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Chapter 19: Home

Davis had to hand it to Gennai, his ability to literally poof between dimensions was possibly one of the most handy things Davis had ever come across. If Davis had the choice of any super power, teleportation wouldn't be number one overall, but it would certainly be number one at this exact moment in time. It wasn't that Davis didn't miss his parents; he often cried himself to sleep begging every god, known and unknown that he could share one more evening with them. That they could tuck him to bed just one more time, serve him just one more home cooked meal. He didn't regret the fact that the two of them stormed into his room with a look of pure joy, so euphoric , that Davis couldn't bring himself to believe they were actually smiling at the sight of him. You would have thought they had given birth to another son with a look like that. It was a look so foreign on his parents faces Davis had to double take.

Even with such a glowing look on both their faces, an expression that forced his heart to climb into his throat Davis was forced to look at the reality of the situation. He had been gone for almost two months; the first or second thing that would come out of their lips would be a question. A question that Davis didn't know how to answer.

'Actually mom and dad, I was saving multiple worlds from an evil that I had created while protecting both worlds from an evil I didn't create. It turns out the thing was just a test though, and I put you and my friends through weeks of suffering because I was to so determined on being the leader of the digidestined. A team that I have kept a secret from you for the past few months for reasons that I really can't explain. Weird right?"

No doubt that would go over well. Though who said the truth ever had to go over well?

His parents were at his bedside now, and all three of them were at a complete loss of what to say. A silence that wasn't as much awkward as it was breathless, emotion that simply stole your voice from your throat. It took all of Davis's current strength to choke out a simple…


He was met with two completely reactions from his parents, tears started to pour from his mother's face, while a smile erupted from his father.

"What happened son? It's been…awhile." His father asked simply, plainly, a tone of voice so basic he might as well have asked Davis to pass the potatoes, let alone where his son had disappeared to for two months.

Of course Davis was in a situation, stuck between a vow of silence, and his parents. Davis would have preferred a rock and a hard place. He couldn't break the promise of secrecy to the team, especially not a second time. At least Jun could be trusted; Jun liked nothing more than keeping secrets from her parents. If Mom or Dad knew about this society, this way of life, every one of his friends' parents would find out by tomorrow morning. Say goodbye to the digidestined, because no parent in their right mind would allow their kids to do what they did on a regular basis. Davis certainly wouldn't let his kids do the crazy stuff they were doing. However, when it came down to the crux of the issue, somebody had to do it, and as Davis had recently learned, Gennai had entrusted the fate of both worlds to the very best. He couldn't put the team at risk, all of Gennai's work, both worlds hung in the balance. Yet, here were two of the people he loved most of the world, or at least two of the three if Jun was in a good mood, and the last thing he wanted to do was lie to them. They had been through enough over the past two months, and to look them in the eye and to tell them whatever bullshit popped into his head would be a regret he would hold for the rest of his life. His parents would see through him easier than a pane of glass and that lie would hang over his head forever.

Stuck between two impossible choices his mouth tried to find some sort of compromise.

"I really don't know what to say, I am sort of well…" he paused "bound to secrecy." The second the words came out of his mouth he instantly regretted them. Telling them that he couldn't tell them was almost as bad as lying to them. Their heads instantly dipped down, disappointed like a kid who didn't get the present they wanted on Christmas. He stumbled with his words trying to take some of the edge off what he just said.

"It's not that you two are not worthy or anything like that, nothing would give me more pleasure. It's just I made a promise, and I sort of take pride in the fact of being a man of my word. The second these chains around my lips are unlocked I will run home like I would if I knew dinner was on the table." The smile that momentarily appeared on his parents faces gave Davis some hope that he hadn't permanently burned the bridge between them.

"I'm sorry, truly I am for what you two must have endured for the past couple of months, and I am even sorrier still that all of your pain isn't worthy of an explanation. My hands are tied on this one, and I guess you are just going to have to trust me, as scary as that sounds." All three of them shared a chuckle through a fresh set of tears.

"I really missed you guys." Davis admitted with a sniffle. His mother had had enough of treating him like an alien by subtly standing a fair distance from his bed. She clucked her tongue with sympathy and dashed over to embrace him. His father followed her example and clasped the only part of the body that wasn't hidden underneath the massive embrace from his mother. Squeezing his hand he simply stated;

"We love you too Davis."

