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Plot: Ianto Jones has more secrets that go past Lisa. He didn't even exist until he was eighteen. For the first seventeen years of his life, Ianto Jones was Harry Potter. Now the Wizarding World wants their savior back. Something Ianto isn't sure he wants to be. But how does he make the team believe that he did for them just as much as him. Ianto cannot stand to be broken one more time. He needs his soulmate to fix him. And he turns out to be…the flirty Captain in the RAF greatcoat?

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"There's a reason why people say we shouldn't expect too much, no one wants to see someone they care about end up disappointed. We instinctively act to protect our own from being hurt, and do what we can to make the right choices for people we love. But the reason we have expectations in the first place, is because we want to aim as high as we can. Because when you love someone, there's no limit to what you can accomplish." –Kyle from Kyle XY

"Don't let the chains of the world way you down. Cast them off and be free to fly!" –Anonymous

Chapter 29
Sorrow and Evil

Luna Lovegood, who Jack remembered from the press conference, was a very pretty woman. Her long pale blonde hair fell shaggily into her face ending at her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes that seemed to know something that no one did. She reminded Jack of the Doctor absent minded and yet all knowing.

"So you're the Captain," she stated airily after practically tackling Ianto into a hug.

"And you're the reporter," countered Jack wondering if this was some sort of test.

The Torchwood Three team stood in between the two. Neville looked amused. Ianto looked nervous.

"Well played, Captain. I like him, Ianto. Even though he has Miffles and Storkands around his head."

Jack mouthed the words back to Ianto, who shrugged with a mischievous smirk on his face. His dark eyes alight with a sad sort of happiness. However, Jack was pleased to note that there were not as many shadows in the light blue eyes.

"Professor McGonagall is waiting for you all. Please follow me."

The team followed cautiously up the moving staircase behind a gargoyle of all things. Owen whispered into his girlfriend's ear gently.

"Is she wearing radishes?"

"Come off it, Owen. I think they're cute."

"You would look nice in anything Tosh."

"Doctor Harper was that a compliment?"

"You know it, Toshy."


McGonagall's office was like the woman. Straight and to the point, it was truthful. Actually it reminded Jack of his teacher's offices at the Academy. Which semi frightened him because he would swear up and down that that woman was the something evil.

However, the headmistress in the chair looked at Ianto with gentle kindness in her eyes even though her mouth was in a thin line.

"Mister Jones," greeted the woman with a gentle Scottish accent coloring her speech.

"Professor McGonagall although I think I should say Headmistress now? Congratulations."

"Thank you, Mister Jones. Although I wished that I could have achieved the position under different circumstances other then Professor Dumbledore going off the deep end. Now I understand you wish to look at Hogwarts library?"

Ianto smiled at the familiarity of McGonagall's strictly business attitude. He pulled out the picture of the Resurrection Glove and the Auror report from the last victim site.

"We believe that someone is trying to gather the Deathly Hallows. I'm sorry to say, Headmistress, but I think that Professor Dumbledore is behind this."

The Headmistress seemed to deflate at that statement slightly. She placed a hand to her forehead and rubbed her temples.

"I feared as much. For the past several years, his mental health has been declining. Maybe even before that…maybe since Tom had left the office enraged. I guess the guilt and the what ifs made him mad. I just…"

"Don't blame yourself, Professor," said Ianto from his newly acquired spot from next to the woman.

"I give you and your team permission. Just…don't kill him. He's not well."

"I'll try not to professor but I have to protect those I care about now."

"That's all I ask for I suppose."

Ianto pulled back and gave a small smile to the woman. He gave a nod to the portraits and turned the team following him out.

"Well that was…awkward," intoned Tosh when they all got out of the office.

"It probably will be as long as I'm here," said Ianto with a tone of resignation, "I appear to have a habit of turning belief systems on their head. Dumbledore was the savior before me. Everyone looked up to him. By making him fall from grace in a sense I turned a lot of belief systems upside down. Personally I can't wait to get back to aliens and the apocalypses. They make more sense."

"Here here because frankly the moving portraits are freaking me right the fuck out," declared Owen with a weary eye.

"Well I never!" declared a woman from a nearby portrait.

"Eavesdropping bitch!" called Owen after her.

"There are children here Owen. You know that right?" asked Gwen.

"Please like they've never heard a swear before."

"Oh they use Wizard Swears," said Ianto calmly.

