Title: Absolute Hypocrites

Author: Tuesday.Night.Hardcore.Queen

Summary: It's so funny how you call yourself a real wrestling fan when you backpeddal on everything you said before. Inspired by Chris Jericho. To all the actual fans that know who real talent and how to really appreciate wrestling.

A/N: I was just so pissed when I saw everyone chanting 'You suck!' to Chris Jericho tonight. It just aggrivated me because it's like it's the same 'fans' that actually cheered Chris when he was a face. And now just because he changed to a heel, all of a sudden, he sucks. WHAT-EVERRRR. It was the same way with Edge and Orton too. Ugh. Just udder bullshit.

Cheer when they're popular.
Boo when they turn heel.
You call yourself a real, huge fan.
But that's nothing but absolute lies.
Don't deny it, you know it's true.

You'll say he rocks at wrestling, because he's hot.
Or she sucks at wrestling, because she's no Candice Michelle.
But what about those that take the real tough hits?
The ones take the heat because
they're not good enough in your eyes.
You boo them because they actually try their hardest.
They're no lap dog for the boss.

How can you say you're a real fan?
And lie about how long you've been so.
Because if you don't like one thing, you switch right over.
Like a coin, you flip at an instant.
Well you disgrace the name of real fans.
You don't deserve to call yourself a real fan.