (Izzy is roughly 34 years old)

Mark Taggert – High Mountain Ranger – Codename: Bullseye (my creation) (Mark is roughly 25 years old)

Gunnery Sergeant Crane Atheron – Retiring Marine, Chopper Pilot – Codename: Gunny (my creation) (Gunny is 31 years old)

Sheriff Frank MacAllister – Tahoe Sheriff now that Mike's retired – Codename: Sheriff Mac (my creation) (Mac is 34 years old)

Where did they go? (Original Show characters)

Jesse Hawkes: Passed away due to heart attack in 2000

Frank Avilia: Retired after life threatening injuries due to a chopper crash in 2002

Jim Cutler: Took over as Head Football Coach at South Tahoe High in 2000. Still hangs out with Matt and the rangers from time to time.

Tim Hart: Took a job in Colorado working for a Search an Rescue group there in 1999 and is now head of that group. Keeps in touch once in a while.

Jackie Hawkes: Remarried, living in Southern California.

Sheriff Mike McBride: Retired and still poking around but spends his days fishing or playing with his grandchildren.


Matt and Robin marry - 1992

Jeremiah born - 1994

Cody graduated from Iowa State University - 1994

James born - 1998

Gunny's chopper goes down in the Middle East during routine patrol - early 1998

Tim Hart takes job in Colorado with a search and rescue team there - 1999

Mark Taggart is hired to replace Tim - 1999

Jesse dies due to heart attack - 2000

Jim Cutler 'retires' to coach South Tahoe High football - 2000

Erin Tonado is hired to replace Jim - 2000


HMR chopper crash - kills skier on board, Frank hurt with life threatening injuries - late 2002

Erin quites after Matt reprimands him for several instances of sloppy work that cost equipment and almost a skiers life - early 2003