SWP24: I came up with this idea before bed and found it kind of funny. Enjoy! :)

Baby Kyuubi:

Destroyed ten thousand ants a day. His hobby was building mud castles.

1-year old Kyuubi:

He was very annoying and cried often. Enjoyed scaring humans with this.

2-year old Kyuubi:

Bit zookeepers if they even came within one meter of him. He was teething anyway.

3-year old Kyuubi:

Played Godzilla in his den. He wanted to destroy a city when he grew up.

4-year old Kyuubi:

Enjoyed destroying ant hills. He also liked playing with children.

5-year old Kyuubi:

Learned that he gained a tail each year after attending a kindergarten class.

6-year old Kyuubi:

He was an amazing painter. He actually painted a miniature Mona Lisa with his paws! He was recognized as a prodigy.

7-year old Kyuubi:

Ate humans. He enjoyed playing Rampage! He thought it was funny when you got to pick up a bus and eat the humans out of it making it look like a soda can.

8-year old Kyuubi:

Conducted an experiment. What would happen if he sneezed as loudly as he could? He tried it out. People started sacrificing themselves to him. It wasn't a bad way to live.

9-year old Kyuubi:

Attempted to destroy Konoha and was beaten up by the Yondaime.

The End.