A happy thought, maybe the first hopeful thought in a couple months skipped across Davis's mind; Maybe, just maybe we can be a family again.

Speechless did not justify the lump in Kari's throat. A chill flashed across her body, and her legs gave out. Tai lunged out to catch her, but he was too late. She landed painfully on her shins, putting the hand that did not contain Jun's cellphone on the ground to protect her face. She stayed in that position with the gaze of the entire team upon her. Heaving sobs wrenched from the very pit of her existence. The torrent of emotion was like nothing she had never she had ever experienced. It was as if she had been born, realizing what emotions felt like for the first time. The emotional rollercoaster of losing one friend and gaining another had overloaded her system, wrenching the armor she hid behind from her body with one mighty shove. Tears poured from her face and she did the best she could to keep them at bay with the back of her hand. Tai bent over to put his arm around her waist and lift her backwards into a sitting position. Only then did she feel the discomfort in her chest and realized she had stopped breathing.

"We're going to make it through this Kari. It's goin…" but a voice erupted from the sky enveloping the whole team in its scream of terror.


Kari's body whipped around as if she had been shot and her eyes focused on Magnangemon who was closing in and fast. He was clearly not in control of his body and was spinning violently towards them, screaming at them all to get out of the way, whether they could escape was still in question. Tai's instincts beat hers to react and he bolted to his feet using the hand that was still around her waist to force her upwards. In the same swift motion he outstretched another arm grabbing Sora around her chest and as if he was possessed he proceeded to fling himself forward at a speed Kari didn't know existed for a man, let alone her Tai. As she was thrown forward she caught sight of the puff of smoke, and connected the dots that formed a line between the point where she was now, to Magnangemon to his origin, where Angewoman now stood. She levitated a hundred feet off the ground, arms folded, looking cockily at the chaos below.

Kari felt the impact before she saw it, her eyes stuck on her former partner. First the vibration coursed through her feet and up her spine. Shortly after that that the needlelike pain as dust and debris caught up to them. She gripped her brother with all of her might, fearful for her own life, but she need not be worried. Tai held her firm as well as Sora, and the three of them seemed to make it through the worst of it. With one last burst of energy Tai dived forward shielding the two of them with his body. She grunted in pain as the concrete below tore through her skin as easily as her clothing. She heard a similar gasp of pain on her right from Sora. A gust of wind flew through every nook and cranny and tore at her face, though she was well shielded by the grace of her older brother. Silence ensued, and Kari could only pray that none of her friends had spoken their final words.

Tai shifted his weight off of Kari and got up on his knees. Sora followed his lead as Tai helped her sit up. Sora seemed worse off from the fall and while Kari was certainly in pain, she wasn't openly bleeding as Sora was. Tai's eyes followed Kari's to Sora's wound, without hesitating he ripped his shirt off, making a makeshift bandage with a few strips of the shirt.

"Aren't you supposed to be impressed or something?" Tai joked when Sora said nothing in regards to his chivalry. Kari shook her head and noticed TK helping Ken and Yolie to their feet, she took note of a few others slowly getting to their feet. Everybody seemed to be accounted for. She sighed with relief taking a look up at Angewoman who was simply floating above the ground waiting for Magnangemon to get back to his feet. An act of decency Kari did not expect, or maybe Kari was just getting the wrong impression.

"Am I supposed to thank you for taking off your shirt? You do that pretty often even when I am not bleeding." Sora countered, almost seductively.

"I easily could have ripped my pants off instead you know…" Tai simply smiled catching Sora's gaze for a moment.

Right then Kari doubted she could have more disgust for her brother, and if he hadn't just saved her from mortal injury or even death, she would have smacked him. She trembled with pain, and revoltion as the two of them made doe eyes at each other.

"Have you two no respect?" She spat, in a voice that was just a decibel over a whisper. She had remained incredibly calm over the past hour, Davis's return in her dreams and real life, Matt's death, the dozens of times she nearly died. Yet all the sudden she could feel herself unraveling at the seams, and knowing she was losing it was pushing her even more over the edge.

"What would you have me do Kari? Cry in a corner because Matt's dead? Jump for joy because Davis has finally come home?" Tai asked in a voice that was gentler that Kari deserved.

