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Bella POV

I could feel myself drifting, trying to maintain consciousness, I focused on listening for sirens, or vehicles or anything. It felt like hours since we had been lying here. Blood was covering the screen of my helmet. I could hardly see, and what I could see was masked in red.

"Jacob?" My voice was strained, pain searing through my body. There was no answer. I tried nudging him, however that was no help, I heard Jacob yelp in pain. He was in bad shape. We needed someone soon.

Finally, I heard tires screeching on the pavement, two sets of feet raced across the road to Jacob and I. I heard a tiny voice on the phone calling for an ambulance and I knew they would help us. I felt someones hands holding mine, and then wiping the blood from my mask. I finally let the darkness overcome me and I felt my eye slowly shut. All that was left was darkness; no blood, no pain, no noises. Just silence and darkness.

Edwards POV

"Bella!" I screamed and pointed, slamming on the brakes I raced out of the car and over to her and Jacob. Even in my head I sneered the name.

"Alice! Call and ambulance, quick!"

I'm not sure what my infatuation was with Bella, she hardly knew me and I definitely didn't know her. It was those eyes, she looked up at my with those dark brown eyes and I just wanted to hold her close to me.

I smeared the blood of her helmet, getting just one quick glance at those beautiful brown eyes before they fluttered closed.

"Alice!" I cried out to her again, the pain clear in my voice.

"They're coming Edward, I can't make them go faster."

Frustrated, I clasped Bella's hand in mine. Please, I thought to myself, please be okay.

When the paramedics arrived I felt Alice's cool hand pull on my shoulder, dragging me away from the mess that was Bella and Jacob.

"Come on," she pulled, urging me back to the vehicle. I was covered in blood, but I needed to be at the hospital, Alice slipped into the drivers seat and we took off down the road, despite me objections Alice refused to bring me to the hospital, claiming I had no place there. She dropped me off at the house demanding I shower and then sped off down the road to the hospital.

Bella's POV

When my eyes finally reopened I had no idea where I was, what happened or how long it had been.

"Bella!" I heard Alice's tiny voice exclaim. She was sitting in the far corner of the room waiting patiently for me to wake up

"What happened?" My voice was strained and weak

"You were in an accident.. Do you remember being on Jacob's motorbike?"

"Oh. I... I think so"

"A truck swerved into your lane, you're pretty lucky, Jacob managed to take most of the hit."

I felt my mouth shape into a big O. "Jacob" His name came out as a whisper, "Where is he? I have to see him."

Alice"s petite face scrunched up into a frown. "I don't think thats a very good idea Bella. You've broken two ribs, a wrist and an ankle. Not to mention the bruises and cuts you're covered in!"

"Please... Alice, I have to." She sighed, stood up and left the room. Returning only moments later with Dr. Cullen and a male nurse. They very carefully lifted me into a wheelchair. I heard Alice sign again as she began to push me down the hallway to where I assumed Jacob was lying. "Thank you." My voice was soft again, just a whisper.

Alice nodded, pushed me up close to Jacob's bed and then retreated from the room.

"Jake? Jacob?" I felt my voice begin to shake and a small whimper escaped my lips.

"Hey Bells." Jacobs smile was weak and his voice weaker.

"Oh Jacob, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. How are you?"

Jacob frowned and turned his head, very slowly, towards me. "Bella," His face was serious, "how could you have made that truck stay in it's lane? Even if you weren't with me I still would have been heading back that way. If anything I'm sorry I took you with me."

"How badly are you hurt?"

"Oh, nothing major." He brushed it off as if nothing.

"Jacob..." my voice was stern. He sighed deeply, and took in a giant breath.

"I ... I broke both my legs, and a bunch of ribs, a wrist, and a few more, uhm, minor injuries." Jacob was wearing a

"Ohh, Jacob..." I was whispering again, "I am so sorry."

Jacob chuckled, softly, his voice sweet and sincere. "Bella, this is not your fault."

The next thing I knew there was a pair of cold hands on the back of my wheelchair.

"Oh!" I proclaimed in surprise, "Bye Jake."

Jacob's eyes were wary, "Bye Bells, I'll see you later, right?"

"Yeah! Yes, for sure."

Jacob gave me a soft smile and I could see his eyes drooping before I was even out the door.

I glanced up to take a look at who was pushing me down the hall.

"Edward?" The confusion was thick in my voice.

"Hello Bella." His voice was smooth and velvety, but cold and distant as well.

"Uhm, hi." I couldn't understand why he was here. When we had made it back to my room Edward carefully lifted me from my wheel chair and laid me on the bed. He pulled the chair from the far side of the room that Alice had been sitting in earlier and sat down next to my bed.

"Bella," He began softly, unsure of his words almost. "When I found you on the road last night..." He seemed to have changed his mind, not wanting to say anymore.

"When you found me what?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." And with that he promptly stood up, and exited the room.

I frowned at the door, unsure of what to make of the encounter. I saw Edward pause when he got to the door, he turned looked me in the eyes, marched back into the room grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me.