Chapter 1: A Whole new Ballgame

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The story started off with Davis and Demi-Veemon catching a glimpse of Kari and TK kissing in the Park. They are upset by this and heed to the advice of Sora and Tai to take some time off in the digital world. While they are there they sort of befriend Black WarGreymon and attempt to make him an ally. This seems to go well until he is captured along with Kari who goes off into the digital world to talk to him. While in prison of sorts from Mummymon he is brutally tortured yet finds a way to escape. He makes his way back home along with Veemon and Gatomon and collapses when he arrives. He is unconscious for a few days and wakes up to hear a war has started in his sleep.

Oikwa who is hell bent on changing the world to his view has found a unique glitch in the Digital world. He has hacked his way into the giant recycle bin where he resurrects digimon to his standards. He brings back Puppetmon as well as Devi and Lady Devimon and a massive battle ensues. The destined win, but they really lose, Angewoman is lost.

They press on and try to find out what is going on though Davis loses his cool. Veemon then tells that BlackWarGreymon is in trouble and alone they rush off to help him. Oikawa has made a clone of BWG to fight him in a perfectly equal match. Davis dubs said monster 'IT' and BWG eventually loses as IT cheats. Davis is shocked at the loss of his friend and his hatred pushes Ex-Veemon to Dark Digivolve. He kills IT but then leaves Davis by him self. Davis follows him and leaves his digivice and D-Terminal behind assuring no contact with the destined as he searches for his partner.

Chapter 1: Time Gone by…

"It has been two weeks since the first attacks by the monsters in this series of raids. This is the third time that we have been assaulted by these 'beings' dating back to some eight years ago. Though it seems each time they have gotten much larger in scale, noticeably so. Eight years ago there were only two of them, and no major damage was done to the surrounding area in downtown Odiba. Fresher still in our minds is the large scale attack when the city was taken hostage by numerous ghost like creatures. We have still not seen anything on the same scale of the giant monster that destroyed much of the area down by the radio station, yet what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. Police lines are jammed up with monster sightings and there are not enough members on the squad to deal with them all. The National Guard is having little effect for what we have seen on the beasts. Man made weapons seem to do very little to most of them and even with tanks and choppers brought in; all they are doing is stalling. As stated earlier in our broadcast if you can find a way to get out of the city it is suggested that you do so. Evacuation to other parts of Japan or even better off the island is highly recommended.

More recently though fights have broken out between the monsters. Chris?

Yes that is correct Stacey; fights have broken out between the monsters. I interviewed the chief of police yesterday and he told me that many times when his men arrive on the scene to check out a sighting, the monsters have already dealt with each other. For whatever reason there seems to be some distrust between them. There are other rumors that there are actually two distinct groups of monsters dueling it out while our city is their playground. Whether this is true or not we aren't sure, though it certainly is a fair explanation for the scuffles that seem to be on a regular basis these days. Kids also have been on the noticed as well where those scuffles break out, numerous people have claimed to see the famous Ken Ichijoji watching them from afar. This too has not been confirmed though deserves note for it has been stated many times.

Speaking of kids Chris is there any news on that kid that went missing?

No there has not been, according to the parents of the boy he went missing on the second day of the attacks. He was supposedly playing with his friends when he went off presumably on his way home. Nobody has seen him since. If you have seen this boy at any time, or know the whereabouts of Davis Motomiya, please call toll free at 1-800-424-4444. Once again that is 1-800-424-4444……"

Ken stared at the photo on the screen, absorbing it taking it all in, for there stood Davis fully clothed in his soccer uniform. It was Ken's favorite picture of his friend and he had been watching the news for the past two hours so he could see Davis on the big screen. Granted he had the photo himself, but it felt better to see him more life size as he stood there smiling on Kens flat screen television. He squeezed Yolie's hand tightly and she squeezed back placing her other hand over his in an attempt to comfort him. Ken reached out with his hand over to his night stand grasping the only real memento that he had of his friend. He sighed looking down at the digivice in his grasp, its blue grip and its screen seemed dull and lifeless with out Davis holding onto it. A single tear made its way down Ken's cheek, falling off of his face and dropping onto the screen of the digivice. It splashed when it made contact with the screen distorting it as Yolie looked over, her face saddening even more when she saw her boyfriend's pain. She gripped his hand even tighter and rested her head on his shoulder. They laid there wishfully looking up at the screen.

