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"kyubi speaking/thoughts"

"people speaking/thoughts"

(naruto's P.O.V.)

"Stupid village! Stupid villagers! I wish that they would just die"

I am walking through a forest trying to get away. I just got banished from my village because the villagers thought that I beat the Uchiha prodigy too hard. Ya see when I was born the forth hokage sealed the Kyubi no kitsune in me. Now all the villagers think that I am a demon. Today my friend Shikamaru came and told me that Sasuke Uchiha left the village to gain power from Orochimaru. Orochimaru is a snake pedophile who wants to use Sasuke to gain power.

At the end of the mission I fought Sasuke at the Valley of End. When we fought Sasuke used his Curse seal form. I defeated Sasuke by hitting him with a Kyubi charged Rasengan. I then brought him back to Konoha. That is when the trouble started.

When I got back to Konoha I dropped Sasuke and collapsed. Then a couple of days later I got up. Tsunade-obachan said that the council banished me and I had to get out of Konoha by Dawn. She was crying and saying that she was going to miss me. I hugged her and then asked her to call all of my friends. They all came and I said my good byes to them. Kakashi sensei looked really sad. The only one who didn't come was Sakura. When I asked where she was they said that she went to the dark side. I was very sad at that. I guess Sakura only cares about the Uchiha and nothing else,

So now I am wondering where to go.

"Yo gaki.'

"What do you want?"

"Well I was thinking that we could go to Wave since they see you as a hero there."

That is not a bad idea I think that I will go there.

I started heading toward Wave. When I was on my way there I saw a cave with an eye like symbol. I was curious to what it was. I went toward the cave. When I touched the cave a bright white light enveloped me.


I finally wake up. I ask my self. "

"Where am I?"

Here are a couple of polls for the story

1. Where should Naruto be?

A. On Lyoko

B. In the factory

C. In Kadic

2. Who should naruto be paired with?

A. Aelita

B. Sissi

C. Yumi

D. Someone else from the series