Herbie goes Street Legal
Chapter 2

At Katie's house, a nice two story Victorian house, every member of "Team Majestic D" was meeting in her living room. They were arguing about how to get the attention of Formula D and get into the league.

Katie, Jessica, a fiery blonde Goth wichen (witch), Jake, a cool African-American kid, and Brittany, a cheerleader and Katie's best friend, were arguing over how to do it in the living room while watching "Cars".

"I'm telling you we should hire a professional drifter" said Brittany.

"No. They're too preoccupied with their own teams. Besides, why would they help us?" Jake pointed out "I think we need matching paintjobs."

"We don't need matching paintjobs. It'll take away from our team's uniqueness. What we need is a driver with a car that's controversial in drifting!" Jessica chimed.

"Well, what about Sean? He's got that old VW bug with the racing stripes," said Katie.

"Wait, you mean that dork you iced at the Nopi Supershow? No way! He can't drift for crap!" said Jake.

"At least he tried! Besides, he has a hopeless crush on me," said Katie. "Just give me some time and I'll get him to join" she said with a wink. "Jake, can I borrow your R32?"

"Umm…yeah why?" asked Jake as he tossed her the keys.

"Because Giselle sticks out like a sore thumb and the cops said they don't want to see it on the street after the Nopi Supershow exhibition yesterday."

And with that, Katie got into Jake's '07 VW Golf R32 and took off in a cloud of tire smoke for Sean's house.

"Damn, she's fine" said Jake.

Meanwhile, Sean was in his driveway, washing Herbie. Sean looked up from polishing the chrome on Herbie's hood and saw a red VW R32 pull up his driveway.
'Who in the world drives that and what do they want?' Sean thought.
Sean watched the car cautiously as the door opened and, to his surprise, Katie stepped out.

Sean watched, almost mesmerized by the way she was swinging her hips from side to side as she walked towards him.

"Hey Sean," said Katie cheerfully. "Ummm...nice chrome? Uhhh… do you mind if I take a look under the hood?"

"Uhh… no go right ahead, but I have to unlock it first," said Sean nervously.

"I said I wanted to look under the hood, not look at your interior," beamed Katie.

"The engine lid has a lock on it. OK?" explained Sean. "It was a security option in the early 60's on the VW bugs."

"Oh. Sorry," said Katie as she and Sean walked to the back of the bug. Sean almost had the key in the lock when it unlocked itself and the hood popped open itself.

"Wow… you've got duel Weber carbs. That's pretty impressive for an old bug," exclaimed Katie as she stared at the flat 4 cylinder engine.
'Maybe if I'm nice enough to him, he'll join and get the attention of the Formula D officials. In all honesty the engine's complete crap' thought Katie.
"That explains the bug's peel out at the start of the drift exhibition yesterday."

"I got the car from my cousin, Maggie Peyton. She's nuts and insisted I call the bug 'Herbie' for some reason," said Sean.

'Wait, he's cousins with my hero among female racecar drivers? Well then, racing must be in his blood' Katie thought to herself.
"Umm... I thought you might want some lessons in drifting after I kinda embarrassed you yesterday. I felt bad and thought I'd offer you some help,"

Without even thinking, Sean answered. "OK!" He yelled in excitement.

'Wow, that was easy.' thought Katie.

Herbie's radio came on playing "C'est La Vie" by BWitched.

"Oh my god! I love this song! You've got a kicken' system in there too?" asked Katie excited.

"Actually, I haven't done a thing to it. 'Herbie' was like this when Maggie gave it to me. She must've done all the work," said Sean trying to explain it. 'Why did the radio just come on? Weird things have been happening around this car since I got it.' thought Sean.

"Umm… I'll call you tomorrow at 10AM. Be ready by 11 so we can start on your lessons"

"Umm… sure" said Sean trying not to sound as nervous as he was.

And with that Sean watched as Katie once again strutted as she walked to the R32. Katie got in Jake's R32, backed out and left.

'That was almost too easy' she thought to herself as she pulled away.

End Chapter

A/N: thanks for reading and not flaming me so far. I wrote these chapters well over a year ago but fanfiction had no Herbie section. The rest of the chapters will be up to date with my current writing style... as in this is the last of my pre-written chapters.