"When has he ever given up?" whispered Yolie softly in Ken's ear.

"Never" Ken murmured back in response.

"So why would you believe anyone that told you otherwise?" whispered Yolie again.

Ken softly grunted in response.

"You said it yourself, if he truly quit he would have left the goggles there…Yet all we found were the digivice and the D-Terminal. If he meant to leave the goggles there he would have put them in the same spot." Said Yolie wishfully.

"Just because I had a theory that since he kept the goggles it meant he was not quitting it doesn't mean it's true." Mumbled Ken, clearly not wanting to stir up this sentiment again.

"Ken you know him better than anyone here, who cares what they think? You are the expert on Davis." She stated sharply in the same wishful tone.

"If I know him so well how come I don't know why he left us?"

Yolie had no answer for this so she sat there quiet looking up at their friend on the screen. Why did you leave us Davis? she thought; Now when we need you more than ever…


It had been two weeks since Davis's departure, two of the most miserable weeks ever. Everyone's faith had been tested, they were still a team, though they were kids fighting a war. The term I'm gonna pull a Davis soon had gone through all of their heads at one point. In many ways the team was split down the middle, the ones who thought Davis had truly ditched them and the ones that Davis had purpose behind what he had done. It was a constant clash of wills that Ken and the others that sided with him were slowly losing. If Davis truly had purpose behind his departure why had he not returned yet? Why had he not made an attempt to contact them? Two weeks was getting a bit to long for anyone's comfort.

The worst part was Davis's parents, who were in an absolutely awful state. Jun of course knew the whole story, and she had agreed to help keep the truth a secret. They all agreed on one thing, if anyone besides them knew what they knew it would be a greater disaster than what was already happening. So Jun had lied to her parents, and in many respects taken the blame for Davis's disappearance on her shoulders. Her parents did not outwardly blame her for what had happened, though she could tell they still resented her for it. In their eyes she had not done everything in her power even though it was clearly not her fault.

Things had gone back to the way they were when Davis had left for that five or so day trip a little while back. They were the same leadership wise that is, for TK was at the helm. Though the situation was not the same, for they knew last time eventually that is that Davis would come back. Now people were not so sure and that made everyone testy, agitated and unfocused, all the more difficult to control. Granted they rarely listened to Davis's ideas, though even if they did not show it at times Davis was the soul of the team. When they found his digivice and D-Terminal on the ground the team's soul had been shattered. They had heard nothing from him, for all they knew he really could be dead, it was a thought that had crossed Ken's mind a couple of times especially recently as the time wore on.

The digimon attacks had stopped for a few days after Davis's departure, almost giving respect to the mourning group of kids. Though Ken could tell Davis's crazy plan probably would have been the best course of action, it was obvious their enemies' forces had been exhausted. If they had attacked control spires and done things to push the battle into their favor they would have been uncontested. Yet the overwhelming fear that had taken over them all had scared them like sheep. They were too scared to act, and now they were paying the price. So far the digimon they had dealt with were easy to dispose of. It was nothing new for Ken he had made digimon his slaves at best. Though for some killing off digimon was tough, no matter how evil. Kari was noticeably more upset than anyone by some of the atrocities they had committed to win. Once they were about to be destroyed by a trio of Megadramon, they only won because of Tai's quick thinking. He got Greymon to knock over a deserted building on top of them with his Nova Blast. They were crushed and the day was won, but it left a sour taste in Ken's mouth for days.

