A drabble. Snapshot? Something short, sweet, and kind of... tweaked.

Because we all know Kanda and Lavi's sex life couldn't be normal.


WARNINGS: Heavy sexual innuendo, of the gay variety.

Take it as being... humorous? Smutty? Sad? I find different people interpret it in different ways...



He felt sore.

Really, that was the only thing registering in Lavi's aching head at the current point and time. Maybe it was because he decided to finally gay it up with his (rather reluctant) crush of three years while he'd had a migraine the size of Montana. Not to mention, all the while Lavi had been trying to somehow maintain the false conception that he might be straight and, well, that whole train of thought had crashed, burned, and left no survivors to tell the tale but at least he knew he was about as Bi as they came.

Sure Lavi liked girls; but he'd learned that he really liked just about anything pretty in a skirt.

... Kanda was pretty enough even without the skirt.

But apparently, being pretty didn't mean being the bottom.

The green-eyed boy had learned that unfortunate lesson just a little too well, his sore waist and steadily getting more sore by the minute behind told him that much. Not to mention, the onyx-eyed boy lying on his side beside him was only proving to be an even more potent reminder. Sure, people took Kanda as being aggressive, but they really had no idea just how on-the-spot they were.

Especially when it came down to the two of them in bed.

Okay, so I just had gay sex with my allegedly violent best friend... who's technically my lover now. No biggie.

Yeah. Right.

His arm was draped over Kanda's waist. His bare waist.

The black haired boy, meanwhile, wasn't even so much as touching him in return, but his dark eyes were narrowed and scanning the redhead's face, almost as if searching for something. Answers?

"Well, what the fuck do we do now?"

How casual. As if they were just discussing what to partake in when in Lavi's car, parked in some lot at the end of the day with nothing better to do with their lives. As if Kanda hadn't just had Lavi on his back on the bed, the redhead's legs around the older boys' waist and his fingernails digging into Kanda's back. As if things were normal.

Is somebody in denial?

The younger of the two didn't voice that aloud, as much as he wanted to.

There were four main factors as to why they'd slept together. The first, of course, being that Lavi had a rather embarrassing crush on Kanda, the second being just sheer boredom (it was a prime contributor to insanity), the third was a thirst for something new, and the fourth...

Well, they had no idea what the fuck the fourth was, but what they DID know was that it'd been potent enough to land them in bed together. Somehow.

Lavi wanted to wind his arms around Kanda's neck and bury his body back in that warmth, but he probably wouldn't (couldn't) do that. He almost wanted to ask the other if he liked him back – if he'd slept with him out of just momentary madness, if this would change anything between them.

... God, he felt like a hormonal teenage girl just thinking about it. There was no way he'd bring it up.

So instead, Lavi just inched a little closer to his current bed-buddy and laid down on his stomach so that their shoulders touched just slightly, his form hidden under the covers.

"I'll get back to you about that in the morning."

Kanda stayed quiet, only nodded, and seemed to understand before shutting his eyes as well and willing his spent body to sleep.

He knew the meaning behind those words alright; Lavi would never bring it up again.

f i n . . .