The common room was dark as Raven's power dropped away from the group. She reached out with a black tendril and turned on the lights. "The guest rooms are one floor up; a few of them have bunk beds. You can take the twins up there." Raven said looking at Aqualad and gesturing to the stairs.

"I remember, thanks. Come on guys, let's get you to bed." Aqualad said as he escorted Mas and Menos, still groggy from their nap, to the stairs and towards the guest rooms.

"I guess this is goodnight then." Beast Boy said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

Raven looked at him, her neutral expression intact, and grabbed his hand. Her powers enveloped them again and they were once again standing on the island among the rocks that Raven's powers had crushed earlier that night. Without saying a word, Raven kissed him, using her free hand to bring his head to hers. The rocks around them started to shake with her power, but nothing broke. Beast Boy fell into the kiss and wrapped his arms around her bringing her closer.

Finally, Raven pulled back and used her powers to move them into the Tower again, right outside her bedroom door. "Goodnight Garfield." She said softly as she stepped towards her door causing his hands to drop.

"Goodnight Rae." He returned with a smile as she walked into her room and the door shut behind her.

He made the short walk back to his room completely lost in thought. He felt like he was walking on air as he practically floated through his bedroom door and got ready for bed. He heard the others entering through the common room doors and realized he was too wired to sleep right then, so he decided to go see his friends and help them get settled.

He walked into the common room as Kid Flash and Jinx were heading out. "Night BB." The speedster said as he and Jinx, who winked at him, headed up the stairs to the guest rooms.

"Night guys." He returned as they passed. The rest of the Titans were still in the common room. Robin was sitting at the computer, most likely placing a call to Starfire on Tamaran. Speedy and Bumblebee were heading towards the door as well. "You two calling it too?" He asked.

"Yeah. Need to get some rest." Bumblebee said. "Gotta get me some beauty sleep."

"Another great karaoke night Beast Boy. It was fun." Speedy said as he and Bumblebee passed him. They both said their good nights over their shoulders and left the room.

"Man, what a night." Beast Boy said as he sat on the couch next to Cyborg. Cyborg was currently channel surfing looking for something to watch.

"I'll bet." Cyborg said with a smile. "Aren't you glad you followed my advice?"

"Yeah." Beast Boy responded. "But I have to admit I didn't expect it to go so well."

"Neither did I. I was more than a little surprised when you both came back. Then she admitted to kissing you, and even called you her boyfriend. Big surprise all in one night." Cyborg said finally settling on a television show about improving and testing cars.

Beast Boy looked at his metal friend shocked, "She called me her boyfriend?"

"Well, Jinx called you her boyfriend and she didn't correct her. I figure that's just as good, coming from Raven at least." Cyborg said with a smirk.

"Wow. So, does that mean we are dating?" Beast Boy asked confused.

"That sounds like a question for Raven, not me." Cyborg laughed. "But when you find out let me know."

Beast Boy caught the hint of sadness in Cyborg's voice but couldn't mention it because all of a sudden there came a loud squealing coming from the computer. Beast Boy and Cyborg looked over at Robin sitting in front of the screen with a bouncing Starfire trying to look around Robin's head at them. "Friends Beast Boy and Raven are doing the dating? This is most wonderful. Now we can do the double dating, with bowling and pizza and,"

Robin jumped in to calm his girlfriend down, "Whoa, easy Star, I don't know what's going on, I just told you what I heard and saw. I'm not even sure they know exactly what is going on." He said waving his arms in front of him.

"Don't be silly Robin. They did the kissing, and the singing of love songs. They are clearly dating." Starfire returned like it was obvious. "Beast Boy, can you hear me? I saw you there on the couch."

Beast Boy got up and walked over to the computer. "Pretty sure all of Jump City heard you Star." He said with a smile. "How is your trip?" He asked.

"Do not try to change the subject." She scolded, "Tell me everything. What happened after you sang to Raven and you both left?" She asked bouncing again.

"Star it's kind of a long story. Besides I'm sure Raven would rather tell you when you get back." He said meekly, trying to get out of telling the story.

"Oh you are right friend Beast Boy, I am sure Raven will tell me when I return. Oh but I am so very happy for you two." She squealed again, not as loud, but the boys in the room still flinched.

"Thanks Star, I'm happy too." Beast Boy said.

"It is getting kind of late, Star. I just wanted to call and say goodnight." Robin broke in.

Beast Boy, feeling his part in the conversation was over, headed back to the couch where Cyborg was still watching TV. A few minutes later they heard Robin shut down the transmitter and head out of the room with a yawned 'Goodnight'. The duo returned the departing words and fell back into silence.

"Hey Cy?" Beast Boy asked without looking at his friend.

"Sup buddy?" The cybernetic teen returned.

"It's just that, well, when Raven and I were talking she kinda let something slip. I'm sure she didn't mean to," he added quickly, "but she was confused and stuff and well… You know you're not alone right?" Finally looking up at Cyborg, Beast Boy was wishing he had sat on his friends other side. Cyborg's metal half of his face did not show any of his emotions, and the silence in the room was deafening.

Finally Cyborg said, "I know man. What did Raven say?"

Beast Boy looked up at his friend before answering. "She said that more often than not, you usually feel lonely."

Cyborg nodded. "I hit kind of a low period after we got back from Japan. Remember how I shut myself up in the garage?" He finally turned to look at Beast Boy, putting his arm on the back of the couch. At his friends nod he continued. "Raven came and talked to me then. She wanted to know if I was okay and all that. Wanted to know what was wrong."

"What happened?" Beast Boy asked carefully.

"I told her. I've always felt kind of alone since the accident and becoming this." He gestured at his body as he spoke. "Before the accident I was popular. I played sports, had lots of friends, and went on lots of dates. But that ended. I had a girlfriend before the accident and I really miss the feeling. Having someone there for you no matter what. The general companionship you know?" Beast Boy nodded again. "And now? Well my girlfriend broke up with me, all my friends called me a freak, and I was alone until I met you guys." The changeling could see the hurt in his friend's eye as he continued. "Don't get me wrong, BB, I love you guys, all of you. I just miss being in love."

"What about Bumblebee?" Beast Boy asked. "She seems like she likes you."

"I know she does. I don't know man." Cyborg rubbed his human face before continuing. "I mean, I like her, we get along great, but I just don't feel anything special for her. She is just a friend. And now one of the last people I felt a spark for is sleeping up stairs, but she is sleeping with someone else. The other one is thousands of years in the past."

Beast Boy nodded as a picture of Jinx came to his mind and remembered what Cyborg had told him about Sarasim. "I'm sorry dude. I wish I could help. I would introduce you to some to some fine young thing, if I knew anyone you didn't." He said helpfully.

Cyborg gave a laugh, "I know you would green bean." They sat in silence for a few more minutes before Cyborg spoke again. "You should probably get to bed. I'm the one with night duty tonight. You have training in the morning."

"Right." Beast Boy said as he stood up. "Keep your chin up dude, something will come your way eventually. You are way too good a person for it not to happen."

"Thanks man. See you tomorrow." Beast Boy left the room leaving Cyborg sitting on the couch.

"Man what a night." Cyborg said as he got up to make himself a sandwich. "And still a long time until tomorrow."