Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko or Naruto

Good News! A rewrite should be coming soon, but first I need people to vote on this poll. Depending on who he is paired with the story will change a little bit. Thanks The updates after the first chapter might be very slow though, so don't expect really fast updates or anything.

I was just posting this because i want to know who Naruto should be paired with, he WILL be paired with an OC, but I want to see what kind of OC character he should be paired with.

The choices are...

A. Sasuke's sister

B. Random Konoha Civilian Girl

C. Daimyo Daughter for _ village

D. Random ninja from _ village

E. Random civilian from_ village

I will post another chap when the rewrite comes up, it will be a new story, so look for one sometime after i have enough votes

See ya people and i need at least 20 votes so cause i need to know if the majority want what, you can only pick from these people