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A boy with spiky blond hair flipped through the window into the Hokage tower. He landed next to three other people-all wearing masks similar to his. "Good morning Tsunade baa-chan!"

"Naruto, would it kill you to use the door for once?" A blond, rather large chested woman replied while ignoring his insult for once. "Never mind. I have an s-ranked mission for the four of you. You'll be protecting a boy named Harry Potter while he attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year—"

"An entire year?" Naruto burst in.

"Would you rather be doing recon?" Taking the silence that followed as a no she continued. "A certain Lord Voldemort—rather like our own Orochimaru-wishes Mr. Potter dead. Go collect what you'll need and be back here in one hour!"

"Hai!" four voiced chorused as their owners disappeared.

All were back in the tower in an hour. Naruto was still muttering mutinously to himself while the other three steadily ignored him as they waited for Tsunade to give them their report.

"Here you go!" She said after she had fished a large folder out of one of her many drawers. "Read that while you're waiting on the train. Now, everyone touch this…boot and you'll be there in no time!"

"A boot? Why a—Ahhh!" Naruto suddenly realized why they were using a boot as something pulled him forward.

They all landed in seats on the train just as it pulled into Platform 9 ¾. Naruto had landed awkwardly on his side while the others landed more gracefully. A girl with purplish black hair had passed out and the black haired boy next to her set up and sat back.

"So now we just wait? I hate waiting. Here, you read this first and then let the girls read it," Naruto said handing the folder to the black haired boy.

A few minutes later-when they had finally gotten on the train-the door slid open to their compartment. "Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full," A tall, thin boy with black hair asked. He only seemed to notice their strange clothing and masks as he entered the room. By now the purplish haired girl was awake and was the last one-before Naruto-reading the folder.

"Sure. Who are you?" Naruto asked as two boys and a girl walked in.

"I'm Luna Lovegood. People usually just call me Looney but only because they're not very nice. I'm going to be a fifth year this year," Luna said in her wispy matter-of-fact voice.

"I'm Neville Longbottom, I'm a sixth year. Have you seen a toad? I can't seem to find Trevor anywhere!" Said the one with a rather forgetful expression.

"I'm Harry Potter—"

"No way!" Naruto spluttered. "I thought the kid we were supposed to protect would actually be kid! Not someone nearly our age!"

The girl with pink hair smacked Naruto and muttered something in a language the Hogwarts students didn't understand.

"You were hired to protect me? Why am I not surprised," Harry said bitterly even though he managed a small smile for the exuberant blond. "What are your names? And what's with the masks?"

"Well I'm Uzimaki Naruto," He said as he took off his fox mask. "And the masks are because we're ANBU. It's the top level-second top actually Hokage's higher-you can be for a ninja. I'm the Captain of our squad."

"I'm Hyuuga Neji," Said the black haired boy taking off his hawk mask.

"Hyuuga Hinata," the purplish haired girl said in a small voice as she took off her falcon mask.

"And I'm Haruno Sakura, medic-nin!" said the pink haired girl while taking off a tiger mask.

"Wait, you said you were ninjas? There's no such thing!" spluttered Neville.

"Some would say the same of wizards and witches," Luna remarked over her copy of The Quibbler.

"Are you guys related?" Neville asked of Hinata and Neji, then waved his hand in front of their faces. "And are you guys blind or something, your eyes are weird!"

Hinata blushed but Neji grabbed Neville's wrist-rather hard-and replyed coldly, "We are cousins, and no, we are certainly not blind. Our eyes are the result of a blood line limit. Not that you would understand that. Let's just say we can see far better than you can."

Naruto snorted as he and his team-mates replaced their masks and sat back.

The rest of the trip passed rather uneventfully while Luna read her magazine, Harry and Neville talked about Quidditch and the classes they might or might not take. Naruto was reading the information in the folder and the other three ninja were either staring out the window or talking in Japanese amongst themselves.