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Naruto woke the next night to a strange buzzing in his head and a severe ache in his arms. Slowly opening his eyes he saw he was hanging by a tree with metal handcuffs and a strange metal device clamped around his midsection, groaning he started to try and twist out of the bonds.

"Don't Naruto, it'll just--" Hinata said as she hung beside him.

"Shock me I know," He replied shortly as he tried to swing his feet up to get something out of his shoe.

"How did you know?" Hinata asked curiously as she watched him.

"Would it surprise you if I said I've been in these before?" He said remembering his time in the land of snow when he had been captured and strung up, of course, that time he was an idiot and had dropped his lock pick.

"Not really."

Before long he managed to open his shackles and fall to the ground, landing painfully on his back. He climbed back up the tree and picked Hinata's shackles being careful to hold onto her so she wouldn't fall. "Now we need to leave before they come back, it would really suck having to fight them like this!"

"Well, well, looks like our valuable captives picked the locks and got out. But even a legendary Hyuuga and a Jinchuriki can't beat ten ninjas while they are wearing those devices. You may not have noticed by when you use your chakra-"

"They'll shock us, I know. Now please move aside and let us leave or I'll have to kill all of you," Naruto interupted what appeared to be the lead ninja of the gang.

"Kill us!" The man said, suprised that Naruto would even think he could hurt them while wearing the device.

"Yeah, kill you. These things hurt like hell and if you make me fight you I'm not going to give you any mercy."

The man just laughed and motioned his ninja forward. As the first one reached them Hinata killed him with Gentle Fist before being shocked and falling to the ground, slightly stunned. The next flew back after an unfortunate meeting of his face and Naruto's fist. The next two were killed with a Rasengan that forced Naruto to his knees as the device shocked him thoroughly. Hinata stopped a sword from cutting Naruto in half with her own katana while he recovered and sent another rasengan flying. Soon it was just Hinata and Naruto, standing there and leaning on each other, both gray faced and panting.

"Well that sucked," Naruto said as he pulled his katana out of the ground, cleaned the blood off it, and sheathed it.


The next day saw everyone, except Hinata and Naruto back at Hogwarts and eating supper when the clone of Naruto stood up suddenly causing Neji, Gaara, and Sakura look at it sharply.

"I have to go. Naruto has too little energy to make it back without the energy it takes to keep me going. He'll be here soon. Get Kakashi and Yamato." the clone said then disappeared in a poof of smoke leaving behind worried faces instead of happy ones.

"It takes almost no energy to transport back, what the hell happened to them? And why Kakashi and Yamato? How does one person manage to be so aggrivating?" Neji said as he watched Sakura stand up.

"I'll get them, you went last time. Keep in him away from others if he gets here before I do, who knows what state he's in?" Seeing the Harry, Ron, and Hermione's confused faces Sakura added, "Naruto's coming back, only somethings wrong. I have to get our senseis." another poof of smoke and she was gone.

"What happened?" Harry asked as he looked at the spot Sakura had been in a moment before.

"That," Neji said as he stood up, "Is a good question. If you guys are done eating come with me, we need to get to the room of requirment again."

As the motley group trooped up to the room Neji tried not to imagine all the things that could have gone awry, he may not always get along with Naruto but they were teammates and Hinata was in his care, if anything happened to her Hiashi would not be kind in his punishment. Upon reaching the door Neji paced in front of it thinking of a safe place in almost any situation. The door opened to a large area with a smaller area almost completely walled off-a good place to put the wizards, witch, and Hanabi.

As Neji shooed them into the smaller area there was a poof of smoke and a slight crash in the center of the room. The smoke cleared to reveal a pale Hinata kneeling with her arm around the shoulders of a gray faced Naruto. Neji ran over to pick up Hinata and place her gently next to Hanabi in the smaller area before going back to Naruto who was shaking as the device on his stomach kept shocking him.

"Stop using your chakra you idiot and it'll stop shocking you!" Neji said as he crouched in front of Naruto.

"I'm not...it's Kyuubi, he's fighting it. The shocks are weakening the seal...if Kakashi and Yamato don't get here soon I don't know what will happen..." But he did know, he knew as surely as Gaara and Neji did that if they didn't come soon the seal would break, and something worse than hell would break loose.

Gaara went over to stand in front of their charges just in case the seal did break, his sand would protect them. At least for a while.

"Why aren't you guys helping him?" Hermione asked quietly.

"Because we can't, he needs Kakashi and Yamato. Besides, we can't get these off without using our chakra and if we do that they'll shock us. Neither me nor Naruto have enough chakra left to get it off anyway, even if they didn't shock us. Of course, if Kakashi and Yamato don't get here soon we're going to have problems other than getting these devices off," Hinata said tiredly as she tried to see Naruto around the sand Gaara used to block them in.

Nearly a half hour had gone by before Sakura appeared with Kakashi and Yamato in tow. They saw Naruto kneeling on the floor with red chakra starting to gather around him and sprang into action. Yamato quickly wrapped wood around Naruto while Kakashi inspected the device to figure out how to get it off.

"This is going to hurt," Kakashi told Naruto after he had tried unsuccesfully to cut the device off. He placed both his hands of the device and shoved his chakra into it. The device shocked Naruto one last time-though it was a far larger shock than before-and fell off. Quickly he made several handsigns and placed a hand over Naruto's stomach and remade the seal that was keeping Kyuubi contained as more and more red chakra seeped out.

As Yamato withdrew his wood from around Naruto, Sakura caught him and placed him gently on the ground before healing all the wounds that Kyuubi hadn't healed in his attempt to break free from the shocking device. Kakashi walked over to Hinata and was about to get the device off her the same way he had with Naruto when Neji came up.

"Can't you get it some other way?"

"Unless you would rather she went back to Konoha and her father found out about it, no, I can't." Kakashi said lazily. He waited until Neji shook his head before shoving his chakra into the device, causing Hinata to cry out as it shocked her before it too fell off. Neji glared at Kakashi and helped Hinata over to Sakura who was done fixing up Naruto.

As Sakura healed Hinata Neji was watching Yamato and Kakashi discuss something in the far corner than occupied their whole attention.

"What do you think they're saying?" Sakura asked him as she noticed the direction of his gaze.

"Whatever it is, Naruto won't be happy with it." He said simply.