Stress Relief

The Teen Titans had so far saved the world from two separate threats of destruction; Trigon the Terrible, and the Brotherhood of Evil, not to mention the countless other villains they had faced, whether it be Slade, the Hive Academy, or even Dr. Light. And still, even with all they had gone through, they had no way of relieving stress caused by team mate tensions. Until Raven, a week after they got back from their "Japanese Vacation", made an uncharacteristic suggestion, Karaoke. The team had laughed at first, thinking "She's joking" "No way" or "Yeah right" but immediately stopped when they saw the scowl she was giving them. After hastily agreeing to the idea, she replied to Beastboy's "Why" with, "Singing can be a very relaxing pass time and you all seemed to enjoy making asses of yourselves in Japan. Besides, laughing at Beastboy brings our little family closer." and left the commons room with a smirk on her face.

They graced a local downtown bar every Wednesday for their karaoke night and inspired the Titans East to pick up the same habit, sometimes even joining the Titans West. The second week of their "therapy" found Kid Flash and Jinx waiting for them, Jinx with a hidden camcorder.

Ten weeks into their program found Garfield Logan, aka Beastboy, aka Changeling, pacing in his room trying to come up with a song for that night, he had his radio on low in the background. He sang every week and he usually sang an incredibly embarrassing song to get a laugh out of everyone and kick things off. This week, however, he wasn't sure what to sing. He wanted to sing a song that meant something this time, and he wanted to sing it about Raven, whom he had developed a crush on over the years. He had tried to ask her out, but always chickened out and ended up telling her a really bad joke. He had hoped singing would help him say something, at least it gave him some plausible deniability.

"Damn it," he swore, "why is this so hard." He cried while throwing his hands into the air.

A knock on his door sounded and it slid open to reveal his best friend and gaming superior, Cyborg, with a huge grin on his face. "Hey man you ready for tonight? What'll it be though," he asked with a questioning look, "you've already embarrassed yourself pretty bad, hell last week it was Rocky Horror, how you gonna top it?" Beast Boy knew he was talking about his rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" he didn't think he was ever going to live that one down, but it was totally worth it.

Beast Boy didn't stop in his pacing as he replied, "Not now dude, I'm trying to think of a song to sing tonight."

"Oh? Why so serious?" the metal man asked.

Beastboy looked up from his stupor and awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, "Well... I was hoping to kinda sing to Raven tonight..."

Cyborg looked shocked for a second before he shouted, "It's about time!"

"Dude, not so loud," he said jumping up and clasping his hands of the half-robot's mouth "I don't need you bringing the whole tower here. It's hard enough to think of a love song without you telling the whole freaking city!" Beast Boy had told Cyborg of his crush almost immediately and hadn't been able to be in the same room as him for a week because of the laughter that never seemed to stop. He did eventually stop laughing and even supported Beast Boy, even though he was getting tired of telling the little grass stain to just ask her out already.

"Dude chill, alright?" Cyborg shot back defensively, "I'm just glad you're FINALLY doing something about this, now maybe I don't have to listen to you talk about Raven all the time." he ended with a smile, causing Beast Boy to blush. "Look, I can even help you out, what is it that you want to tell her?" he asked getting serious.

Beast Boy scuffed his toe on the floor while looking down and answered timidly, "Well, I want to tell her that she's special and I like her, and kinda, you know, want to get to know her better." his blush was still spreading like mad as he nervously itched his face.

"Okay, " Cyborg responded rubbing his chin in thought, "you're probably not gonna want a really creepy stalker song, but a song just creepy enough..." he was still stroking his chin, when the radio broke the silence.

"Down every road you've been. Where your hopes and dreams, and wishes live, Where you keep the rest of your life hid, I want to know the girl behind that pretty stare, Take me there. Your first real kiss, your first true love,"

Half way through the verse Cyborg and Beast Boy had looked to the radio, and the more they heard the more they both thought it was the song they were looking for.

"Dude," Beast Boy spoke up first as the song was ending, "Who was that?" Cyborg just shrugged.

As if hearing, and answering his question the DJ was heard on the radio next, "And that was Rascal Flatts, with "Take me There". Coming up next, Avril Lavene with "Girlfriend", a song that has caused some controvercy, leading to her getting sued by the Rubinoos, enjoy." The DJ cut out then and the upbeat beginning of the pop-diva's song started playing, until Beast Boy shuddered and turned off the radio.