"…You have to be fuckin' kiddin' me."

"Sorry, Owen. It's true."

"You didn't use any of them did you?"

"Hell no. Why mess with the classics? Besides most wizard swears are about old men and their saggy genitals."

"…You never had a chance did you?"

"It's amazing that I ever even slept with a woman now that I think about it," said Ianto slowly as if a sudden realization dawned upon him.

"So should we go to the library?" asked Jack finally fed up with being ignored.

"Sounds like a plan. Sooner we find these things the sooner we can leave."


The Library at Hogwarts was just as how Ianto remembered it. The musty smell of books mixed with the leather covers and the feeling of being a very small child again. He ran a hand over a book lost in thought.

"So what books do we need?" asked Tosh peering around.

"That's a good question," murmured Ianto softly.

"Are you okay, Yan?" murmured his best mate gently.

"Just a lot of sad memories here, Tosh."

"I'm sorry, Ianto. You keep on trying to leave and they keep pulling you back in."

Ianto closed his eyes sadly. It was true. He kept on trying to run away from his past. He kept on trying to build up a new life with people that he loved. Maybe this just wasn't possible for him.

No he deserved happiness. This was just the journey trying to find the light at the end of tunnel. He sighed and smiled a little bit.

"Nothing for you to be sorry about, Tosh… It's just something that happens."

"I'm still sorry though."

"Yeah so am I."

Tosh laid her head against his arm. Ianto put his head on top of hers in the dusty corner of the library overlooking the lake. The small amount of comfort that he had taken from his friend was more than enough.


"These books are going to be the death of me," grumbled Owen as he shut another musty tome. He sneezed at the dust cloud that popped up from the book.

"You realize you don't need to breathe now, right?" questioned Gwen from her spot. She had an equally dusty tome in front of her.

"You ever try to stop breathing? It is not a feeling that I like to do often," grumbled the vampire.

"Well I kind of need oxygen to survive Owen," said Gwen slowly as if she was talking to a particularly slow child. Owen rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

"Very mature," commented Tosh as she took her seat next to the doctor.

"Thanks, darlin'. I try to be."

"Any luck?" asked Jack coming back from the shelves carrying a stack of books.

"No and no offence Ianto I think most of these great minds were very stoned," stated Owen simply.

"None taken, I have been in the same state of mind since my fifth year," said the wizard loftily carrying another stack of books.

"I don't know if the answer is in, Ianto," said Gwen kindly, "And if it is then we will not find it tonight."

"No I suppose not," said the younger man looking at the setting sun, "We'll try again in the morning."

The rest of the team stood up. Tosh cracked her back. Gwen rubbed her next muttering about needing a bath. Owen sighed and wondered about getting some blood at this time of day. Slowly they departed for their rooms leaving Jack and Ianto standing in the dusk filled room.

"You okay, Yan?" asked the captain as he snaked his arms around Ianto's waist.

"I just want this to be over, Jack," murmured the tea-boy tiredly leaning back into the embrace of the Captain.

"Me too, Ianto, me too."


In a far off house in the countryside, a fire burned brightly in the night. A small circle of people gathered around it. Above the licking golden red flames was a body suspended in mid-air.

"We are here," called an aged voice, "to find the true power of life and death. We are here for we are Death's servants. We are slaves to the inevitability of Death's embrace. But now we quest to become the true masters of Death."

A murmured broke through the crowd. The people in the small group seemed scared and excited. They were challenging the very laws of the Powers themselves. Then they will prove themselves greater. It was an exhilarating thing to be a part of indeed. Challenging the very balance of what they believed to be the inevitability.

"Hush! We must bring the one who has defied Death. The one who was once known to be Harry Potter. He is an immortal with a beating heart. He has defied the Powers themselves. We need him for he has the last piece of the puzzle."

"What is that?" asked a particularly brave soul.

"The Cloak of Invisibility, we get that. Then we shall win the greatest battle of all."

A cheer broke over the small circle of people. The leader lifted his hand and revealed the metal gauntlet with a black stone in the center of it.

"WE ARE THE MASTERS OF DEATH!" crowed the hooded figure.

"WE SHALL LIVE FOREVER!" chanted the rest back.

"Bring me the one they call Ianto Jones."


Meanwhile Ianto slept in Jack's arms. He was blissfully unaware of the plot on his immortal life.

Not for long though.

The Masters were coming.


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