Luckily they had not seen any digimon that Shakuamon and the Champions could not handle, though it seemed like that was only a matter of time…


Kari gazed out across the city on her balcony admiring the beauty of the city, doing the best she could to block out the destruction. Smoke rose from the rubble in nearby buildings, traffic lights constantly flashed every set of colors. No signs of life from the bustling city that they all grew up in. Around two million people had evacuated the area according to the news, which meant another million were still left, though it felt like nobody was left. Cars, buses and trucks were not in the usual evening traffic jam. No trains were rushing by in the distance, the place was dead. Still Kari wore a smile through her watery eyes as she gazed off into the distance. She dug her head even more into TK's chest absorbing his warmth. These days with out Gatomon keeping her company she felt incredibly empty inside, it was like ice in her veins. Nobody really could feel her pain, nobody could help her through it. TK had lost Angemon when he used up all of his power to stave off Devimon, though he had turned back into an egg and was always with TK during that time. He had tried to help Kari though he had no idea what she was going through. Ken had also tried to comfort her though Ken as usual was pretty socially awkward. Granted she and Yolie had a few laughs at his effort and it made her feel better though even Ken really could not console Kari. He two had only been without Wormon for a day or so. Tai as always made things better, but just because there was a band-aid there didn't mean the wound was still there. The worst part was wondering if Gatomon would ever come back, Wizardmon never did, did that mean Gatomon was stuck as well? Izzy had a contact at primary village and every morning and the first thing she did was ask for news on Gatomon and Davis. Every morning she received the same reply; "Still nothing, check back tomorrow.".

Davis's absence had affected her deeply, more than she allowed herself or anyone else for that matter to realize. She was hurt, badly, for he had ditched all of them. She believed he had a purpose behind all of this, though every day her faith faltered. If he had made any attempt at contacting them she would instantly keep on believing, though his D-terminal was on Ken's night stand along with his Digivice. They still had no idea what world he was in, though Kari knew somehow even with out his Digivice he was somewhere in the digital world. Though Ken in her mind had a valid point, if he had truly quit the goggles would lay on that pain soaked battlefield where they found his Digivice and D-Terminal.

She looked up towards TK her eyes softly gazing into his, he was staring out across the city though he suddenly realized that she was looking at him and he returned her gaze.

"Need anything?" he asked softly. She shrugged in his arms.

"I'm good, nothing you can do otherwise you would have done it…"

"You sure?" he smiled playfully.

She sighed in response. "TK I am fine." She slowly untangled herself from his grasp. He groaned with a mixture of playfulness and true unhappiness at her departure. She made her way over to pour some hot coco that Tai had started a little while ago.

"I could have got you that you know…" said TK.

"No need." Kari responded. TK had been great over the last few days, her Patamon and him were becoming really close. Gatomon had left her very empty, and Tai was always busy with Davis being gone. TK had transformed into that brother when Tai was not around. The safety net she so desperately needed in this catastrophe that was her life at the moment. Granted he waited on her like a butler, but it was no big deal.

Her and Patamon were doing well together as well, he was the one that knew Gatomon best and that allowed her to talk freely with him. What Gatomon knew he knew and vice-versa, the two had been inseparable at the time and Gatomon's death had affected him nearly as much as it affected her. He was incredibly down on him self feeling like a failure for getting knocked out by Devimon so early, unable to be there when Angewoman needed him the most. It had taken awhile, but Kari had eventually convinced him it was not his fault.

Kari laid herself down on the couch enjoying the warmth that the coco brought to her heart. Though just as she was about to take a sip the door flew open slamming against the wall. Pictures along with the mug in her grasp fell to the floor and broke. TK swung around drawing his digivice and began to ran to Kari's aid. Though the figure standing in the entranceway stepped inside and the tension instantly was let loose again.

Tai stood there gasping for breath, sweat dripping from his brow. He took three gulps of air before he spoke.

"We have a problem" he panted

"What is it Tai?" TK asked he face darkened at Tai's statement.

"Chimeramon's back…"


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