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Gravel. Rock. Stone. No matter what it was called it was still worthless. It still was not what he desperately wished it to be.

It wasn't an egg. It wasn't a dragon.

The large reptile laid his head down upon his bolder, staring up at the ceiling of his cavern. He let out a deep sigh, and the dragon tried not to pay attention to the slow tear that made its way down his face.

It wasn't real. It was phony, fake, false, a sham, a fraud and so many other words that the dragon was to weary to think of at the moment.

Dragon supposed he knew that, deep down he was nearly certain it was a fake. The merchant had never brought anything of worth up until then, why was this so different?

"Why was this different?" Dragon said out loud, his voice echoing through out the cavern.

'Because you wanted it so bad.' A voice said in his head. He let out a deep sigh again, he gritting his teeth and preparing to roar out some flame.

"D-Dragon?" an almost soft timid voice inquired as the large beast froze. He knew the voice, and yet couldn't believe it. Why would he come up here in the dark of night like this?

"What do you want?" he snapped, a bit of anger replacing his melancholy mood.

"I," the boy started, "I just came to well-"

"Get on with it," Dragon snapped, blowing a puff of smoke in order to light a fire. It's light instantly illuminated the cave, showing Gunther's form standing in the doorway.

Dragon shifted, standing as he leveled Gunther with a glare.

"I am sorry," Gunther spoke again, "I thought that it could possibly have been real."

"Right," Dragon firmly spoke, "So, you expect me to believe that the merchant's son thought it was real? That a dragon's egg was real?"

"I suppose not," Gunther quietly said after a moment, "Of course, I do not expect you to. But I, I thought it could have been. I'd never seen one before."

"No one has," Dragon said losing the edge to his voice.

'There are no dragons.' He thought as he cleared his throat to prevent him from letting out a dangerous flame.

The reptile fell silent, staring at the fire he had made. He thought back to the conversation he had with Jane.

"Think of it," he had said, "A baby dragon crawling around breaking methane wind..."

"Guess I'll go now," Gunther was speaking now and Dragon snapped his head over to the voice.

"Wait," he said to the retreating figure. Gunther stopped as dragon made his way over to him.

"You swear," Dragon began, "That you thought it was real. That you didn't just stand there and watch me pull out one of my teeth to satisfy your father?"

"I thought it was. However, like Jane I did have doubts."

"Fine," dragon replied as Gunther began to leave.

Turning back from the cave entrance Gunther gazed at the reptile for a moment, "I am sorry though."

Dragon gave his equivalent of a shrug, "I, well that is to say I; thanks."

A brief nod was Gunther's reply as Dragon shined more light in order to help Gunther's way down the path. The reptile watched as he disappeared before heading back to his sleeping spot.

If Gunther had thought the egg to have been real, at least once, that small piece of knowledge was enough for him. To know that you weren't completely alone in believing something. Dragon knew, from Jane that Sir Ivon had thought it was real, but for some reason dragon couldn't put his claw on that didn't make him feel any better. The fact Gunther thought it existed did.

"Hmmm, interesting," Dragon said as he yawned and closed his eyes.

Within minutes he was snoring and mumbling, "One cow, two, moooo, three..."