"Dude, Cy, that was it. That was the song I'm going to sing tonight. ... Sweet!" He shouted jumping in the air with the right arm tucked in and left arm extended like he was trying to touch the ceiling.

Cyborg watched on with amusement as his friend did a victory dance and shuffled around the room. "Well congrats and all, but I just realized that I don't have a song for tonight, so I need to get on it. I think Robin wanted to leave in an hour or so, so be ready" He warned as he rolled his eyes at his friends antics and walked off toward his room, a devious plan for a song already forming in his mind bringing an evil grin to his face.


Robin was sitting at the computer in the commons room, talking to the person on the other end of the communicator link. "Look I know that this is important and all but... when are you coming home, I... uh... well miss you." He said, turning a bright scarlet red.

The person on the other line practically squealed in happiness at his confession, "Oh I know Boyfriend Robin, but I just had to come home for my "k'norfka's grand ball, he would be most upset if I was unable to attend." Starfire beamed happily at him through the screen on her communicator.

Robin released a sigh and slunk down in his chair, "I know Star, I'm just lonely. Your also going to miss karaoke night again, last week Beast Boy made a real ass of himself, you should have heard him." He chuckled raising his hand and used it to hold up his head.

"Pardon Robin but, doesn't Beastboy make an ass of himself when he turns himself into a donkey, unless I am mistaken." she replied with a bright smile.

"Touché." he said chuckling even louder.

"Tell me Boyfriend Robin, has Raven yet sung for the Karaoke?"

"Hehe, no Star, she hasn't, and I doubt she will change her track record tonight, so you wont miss it. And I would tape it for you if she did, but she would probably kill me, so... sorry." he said smiling again as his girlfriend giggled.

"Yes she would not like that would she?" The conversation paused for a second of comfortable silence until a sound came from Starfire's side of the connection that sounded suspiciously like ten dying cats in a burlap bag. "Oh I must go the feast for tonight has just been announced, and if I want to eat I must go. Goodbye Boyfriend Robin." She cut the connection without another word.

"Goodbye Starfire." Robin tried to say before the connection broke, but failed and ended up saying it to a blank screen. "Well damn. Guess i need to get ready to go then." He said as he got up and headed for the door.


Raven hovered in her meditative position on the roof of the tower and gazed out at the sea and the city, letting her mind wander. It had been wandering to the same thoughts lately; her mother and her birth. Scenes flashed by in her mind; her mother feeding the birds, her father sitting in his throne made out of Titans Tower, the four-eyed birds in Nevermore sitting on the arches, Dr. Light shivering from her shadowy attack, and finally the ruins of both Earth and Azarath. She shuddered as she touched down and started walking toward the door. She needed a cup of tea to calm her nerves, and she needed it badly.

Raven walked into the empty commons room and headed for the kitchen as the door to the commons room opened behind her and Cyborg walked in. "Hey Raven, whats up?" He asked with a smile.

Raven picked up on a lot of anticipation as she continued to walk to the kitchen and prepare her tea. "Just getting tea, Cyborg. Why are you so excited?" She asked raising an eyebrow at her half-metal friend.

His grin just grew as he responded, "Oh no reason, just can't wait for karaoke tonight."

Raven's eyes widened as she realized that she forgot today was Wednesday, and karaoke night. "Shit." she muttered under her breath as her water started to boil. Out loud, this time, she asked Cyborg in an exasperated tone, "When are we leaving, and how does Beast Boy plan on embarrassing himself tonight."

"Oh come on Raven you know I cant tell you that. That would spoil the surprise." He grinned wider as she narrowed her eyes at him, ever suspicious of a prank to be sprung. "And Robin wants to leave in like ten minutes, I just passed him in the hall." He added.

Cyborg went over, sat on the couch, and started to flip through the channels on the TV, while Raven sat at the table and sipped her tea, letting the warmth spread through her and attempted to clear her head. She felt more then she heard the entrances of Beast Boy and Robin little less the ten minutes later with a mixture of agitation, apprehension, and humor; but she did catch the last bit of Beast Boy being Beast Boy, "Deviled eggs, get it?". Robin just shook his head and walked off headed toward the elevator door, with a slight upturn of his lips. "Time to go guys, we don't want to be late for our own "party"" He said as the doors open and he stepped in.

"Yeah, that would be a shame." She returned, then proceeded to take her cup to the kitchen and head down to the garage following the boys. She couldn't wait until Starfire got back, she was tired of being the only girl in the tower; now she knew how Bumble Bee felt.