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Bella's POV

The next morning, sat there floating in the water off the shores of Washington. I didnt really know where… but I needed to get away. Later that night after I had met that weird girl Jamaica, Victoria decided to try and show me up! Tried to tell me who the boss was. But what do you know, she was stupid and tried to fight a new born. I believe she is looking for her arm somewhere in the Canadian Rockies right now.

There was something that just ticked me off though before we got into the fight. She told me that she meant to kill me. She said that she only let me live so that she could see the pain on Edward's face (whoever that was) when he looked at me. That just made me mad cause I would rather die than have to live with myself as a blood sucking monster forever! I don't want to be bad! Besides, who was she even talking about? Edward? Well it doesn't matter she won't ever be hearing from me again!

I decided that I was running away. I didnt care about anything. Well, maybe I did. That Edward person still interested me. Maybe I will have to talk to Victoria about that. Well , nevermind. It doesn't matter! I am an evil monster. What do I have to live for? I decided that I do need to go visit that Jamaican girl again. Follow up on my promise. So I decided to get my sorry butt out of the water and go find that girl again.

I started running for forks again when I realized I didn't remember anything about my life before this. Except my name.

As I neared forks, a flash of an angelic face flew through my mind. It made me stop. I was completely fascinated with what I had seen. I had to get going. I was wasting my time. I continued running when more flashes started flying through my mind. Images of a biology classroom. Of that angelic man sitting next to a girl that looked like me. Images of lots of nights with that angelic man watching over a girl that looked like me. Images of a baseball game. Then I had such pain in my forearm that I fell while running.

"What is happening?" I whispered. "Am I remembering things from my human life?" I had to continue running. I had to see that girl then leave.

As I ran through the outskirts of forks, I came across a humungous white house with windows everywhere. Flashes of that beautiful man went through my head and stayed. I almost could bear the pain that I felt when I saw a certain flash, though. An image of that beautiful angel leaving what appeared to be me on the ground. There was a feeling of such neglect, it felt like the place where my heart was supposed to be was ripped open.

"What is this? This is horrific!" I yelled. I ran away with my eyes hurting and my chest broken. I was blindly running and somehow I ended up in front of a white house. I saw images of a man with a scruffy beard and a smile on his face as he looked at me (I figured that the girl that was in all of the images in my head was me in my human life). Images of a loving mom and wolf. Wolf? What is this?

I decided that there was something horribly wrong with this place and needed to leave. When I turned around, I saw a poster with a picture of me on it and my name. Bella. It said, "Missing. Call 555-0129 if you have any information about Bella Swan. I was missing? What? Someone was obviously missing me. I couldn't just go call that number because how would that play out? So I ran away.

I ended up at Jamaica's house. I smelled Jamaica's amazing smell like I did the other night. It smelled a bit too strong though. Then, I knew something was wrong. I climbed up the window and into her bathroom. When my feet touched the ground, I was oversome by the amazing smell of her blood. I plugged my nose and searched for Jamaica. I ended up at her bedroom where I stood in horror at the sight that I saw. The house was empty but Jamaica's room wasn't. The room was splattered with blood from floor to ceiling. It looked like there had been no struggle at all. What I saw in her room was Jamaica's family all dead in the room.

I walked over to them. I was overcome with sadness as I looked at Jamaica. She seemed so peaceful. But she was covered with blood. She was also sucked dry. All of her blood was drained out of her body. I thought that was strange cause there didn't seem to be any other vampires but Victoria and I around. The rest of her family was drained as well.

I inspected the room and when I looked over to the wall, I was interested in the symbol painted in blood on the wall. It was a V surrounded by a circle.