"I don't know, what is the phrase I am looking for?" Davis's words in her head coursed through her blood as it boiled, fueling her determination and disgust at her brother. She would speak her mind for a change, she would grow up. "How about keeping it in your pants at a time like this?" She growled in response. Tai's eyes widened in shock, whether it was the tone she used, or the words she spoke, or both. Either or it had the desired effect, or so she thought. She had expected Tai to apologize and back off, of course Tai being Tai did no such thing.

"Keep it in my pants? KEEP IT IN MY PANTS?" Tai was no longer gentle with his sister, a line had been crossed and they both knew it. His steely gaze met her scowl in a clash of wills. "What Kari, are you accusing me of not having any feelings? If that thought has even skipped across your mind, you are oh so wrong. If anything, I feel too much to be healthy." Tai barked violently pointing at his heart with his index finger. "Do you think just because it's your digimon up there killing us that you are the only one to know what loss is? Agumon is just as dead as Gatomon is. Let's not forget I just lost my best friend Matt! What do you take me for Kari; A heartless bastard? Do you think you are the only one who cries themselves to sleep at night? Do you think you're the only one struggling to get by? I am carrying the weight of the team on my shoulders, and every day you guys get harder to hold up. So don't you ever tell me how to feel Kari, for Matt or Davis, and never bitch at me for enjoying the one thing that keeps me sane during all of this!"

The old Kari would have backed down long ago, heck the old Kari wouldn't have jumped headfirst into a heated argument with possibly the bluntest person on earth. Nobody stuck to his beliefs like Tai did, every battle of words was a fight to the death. It was simply a fight she would never win, but she would do her best to leave an impression on the granite armor Tai had cast around himself.

"Right, Agumon is dead, and when that happened you were a zombie for the next week. What makes this any different? TK said it best, RESPECT THE DEAD DAMNIT!"

Tai simply sighed, inhaling cool air to calm his boiling blood. "I have shed so many tears Kari, tears of sorrow, tears of joy, and tears of relief. I simply cannot cry anymore, feel anymore; I cannot suffer any longer. I care Kari, like I said, I care way too much. I have simply shed my last tear. " Tai moaned running his hands through his hair, emphasizing the iconic upward hairstyle her brother wore. Sora grasped one of his hands in sympathy when he flung them back down to his sides.

"Respect is not something you simply hide in the corner of your mind until you are alone. It's not something that you keep to yourself. Caring on the outside is just as important as caring on the inside. You are right; you carry the weight of the team on your shoulder. Bear that in mind, because nobody else is flirting over there. You need to have respect to earn respect."

All the sudden a ridiculous grin burst across Tai's face stretching from ear to ear. "You broke up with TK didn't you?"

Kari got a double dose of shock at the sheer timing of the question, not to mention its surprising accuracy.

"What?...How?..." Kari was a little speechless, not quite the heart in her throat speechless like she was when she picked up that text message, yet still too stunned to speak coherent sentences.

"I've known you wanted to break up with him for a little while now, but you never had the guts to be a heartbreaker. All the sudden you have the stones to stick up to me, something must have changed." Tai scoffed smugly, clearly pleased with himself.

It was amazing how he was simply able to throw the ball back into her court. She had him back on his heels, and was finally winning the argument. Yet before she could land the finishing blow he jumped out of the way and somehow got her in a verbal pin with one outburst.

"Yes we broke up, yet the circumstances were a little different than you describe, I'll explain it later. Anyway back to what I was saying…" Kari tried to redirect the conversation on Tai a little bluntly until Sora interrupted. Whether it was accidental or to save Tai from Kari's wrath was unclear.

"You may be a bit stiff at times, but you are annoyingly perceptive." Sora muttered clearly bemused at Tai's seemingly all-knowing capabilities.

"That was the compliment I was looking for earlier. Why couldn't you have said something productive like that before?" Tai chuckled.

Kari screamed like a wild animal on the inside with frustration and stormed off to Magnangemon and TK who were preparing for the next action. They didn't notice her at first and were whispering violently to each other. Kari didn't attempt to sneak up on them, rather softened her pace so she could pick up as much of their conversation as possible without them noticing.

"…floating there TK. She isn't doing anything at all." Magnangemon muttered.

"I doubt it's an act of compassion, yet why else would she just wait up there?" TK questioned folding his arms, clearly displeased.

"Why do we wait in the middle of a battle?" Magnangemon asked in an attempt to brainstorm.

"I don't know…orders from the top?" Tk shrugged.

"Makes sense to me, but the question is…" TK was the first to notice her presence from a surprising distance.

"What's up?" he stated bluntly. Whether he caught on or not that Kari was listening in he didn't really seem to care.

"No more fighting?" she asked, the question directed at Magnangemon.

"She has the high ground; strategically it makes more sense for me to wait for her to make a move. Yet even if she does attack first she still has an advantage from above. I am not sure why she hasn't made a move." The massive angel simply shrugged, his eyes never leaving the target above.

"We were just wondering why we aren't all dead yet." TK muttered attempting to simplify the battle lingo for her. Not that Kari didn't understand already.

"A pleasant thought;" Kari chuckled nervously, trying to break the incredible intensity the two of them were emanating. "You were saying something about 'orders from the top'?" she asked.

"We figured the only reason she would stop annihilating us was because of orders from the top."

Kari looked upwards, squinting to make out what her former partner was doing. TK was right, her arms were folded, she wasn't even paying attention to them. She was staring off into the distance, back across the island that held them and the ruined radio station to the mainland. Kari turned around and noticed what she was looking at. Some humanoid creature was making its way towards them. TK followed Kari's gaze and noticed it too. He casually stepped forward in front of Kari putting himself between whatever it was and Kari.

"Tai." TK barked, and Tai's head whipped around. TK nodded his head towards what was clearly becoming more and more human. Tai got to his feet helping Sora up and made his way towards TK.

"What do you think?" he asked placing himself next to TK and between Kari and whatever this thing was.

"Passive aggression, MagnaAngemon will contain Angewoman from above, we get Stingmon, Birdramon and Kabutarimon up here to provide some sort of frontline to whatever this new threat is. The rest will cover the wounded. Let's not be too obvious, but protection comes before subtleness."

Tai nodded his head before glancing over at Sora who headed over to the group. A few words were spoken and the other group of destined shuffled around. Wormon, Hawkmon and Tentamon digivolved in the their respective champion forms that TK had requested. Izzy made his way over to them with Sora staying behind.

"Kari…" said TK in a soothing voice, gently putting his hand her shoulder. His intent was obvious, he wanted her to go to the other group of destined, he wanted her to be safe. She would have no part of it.

"Don't even think about it TK."

"Kari be reasonab…" TK stated, but the look Kari gave him was almost as foreboding as the man walking towards them. It was a look that stated simply; 'Don't fuck with me'. So he didn't and turned towards their newest enemy who now was with in eyesight.

He was distinctly a man, the way he carried himself, the way he walked forward, made him not only human, but male as well. He stopped fifteen feet in front of Stingmon who was the center of the front line. He had short, shiny black hair, perfectly maintained in a crew cut. His face was pale, hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, but the color was still easy to make out, and while he wasn't quite albino, he was still like nothing Kari had ever seen before. His suit was perfectly tailored and formed to his body like a second skin. A crimson shirt peeked out underneath his black suit and tie. His shoes came to a sharp point, black and reflective, tied together with perfect bows ties. Yet with all of the black he wore, nothing was darker than his eyes, two bottomless pits on his face, that revealed themselves when he took off his sunglasses.

"The Digidestined, what a pleasure it is to meet you." Words came off his tongue like acid off of metal. They sizzled and hissed, causing Kari's skin to erupt in goosebumps once the sound hit her ears.

"What do you want?" barked Tai stepping forward, doing his best to be intimidating. Not that he needed too with three twenty foot tall monsters surrounding him. Kari knew it just made him feel better to at least act tough even if he couldn't back it up compared to the Digimon.

"Please, please, I only wish to converse, let us be civil now." The unknown man replied, trying to stop any conflict with his words and his body language.

"We are not going to negotiate with you, we are far beyond negotiation." TK seethed.

"Oh no no, you misunderstand me. Please, just as you want my complete and utter annihilation, I wish just the same fate upon all of you. With that in mind I know why you wish to kill me, but you do not understand why I desire to kill you. That is not right, not fair, you deserve very little in terms of privileges digidestined, but what you do deserve is comprehension. That is something I am willing to share with you. So if you wish to hear my story call your friends over, let us sit."

"Why this? Why now?" Tai said, his tone of voice significantly less threatening than a second ago.

"Now seems as good a time as any." said the man as the corner of his mouth turned into a ridiculous upturn with a sinister grin.

"What if we don't want to hear it?" TK asked.

"I will not force myself upon you, and leave after introducing myself." he replied.

TK looked at Tai and Tai met his gaze, after a moment of telepathy that can only be achieved with years of friendship and battles they looked over at the rest of the team and waved them over. Slowly the others made their way over towards the front line, ready and wary, but most of all, confused. Sora looked at Tai questioningly expecting an explanation, which he gave.

"It seems this is our enemy, the man behind all of this, am I correct to assume that?" he looked over at the man whose arms were crossed nonchalantly.

"More or less." He shrugged off the question.

"He wishes to explain his hatred, to justify our extermination, and thus has called for a cease-fire to tell us his story. We are of course a democratic team, everybody gets a vote and I breakup a tie if it comes to that. Ok then? All those in favor?"

Joe, Mimi, Sora, Izzy and Tai raised their hands.

"All those opposed?"

TK, Kari, Ken, Yolie and Cody raised their hands.

"All right tie, I obviously lean one way, but I will try to remain unbiased. I will let the two geniuses try to sway me. Izzy? Ken? Please debate for us." Ken couldn't help but smile as he gestured for Izzy to go first. Izzy scowled that Ken was forcing him to go first, but he obliged.

"We are the digidestined, we are not ruthless, we are not savages. We all are curious to what he has to say whether you are on one side or the other. We do not need to ignore a momentary cry for peace, even if it just means rest for us weary. There is nothing wrong with hearing our enemies stories, we have done it thousands of times before, this isn't any different. Why are we pretending it is?"

"Well said Izzy. Ken?"

Ken cleared his throat limped a step forward and stood up as tall as he could.

"We may be curious, but as the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. In the end the 'why' won't matter one little bit. He wants to kill us, we want to kill him, why postpone the inevitable? Why must we attempt to humanize our enemy who has done nothing but torment us, use all of our weaknesses against us? He has killed our own, from destined to digimon. Turned our own friends against us! I will always try to see the good in people, but this man is beyond any kindness that I can give."

"Great points Ken, but not enough to change my mind. We will hear him out, so let us sit. The younger team who had voted nay, groaned in protest, yet everyone sat down. Or everyone, but Kari.

"I am going to go see Davis. Fill me in later." Kari said.

"What are you talking about Kari? Sit down, you have waited months for Davis to come back, you can wait another hour." Tai scolded her.

"That wasn't a request Tai, it was a statement. I wasn't asking for permission." Kari scowled. She was impressed with herself again, a fierceness she never thought she had was rearing its head. It was empowering, freeing, she could see why Davis enjoyed it so much. She wanted to see one of the people she cared most about in the world. Nothing was going to get in her way, not her family, not her friends, not her enemies. It was that simple, and she liked having her life be that simple. Her outburst didn't go unnoticed though, Tai was thrown off a beat, and the rest of the team except for TK looked at her with gaping mouths.

"Kari, you can't just go running off, who is going to protect you?" TK interjected.

"What? Whats going to happen? He is going to kill me as I am running off during a cease-fire? When I have no means to defend myself? I doubt it, though if it makes you feel safer TK." She turned to the man before them.

"I never caught your name sir." she asked of him.

"Fiery but still polite, what a potent combination. You may call me Oikawa, though know that is not my true name." The man grinned a sinister grinned, bowing ever so slightly to recognize Kari's strength.

"I will take it nonetheless. Oikawa, you have my word that if I am allowed to leave here alive, in my attempt to see my friend I will not storm back with an army capable of defeating you. Do we have a deal?"

"I see no reason to cause a ruckus during this moment. See your friend, enjoy the moment, let yourself bask in what might be the last truly happy event of your existence." Responded Oikawa still wearing that sinister grin of his. The hairs on the back Kari's neck stood up and her whole body felt like it dropped ten degrees.

"You see, what purpose would he have in killing me? I serve no purpose to this team other than emotional support for a few people right now. If he kills me all he does piss off all of us." She looked back at Oikawa. "And trust me," she grinned "you do not want to get on Davis' bad side."